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Articulation 6/6/04 - The Universal ATM
June 04, 2004
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Hello and happy week to you!

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The Universal ATM (Art, Time, Money): A Mini-Article

With Artella's brand new e-course, The WealthcareTM Program: Radical Reform for the Right Livelihood of Creative Spirits, starting on this Monday, I've been feeling hot-hot-hot on the theme of abundance and prosperity, and the fascinating links between the flow of creativity, the flow of money, and the flow of time.

Participants have been filling out questionnaires that, among other things, are helping me to create personalized audio recordings of meditations for each person to use throughout the course. There are several themes that run consistently through the surveys like rivers in the rain: people want to have more creativity, more money, and more time.

One of the analogies I've been playing with is the idea that the universe is a big ATM machine, ripe and ready for our transactions. This universal ATM ("Art, Time, Money") comes with a few instructions. I'm highlighting three of them here:

1. When we put something in, we get something out. I believe that the cycle of giving and receiving describes the physics of a fulfilling life. In order to give to others, we must first give to ourselves, freely and generously, otherwise our outward acts of giving are not as pure as they might be. What we tend to forget is that there are SO MANY ways to give and receive! We can give to ourselves by expressing our passions, by cultivating high levels of gratitude, and by experiencing ourselves as who we truly are.

From there, all kinds of ways are paved for making tangible contributions to others in physical, tangible, and EASY ways. This is where the "ATM" gets really fun to play with, as we can see time and time again the cyclical nature of "in" and "out."

2. Negative thinking "costs" us something. If you put a bank card in a machine that is sponsored by a different bank, you usually have a fee withdrawn. Think about times when your thinking about something (the "in") didn't match up with what you really desired (the desired "out"). Have you ever had the sense that you are sabotaging yourself with negative thinking?

The bottom line is that negative thinking COSTS US, in terms of taking us backwards in our desired velocity of moving TOWARD what we want. For example, does it cost more to worry about money or not worry about money? What kinds of "bank fees" are we being charged that hold us back?

It's important to note that if we think negatively, we don't "doom" ourselves...we can STILL get the good stuff coming to us. But our wishes are coming to us more slowly because of all the fees being withdrawn!

3. Tapping into the true nature of who we are is the ultimate in convenience. When we are feeling at peace, worries about creativity, money, and time don't bother us. The great news is that just like a bank ATM, we can access our true nature ANYTIME, anywhere. At your nearest grocery store, on the street corner...anywhere you please!It's just a matter of knowing what works for YOU to get you there. It's different for everyone, but whatever gets you to your true nature quickest...that's your ATM password!

For more playtime with me and the Universal ATM (Art, Time, Money), read more about The Wealthcare ProgramTM at It starts on Monday, it will be the ultimate in crazyfun, and I'd love you to be a part of it.

  • Make a list of things you worry about. For each item, ask yourself, "Which costs worry about this, or not worry about this?"
  • How are you "spending" your time? How does spending time in qualitative chunks, rather than quantitative chunks, differ? In your life, what investments of time have paid off well?
  • What is your "password"...your shortcut to connecting with WHO YOU ARE?
  • Think about the places in your life (office, bank, kitchen with dirty dishes, in front of a blank canvas in the studio) in which you'd like to have access to the universal ATM. How can you integrate your "password" the next time you feel stuck in that spot?


One reason that I created The Wealthcare ProgramTM specifically for creative people is that creative people have very specific blocks related to the "starving artist", "starving writer", or "starving healer" mentality in our society. We work so hard to sell ourselves that often we bypass opportunities for true wealth that are right under our nose, and I created this course to share some tools for shifting these tendencies.

This week's Articulation Art-Splash, Right Livelihood, is a simple reminder. You can find it at


1. Your own private workshop! Last night, I had a wonderful time with the participants in a free monthly teleworkshop called "Collaging Your Creative Revolutions: Manifesting Through Art and Image". You can experience the workshop yourself, for free, by listening to the entire hour-long playdate on your computer! Grab your collage materials, get cozy, and listen to the recording of the workshop by going to, click "Free Monthly Workshop" and follow the links for the audio recording.

