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Articulation - June 11, 2005 - ~Contest Results and Biggest Sale Ever~
June 11, 2005
Hi ~

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Dreams and Meaningful Coincidings

May was a very active month for us here at Artella, full of activity and challenges, but I have to say that I felt like a little feisty flashlight followed me everywhere I went…making sure that the dark was never too dark. The way that this sense of grace most often expressed itself was through was a Synchro de Mayo! And synchronicity is what I'm going to write about, today.

Carl Jung coined the term "synchronicity", which in simplest terms means a "meaningful coincidence". Seemingly unrelated events correlate in some way and the correlation itself creates something of significance. I have always been fascinated by synchronicity and have been amazed at how easily a synchronous life can be attracted at will. I've found that it’s a skill, like any other skill, and when I’m paying attention, synchronicities dance into my life at rapid speed. The Artella e-course, Miracle Soup is largely based on this idea – of practicing the art of tuning into synchronicities so that they serve as a conduit for creating and attracting miracles.

So...a "meaningful coincidence" comes your way. What next? I used to think that a synchronous event was a "sign" that I had to DO something. That it was a message that I needed to change my course of action, make a choice, take a turn. I still believe that sometimes this is the case. Sometimes a synchronicity can give information that helps make a decision or brings new light to a situation. But, more often than not, I find synchronicities to simply be quiet reminders of the magic of life, the beauty of time and humanity humming quietly in my ear.

The entire production of the brand new issue of Artella, The Dreamworld: Night Sees the Day was full of synchronicity.

It started with the very idea for the issue. I was visiting in Dallas, driving to a friend's house. I was thinking about ideas for Artella themes, and had the idea of exploring dreams. I thought, "ooo...what if the issue were in Summer? Then it could be 'Midsummer Night's Dream'"! I didn't want to forget the idea, so when I reached a stoplight, I grabbed the piece of scrap paper that was sitting on the dashboard. "Scrap paper" in my Mom's house is actually the backs of old library catalog cards. The "blank" side of the card was already filled with driving directions for some other destination, so I turned the card over to look for space to jot down "Midsummer Night's Dream". Well…I turned the card over...and there it was, already written for me: the card was a library catalog card for the book, "Midsummer Night's Dream". So, the theme of the next issue was all settled, then…thank you, Universe!

Synchronicity continued throughout the entire process. Perfect matches for words and art collaborations would arrive in my inbox on the very same day. I matched a writer and artist and later found out that they were long lost friends who had lost contact information with one another years ago. I'd select music clips to accompany the work in the issue, and only after I had chosen it for its musical appropriateness would I see the title of the clip and see the title was a perfect match to the collaboration of words and art!

The most recent "meaningful coincidence" was that someone noticed that an old postcard that I used on the front cover, dated 1918, looks like it says "Dear Marney". I had no idea! See the cover for yourself!

A reader of the Dreamworld issue said, "I have never experienced anything like this - no magazine, book, CD, web site, museum, etc. - none of them can come close to the quality and emotional vibrancy of this extraordinary Dreamworld. This is not a magazine issue - this is heaven on earth!" (Thanks to Tara...Read more comments about the issue, here!

I think that this "emotional vibrancy" she senses in this issue is largely fueled by the synchronicities that have watched over it. I hope you'll be interested in exploring them for yourself...please look under Artella News below to read about the brand new Dreamworld Reverie Sale, which makes it more affordable and exciting than ever to subscribe to Artella.

I'll close by saying that every single person reading this is part of the circle of "meaningful coincidence" in Artella. We're all coinciding in a mythical place called "Artella" because we love words, art, and creativity. Thank you for sharing your space and time, and bringing your meaning here.

The song was there before me, before I came along. I just sorta came down and just sorta took it down with a pencil, but it was there before I came around..
~Bob Dylan

In the brush doing what it's doing, it will stumble on what (the painter) couldn't do by oneself.
- Robert Motherwell


This week's Art-Splash is called "SynchroSunicity", a little meditation about the coinciding of time, space, and nature.

You can view "SynchroSunicity" at

Artella News!

1. Introducing "The Dreamworld Reverie Sale" and "The Dreamworld Gift Gallery"! Good news! Artella's ground-breaking, multimedia issue,The Dreamworld: Night Sees The Day, is HERE, and we've launched our best subscription offer, ever! With our new Dreamworld sale, order a 6-issue subscription to Artella and save 50% off the cost of individual issues! It's the lowest we've ever offered: only $29.00 for 3 print issues and 3 e-issues! AND, in addition, you also select YOUR CHOICE from four fabulous gift sets in The Dreamworld Gift Gallery! For all the details about the sale, and to get a secret surprise glimpse into the crazy Artella 8 Dreamworld itself (sshhhh!), visit our sale page,

If you've been wondering what Artella is all about, now is the best time ever to subscribe, so you can keep extra money in your pocket to use for YOUR dreams...and grab your favorite Gift Set! And be sure to try out our Intuitive Art Quiz to see how your taste in art can predict your dreams!

2. Do you have a book or workshop inside you? A few weeks ago, we wrapped up the focus groups presented by the fourth graduating class of Create Your Own YOUniversity (aka YOU * U), in which the YOU * U class presented samples of the eProducts they created in 4 months of YOU * U to over 200 participants. If YOU have an eBook, e-course, or workshop inside you, there's a free telegathering information session about YOU * U on THIS MONDAY evening, June 13, where you ask questions and can hear about YOU * U from graduates who completed the program. If you are even slightly interested, simply sign up at, and join us on Monday evening to glean some great ideas about how you could turn your passions into fabulous eProudcts!

