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ARTELLAGRAM~ 3-30-06~ 5 Simple Ways to Feel Colorful, Creative, and Connected!
March 29, 2006

Hello ~

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5 Simple Ways to Feel Colorful, Creative, and Connected
How to Get Out of a Bad Mood
While Making Someone's Day

In order for our culture to reach a new kind of respect for the arts (and artists), it is crucial that creative people let themselves be seen and heard in a new way, in new numbers. But just as crucial as creative people actually taking the risks is our own affirmation to one another for taking them. We can provide positive feedback and kudos to other creative folks who are daringly spreading their wings and that can set wonderful energy in motion the rest of the world.

Now that Artella has blossomed into a creative community itself, there are things that we can do to support one another right here in this community. A few examples follow, and of course, you can take these examples and use them outside of Artella as well!

For example, here are some things you can do right here in Artella:

  • As you look through issues of Artella and e-Artella magazine, read the contributors' bios and visit their Web sites. Send the contributors emails to tell them how much you enjoyed their work. Leave comments on their blogs. Forward their links to people who would like them.

  • If you receive the LinkLatte emails as an Artella Member, when you visit the recommended Web sites, take time to send an email to the owner of the sites that are particularly meaningful to you. People can never get too many emails with positive feedback – that is important fuel for good work!

  • Browse The Shoppes of Artella and click on the links that go to the sellers' home pages. When you see someone's work you like, drop them a note to tell them so. Compliments are usually just as welcome as sales (and they don't cost you a thing!) And just in case you just happen to see something you might want to buy at a later date, write it down so you don't forget.

  • If you attend a teleclass with somebody and they say something that touched you, send them an email to let them know.

  • Visit our Contact Us page and send a note to the "behind the scenes" folks to say thanks.
Taking the time to tell creative friends AND strangers that they are making a difference by the risks they are taking has another great benefit.

It takes YOU feel great. Trust me. If you are in a bad mood, I defy you to take 10 minutes and go through an Artella issue and write emails to your favorite contributors and try to STAY in a bad mood. It's impossible

So tell creative folks they're touching you, that they're making a difference.

You will make a difference by saying so.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We've created a couple of new opportunities that make it easy to make a difference by sharing art and creativity: The "Share The Journey" 2-for-1 Promotion, and our brand new Share-A-Book Program, which is now included free with every single eBook purchase. Read about both of these in the Artellagram News section, below.

It's Spring Cleaning time! We all know that the best part of spring cleaning is re-decorating, right? Why not save yourself the trouble and decorate on paper! Start an art journal in which each page depicts a room in the house of your dreams. Be as literal or abstract as you want – this is your dream house, after all.

Not only is this a fun art exercise, it's also a powerful way to set into motion some major manifesting in real life, too! The photo above shows a collage I made for my dream writing space, next to the space that I created for myself shortly thereafter. See the image in full size, here.

When creating characters, writing both about their actual home and their secret dream home can bring in wonderful information to make the character real and vivid. Experiment with writing some character sketches about people and where they live and where they wish they lived. Open magazines or look at people in public and write fictional stories about them. Look at a home from the outside and imagine what it might look like inside, in great detail. Imagine who might live there, and where else do they wish they lived? How about yourself? What's your dream house like? What if you could live in a dream house with characters from a favorite novel; what would that be like? Play with the idea of homes and dream homes to make your writing establish a strong sense of place, and your characters gather full breadth of personality.

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~Sending unity and community,

Artella Founder & Publisher

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