2. e-Artella #e-6 is coming! We're polishing it up, and it will be ready very soon. If you are not a subscriber or contributor to this issue, you can order the download for $4.95 at While you're there you can see BRAND NEW sample spreads from Artella 6, The Elements: Ancient to Infinite, by simply clicking on the image of the issue's cover. Cool, huh? You also can pre-order our next print issue, Artella 7,Theatre & Cinema: Beyond Make-Believe.

3. Weekly Poetry Contest Winners! Our winners of this week's poetry contest are:
  • First Place - Diana Pardee, for "Unnamed"
  • Second Place - Kelly Walker for "Autumn Chant"
  • Third Place - Denise Martin for "Seasons of the Day"
  • Fourth Place - Penny Hackett-Evans for "Tears"
You can read this week's winning poems in Garden 528 in the Artella Poetry Gardens of Fame, which you can find at Congratulations to all our winners! The deadline for this week's contest is TONIGHT at midnight, EDT!

4.Sign up for PassionPoetry! Our brand new "PassionPoetry Newsletter" comes out every other week and is full of inspiration and fun for poets. Are you on our list? Sign up on The Prize Van page at to make sure you don't miss an issue!

5.Thanks to all who are participating YOU * U Focus Groups! Participants in the first session of Create Your Own YOUniversity (aka YOU * U) are presenting focus groups to test out samples of the e-courses, eBooks, and teleworkshops that they are creating in this course. Thank you so much to those of you who are participating in this worthy cause by lending your time to be their test audiences. I hope you enjoy your thank-you gifts, and we'll be announcing the winners of the raffle in a few weeks. There are still some focus groups available to join, if you're interested in helping out and getting a lot of really cool freebies. Go to for information.

If you have an eBook,e-course, or workshop inside YOU, the next session of YOU * U begins July 5. Take a look at the information at and let me know if you'd like to chat with me (by phone or email) about how this course could help you step into a new phase of your creative life!

6.Scavenger Hunt Winners! The e-Artella #e-5 Scavenger Hunt is still going on, so it's not too late to grab your prizes. The FIRST THREE winners have been determined...congratulations to Jolene Elliott, Mary Rowin, and Jenny White! But you can still win some great prizes if you return your answers by June 15. Go for it! See the details about the Scavenger Hunt at! Happy hunting!

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Our featured artist this week is Tracey Rotman, whose vivid, whimsical paintings sparkle with colors and imagery that reflect nature's beauty. They are stunning -- please check them out!

We now have forty-two incredible shoppe artists who are selling all kinds of unique products in The Shoppes of Artella! Support these artists by visiting our charming village marketplace at Also, check out the Specials page for a list of all our current sales.

My favorite discount? Three funky necklaces in the Fashion & Accessories shoppe are on great sales! Check out Deb Silva's Fantasy Necklace and Donna Cartagena's slide necklaces. Way cool!


Looking to add instant "pop" into your work? Well, put paint brushes aside for a while and use wacky, novel stuff to apply your paints to a surface. Combs, keys, yarn, fingers, wire, silk flowers, forks, bottlecaps, ribbons, jewelry pieces, rocks, etc, all make really interesting designs when used to apply paint. You can't do wrong here -- you're in charge, so don't be afraid to get a little crazy and let your inner creative tornado take over! Give it a whirl and let the good times swirl!


Creating a fictional character often is easier when there is a "real" inspiration behind it. The next time you're out and about, observe someone you see in passing (the cashier, a person standing in line, the bank teller, etc.) See if you can "person-watch" to pick up on subtle details about the person's mannerisms, actions, and energy. When you get home, write a story about what happens when that person goes home. Let your imagination go wild and allow this scene -- of the person at home -- become very real to you as you write and create this fictional life.


1. This Flash video called "Vocal Awareness - Power Through Voice" is a wonderful meditative experience in diving into the power of the voice to express and expand. It's sponsored by, which offers a wide variety of products and services for spiritual and personal growth. Thanks to Jaime for passing along this link!

2. And for your writing voice, check out the "right-brained writing prompts" at Writing Lots of fun stuff here to get you juiced. Thanks to Kimberlee for suggesting this link!

Sending you golden bricks for your every step...

~in ruby slippers,

Artella Founder/Editor

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