3. Poetry Contest Winners Announced!Our judges have had been very busy, judging not only our Quarterly Poetic Idol Competition, but also getting caught up on our free Bi-Weekly Poetry Contests, after a poetic hiatus. It is a true honor to receive such wonderful writing from so many people, from all around the world! And it's an even greater honor to announce our newest winners.

All of these extraordinary writers have won extensive prize packages, including up to $150 cash, and we couldn't be happier. And it's an even greater honor to announce our newest winners.

If you are a poetry writer, be sure to check out the contest guidelines at the above links...we want your poetry!

Winners for our Fourth Quarterly Poetic Idol Competition:
  • 1st Place – "Foreclosure" by Megan Thompson
  • 2nd Place – "The Suicidal Birds Make Their Way to Me" by Dawn Richerson
  • 3rd Place – "Generations" by Karen Kuklinski
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • "Observation" by Tammy Vitale
    • "Sixty Looms Ahead" by Pat Wiley
    • "Restless" by Eileen Grobeck
    • "Inside My Purse" by Ann McGovern
    • "Seeing" by Karen Caterson

Winners for the latest Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest:
  • 1st Place: "Red for a Blind Man" by Christine H.
  • 2nd Place: "Alignment" by Sherry Smith
  • 3rd Place: "all around the mulberrybush" by Cristina Butcher
  • 4th Place: "There is Compassion in Brevity" by Sarah Fishburn
4. Submission Call for Writers and Artists! The submission deadlines for upcoming issues of Artella have been updated! Our next submission date is June 30, for the theme of "Body and Soul". See our submissions guidelines at the above link for all details. (Note: an updated "Projects Seeking Partners" list will be coming out early next week! Sign up for the Collaboration list to make sure you receive it!)

5. LinkLatte is putting a smile on the face of morning! Every day we get more and more kudos coming in about our LinkLatte Daily Email, "your creative shot of Web destiny", which is a free benefit of Artella Membership. This one, sent in by Jessye White, was so wonderful, I just had to share it here:

Here's what I think about LinkLatte:
Cups of Coffee
Light meandering in through
tiny tears in worn curtains
and an invitation to
experience something that
allows me a moment,
a moment to dream, learn
something new, adventure
a bit.

If you aren't getting your daily LinkLatte, you're missing out! If you're already a Member, sign up in the Members' Parlor. And if you're NOT a Member, sign up at (Hint: you can try out a Membership for 30 days when you subscribe to Artella in our Dreamworld Reverie Sale...see above!)


Our new Featured Seller is cj Madigan, whose book, Behind the Studio Door: Writers & Artists Discuss Practical & Profound Aspects of Their Creative Practice is a creative delight and wellspring of information for igniting and fine-tuning your passion and creative vision. Be sure to take a look at cj's popular book!

As promised, to follow up with the list of Favorite Dreamy Products in the last Articulation, here is our list of Favorite Dreamy Products, Part 2:
Now THIS works like a DREAM! Try our interactive Smart Shopper to help you find the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.

If you are interested in selling your work in the Shoppes, get all the information at


The interactive DreaMysterie included in the Dreamworld issue takes you to Web pages where you use a "flashlight effect" to search for clues. In doing this, you can focus on bits and pieces of artwork by famous painters. Try it on your own: take a slide mount or make your own "viewer" by cutting a 1" x 1" open square in a piece of card stock. Then look at a famous painting in a new way by moving your viewer around piece slowly, focusing in on only 1" of it at a time. In what way do the small snippets of art exist on their own, as small masterpieces? Using this exercise as inspiration, create your own 1" x 1" canvases with paints, collage, rubber stamps, etc.


In Artella 8, instead of a table of contents, there is a "Table of Dreams" that uses the titles of the works in the issue to make THREE inter-connected poems. Complete guidelines for this technique are included in the issue, but here is the basic idea:
1. Start with a poem you've written previously, or borrow a poem by someone else. Write it down in a column on the left side of your page.
2. Directly across from this poem, write another poem in a column. The trick is that this poem can both exist on its own, AND also can be combined with your first poem to create a THIRD poem, when both columns are read together seamlessly.

It's a great exercise for word-play, in thinking of the ways words behave in different contexts.


1. Artist Community is an amazing resource with countless articles of articles on art technique. Wow, wow, wow!

2. An oldie but goody,, continues to reinvent themselves by ever-expanding the Web space of all things SARK! Be sure to visit for all the latest beauty and bliss. (And if you are a SARK fan, be sure to grab the Dreamworld issue of Artella to hear my exclusive interview with her!)

And remember, if you love finding great places on the Internet, you don't know what you're missing if you don't get our daily LinkLatte email, that's free for Artella Members. Adela Hubers wrote:

"THANK YOU to whomever is culling these festive AND incredibly useful sites from the massive muddle of internet options. Choosing one a week would be outstanding. Choosing a winner every day is... well... ARTELLA!"

~basking in the ancestral~celestial sun,


Artella Founder/Editor
p.s. Don't forget,...waltz on over to the Dreamworld Reverie Sale and Dreamworld Gift Gallery at so you can save savor the new issue while also saving some dollars and getting some gifts, all to fuel your OWN dreams!

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