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ARTELLAGRAM, May 6, 2006
May 06, 2006
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Fun Art Journaling
by Zura Ledbetter, Artella's Managing Director

Journaling is the most powerful tool I know of to reach deep into yourself and come up with answers to many of life’s problems. I have journaled for many years and it has never failed to help me make decisions, discover what's "really" bothering me, or trace the steps I made in a wrong direction.

But when I discovered combining art and journaling, I was in heaven! For visual people, adding visual elements to the journal page makes it much easier to express ourselves. Sometimes we don't know the words to express our feelings. And sometimes our words are very mundane. So adding sketches, collages, or just the junk mail from the day can be just the punch we need to put onto our journal page.

Searching for art journaling on the internet, one finds many beautiful works of art put in journal form. Many artists use this format for sharing work with one another. It keeps the art in one book so that it may be mailed and passed from one to another. It is apparent when looking at this type of art that it wasn’t created in just a few moments.

I prefer to work in my journal in a more spontaneous way. Taking whatever scraps I’ve collected from my day that indicate what that day was about can create some pleasant journal pages. Or maybe I want to scour my magazine stash for images that reflect what I want to impart. At times I'll paint in my journal or sketch a few scenes from the day. Whatever medium I use, it is just to record that day of my life. Or to work through something that is puzzling me. It is not to produce art that will be submitted for critique or reward.

So, how can you really journal and do art at the same time? I have found that many artists keep two or more journals. They keep one that they put their most private thoughts in, and another where they do art. Why not do that art for yourself? I think a journal is a very sacred thing that deserves the best. If you do art, why not do it along with the writing you do in your journal? Some people keep a gratitude journal, a dream journal, a journal of quotations or a poetry journal. Why not keep all that in one journal? I love keeping everything in my journal. When I look back at my journals from years passed, I can see everything I was about at the time. I see where I went, what I did, what my feelings were. I can also see what I bought, what I was reading and what held my interest at the time. If I had separated these things into different journals, I’d get a sliced up view, not the whole picture of who I was at the time.

It occurred to me that if I was interested in this type of journaling, then others must be also. So, I wrote an e-course that teaches the techniques I use, called Fun Art Journaling. A fun art journal is also a place to practice art skills and techniques. If you want to learn to draw, what better place to practice than in your own, private journal? You can use watercolor or acrylic paints for the backgrounds of written pages to have a chance to try out various techniques. If you’re interested in learning collage, make collages of your days by using visual images. Combining art and in-depth writing is the perfect way for a creative person to get the benefits of journaling without having to face bland, blank pages each day.

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Note from Marney: Zura's Fun Art Journaling ecourse begins on this Monday, May 8. I was a participant in the last session, and the creative ideas absolutely blew me away. Igive it my very highest recommendation!

Though deceptively simple, one of the most dramatic results you can achieve with paper is to simply cut it to achieve different effects. Add dimension and meaning to the pages of art journals, altered books, and other art surfaces by cutting the pages in interesting shapes. Try the following ideas:
  • Cut "window" shapes in a page that allow you to glimpse at what’s on the pages underneath

  • Cut interesting edges and borders to frame your pages

  • Create a layered effect with cut pages by cutting each page in different ways so they "stack up" in a distinctive style

View the above image in full size, and see more examples!

Just like you can cut up paper to make it interesting, you can "cut" your writing, too! Try these out these "cutting" exercises:

  • Take a paragraph that you’ve already written. Rewrite it by cutting out as much as you can, saying the same thing with as few words as possible. Sometimes, using fewer words can actually add greater meaning.

  • Take a finished story or poem and "cut and paste" pieces of it by liberally moving sections around. Give yourself the freedom to put the exposition at the end, or put the last scene first.

  • Try completely cutting out one key character, location, scene, object, or image from your written piece at a time. Take note of how the piece changes. Do new layers reveal themselves when certain elements are taken away?

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