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Special Articulation: Artella's Birthday Party
October 27, 2004
Hi ~

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Come to A Party!

Friday Oct. 29 is Artella's 2nd Birthday!

You are invited to come to our Birthday Party any time this week (through Sunday night) to play games and get party favors and prizes!

The party is at!

ALSO -- you can send a Party Invitation to invite your friends to the party, too! Send an invitation at!

Come play with us!


The latest YOU * U focus groups have been announced and they are ready for you to sign up!

Participants in Artella's YOU * U ("Create Your Own YOUniversity") e-course are testing out the eBooks, e-courses, and teleclasses that they are developing in the class.

When you sign up for a focus group, you not only get to experience these unique offers at not cost, but you also receive a whole bundle of thank-you bonusesfor your participation (NINE gifts, to be exact)!

There are 15 fabulous groups listed at Support these works-in-progress and the talented people presenting them...sign up for a group TODAY!

So...I'll see you next week for the regular Articulation. Until then -- come PARTY with me!

~jumping into the "terrific twos",
Artella Founder/Editor

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