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ARTELLAGRAM, August 16 2006
August 16, 2006
Hello ~

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The Universe's A.T.M. Machine

In the conversations that I've had with Artella folks through the years, and in surveys I've taken about what creative folks want most in the lives, it seems there are three themes that run consistently through people's desires like rivers in the rain: people want to have more creativity, more money, and more time.

I believe that the universe is a big A.T.M. machine, ripe and ready for our transactions. This "Universal A.T.M." stands for Art, Time, and Money. It comes with a few instructions. I'm highlighting three of them here:
  1. When we put something in, we get something out.
    I believe that the cycle of giving and receiving describes the physics of a fulfilling life. In order to give to others, we must first give to ourselves, freely and generously; otherwise our outward acts of giving are not as pure as they might be. What we tend to forget is that there are SO MANY ways to give and receive! We can give to ourselves by expressing our passions, by cultivating high levels of gratitude, and by experiencing ourselves as who we truly are.

    From there, we can make tangible contributions to others in physical, tangible, and EASY ways. This is where the "ATM" gets really fun to play with, as we can see time and time again the cyclical nature of "in" and "out."

  2. Negative thinking "costs" us something. If you put a bank card in a machine that is sponsored by a different bank, you usually have a fee withdrawn. Think about times when your thinking about something (the "in") didn't match up with what you really desired (the desired "out"). Have you ever had the sense that you are sabotaging yourself with negative thinking?

    The bottom line is that negative thinking COSTS US, in terms of taking us backwards in our desired velocity of moving TOWARD what we want. For example, does it cost more to worry about money or not worry about money? What kinds of "bank fees" are we being charged that hold us back?

    It's important to note that if we think negatively, we don't "doom" ourselves...we can STILL get the good stuff coming to us. But our wishes are coming to us more slowly because of all the fees being withdrawn!

  3. Tapping into the true nature of who we are is the ultimate convenience. When we are feeling at peace, worries about creativity, money, and time don't bother us. The great news is that just like a bank ATM, we can access our true nature ANYTIME, anywhere. At your nearest grocery store, on the street corner...anywhere you please! It's just a matter of knowing what works for YOU to get you there. It's different for everyone, but whatever gets you to your true nature quickest...that's your ATM password!

    We've just launched re-launched The NEW Wealthcare Program™, with all new features and improvements, which you can read about in the news below. If you're looking for ways to use art and writing to help you expand your experience of The Universal A.T.M., this is the perfect playground for learning, exploring, and experimentation. I hope you'll take a look.

Here's something that's great fun: designing your own money, as an art project. This is a great art exercise to let your imagination wander far and wide. Don't let anything stop you. Make it any shape and size, and format. What kind of money would you like to trade? What kind of money would you like to share? What kind of currency would make the world a happier place?

You can also play around with altering existing money. The image shown here, for example, shows altered foreign coins (beautiful foreign coins are available in Artella's Art Supply General Store.)

There are several Web sites for groups who actually trade "art money", sometimes using it to purchase physical goods. The Bank of International Art Money is perhaps the most well-known, but there are others, as well. Look up "art money" in a search engine to explore them.

Click the photo to check out more altered coins!

Here are seven different "money" subjects:
  • Three pennies
  • A lone $5.00 bill
  • $13.57
  • $175
  • Six thousand dollars
  • $135,000
  • A million jillion trillionteen dollars
Pick one of the above subjects, and use it as the title, theme, central point, or climax of a piece of writing. Let your imagination build on the subject. Explore some of the following questions:
  • How could I (or my invented character) get this amount of money?
  • What could I (or my invented character) do with this amount of money?
  • What does this amount of money represent to me (or to my invented character)?
  • What would losing this amount of money mean to me (or to my invented character)?
Then, at the same sitting or at a later time, pick another of the money subjects, and do the same thing. Watch how the amount of money colors your writing. Can you learn something from this?

If you find this "money subject" exercise to be helpful, try coming up with your own money subjects, and repeating the exercise.

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    Also note that all seven of the classes in Jill's and my series of teleclasses are now available as downloadable recordings! Check them out, here!

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    • Four 30-day self-study e-courses -- Includes "Accounting Your Blessings", "Miracle Soup", "Creative ManiFestival", and "The Gratitude Garland". On their own, these courses are life-changing. When you put them together…watch out!

    • Flexible order, timing, and structure -- The structure of the Wealthcare™ Program has been created with YOUR flexibility in mind. You are completely in charge of the order and timing in which you receive the four courses, so you can work them into your life in a way that is convenient, supportive, and inspiring to you!

    • Drop-dead gorgeous lessons! -- Another Wealthcare™ "luxury" is the physical presentation of the lessons. Our research has shown that one thing that makes artists feel abundant and inspired is visual beauty. When you purchase the courses individually, the lessons arrive in text-only messages. However, the brand new Wealthcare™ version of all four courses presents the lessons in a gorgeous, lush format that will inspire you on a very deep level! For artists and those of us who are visually-oriented, this is especially helpful in allowing the lessons to "sink in"! Take a look at a sample lesson, here!

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  5. Calling all poets! We're extending the deadline for our next Poetic Idol Competition deadline to September 15! This is our popular competition where we award prize packages, including $150, and much more. Get all the details at The Poetry Portal. And while you're there, remember to sign up for the Passion Poetry newsletter!

  6. We want your self portrait! The deadline for the September TWIST is September 1st, 2006! This TWIST Challenge is a Self-Portrait ATC (Artist Trading Card) and we really want YOURS! So be sure to take a look at the easy guidelines on this page.

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This Quotz Crystal™ is a high-resolution JPEG, suitable for printing. Print it out to remind you of the abundance that is all around you!

If the image doesn't show up below, go to to see it.

just one of the Universe's paper dolls,

Artella Founder & Publisher

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