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Articulation - April 28, 2005 - Artella's New Issue Unveiled! ~The Dreamworld~
April 27, 2005
Hi ~

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Vision Per Mission

Consider this a postcard from The Dreamworld – the terrain I've been traveling for the past couple of weeks, since it's the theme of the upcoming issue of Artella. Turns out, The Dreamworld isn't a bad place to be, and the process of working on the upcoming issue of Artella has given me permission to hang out there!

I interviewed SARK yesterday, and we recorded a half-hour conversation all about dreams, which will be included on a CD sent with the upcoming Artella issue. We giggled and laughed our way through the whole thing, and I hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us, aurally.

SARK's books, more than any others, helped me forge a creative path for myself and uncover a creative identity. When I was first introduced to her books, one of the concepts that really changed the way I viewed the "rules" of world were her "permission slips". In her colorful, loop handwriting, she gave us all permission to nap, to play, to throw tantrums. What a gift to get a permission slip for something you really need to do, even when you didn't know you needed it!

As I mentioned earlier, the Dreamworld theme for Artella 8 is giving me permission to be bold and go where no Artella has dared go before (see the Artella News, below, to see what I mean!) After all, anything is possible in The Dreamworld, yes? I have never felt more creatively alive than I have while working on this issue. The context of the Dreamworld theme provided the impetus – the permission -- for a new mission for me – in other words, it gave me vision per mission.

I'm observing other situations that are also catalyzing vision per mission.

For example, the 4th class of Artella’s YOU * U Program is currently presenting 17 focus groups to test out the eProducts they've created in the class. When people enroll in YOU * U, they know they will be presenting a focus group in the fourth month of the program. Thanks to all of YOU who participate in the focus groups, it's one of the highlights of the program. The chance to have a "built in" opportunity to share their work with an audience interested in their topic gives them vision per mission and provides comfy space for their true missions to come forward, often having been dormant for a very long time. They don't have to worry about, "Who will EVER see this?", because the focus group is built into the program. Without that concern, they can blossom in their creations and the process of sharing their work with you all.

(Side note: if you are interested in learning more about YOU * U, I’m holding a free information Q &A conference call next week. See the Artella News announcements, below, for details.)

Another example is the gift has come my way during the past several months. As I've shared here before, since January, I've been struggling with a neurological condition called trigeminal neuralgia. I have had to drastically change a lot of my expectations and expectations, both inside and outside ArtellaLand, to allow for the unpredictable ups and downs. This experience has been anything but easy – but it has birthed vision per mission, as I've found that the adjustments and acceptances I've been forced to make were changes that I really needed to make. Ironically, the inspiration, strength, and gleaned lessons that have come from this period have, I believe, surpassed any other time in my life.

My husband recently said to me that our day-to-day goal is less about pain management than it is about "hope management". Vision per mission, indeed!

Something SARK said on our interview yesterday is that we are perpetually dreaming, whether awake or asleep, and that our dreams are remarkably resilient. It’s true; I see us all all traveling along, managing hope, embraced by grace, and looking back through the Dreamworld looking glass to view reflections in the pane.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
~Marsha Norman

In the dream worlds, our fears uncoil.


This week's Art-Splash is called "Mission Airy". I dedicate it to the current group of YOU * U participants, as well as all the previous graduates of the program. I marvel at your creativity, and am so honored to observe it and learn from you all! Good luck with your focus groups, and all your endeavors!

You can view "Mission Airy" at

Artella News!

1. Artella 8 is on sale...and what a sale it is! Artella 8, The Dreamworld: Night Sees the Day, has gone where no Artella – nor ANY magazine - has ever gone before! This MEGA-Zine is packed with brand new features...including:
  • Mega-Multimedia collaborations of words, art….and….music! This issue adds music to the waltz of words and art, as each pairing of writing and art is joined by a musical composition on CD, to truly make each page of Artella a dreamscape!

  • The CD also contains audio recordings of four interviews with extraordinary, pioneering artists: SARK, Danny Gregory, Denise Mihalik, and Sarah Fishburn! I talk to each one of them for about half an hour, and YOU get to hear these exclusive chats, first-hand!

  • We're also presenting interviews, inspirations, and how-to's from each and every contributor to the issue. Learn the story behind the collaboration! Get some new creative tips, directly from the artists and writers, themselves! Get step by step how-to's for art projects that you see on Artella's pages!

  • This issue also features Artella's DreaMysterie, an interactive online mystery that takes you back and forth between the print issue and online dreamscapes as you solve the mystery of the meaning of life by exploring the dreams of famous painters, and there are hidden prizes online for those who solve the mystery.

  • Our regular "Art Workshop" feature is continued, along with the new inculsion of a "Writing Workshop" as well. The issue will also include collaging dream seeds, your jam-packed CD, and other surprise goodies.

  • The design of the issue is funky, splashy, surreal, bohemian...all the things you expect from Artella, but multiplied by 100! Just take a look at the issue's cover right here!

If our daring Dreamworld is pulling at your Muse's heartstrings, you're in luck!

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4. Focus Groups Are Underway! The YOU * U focus groups are going strong...are YOU signed up? Be sure to take a look at these 17 fabulous groups at and sign up for the ones that sing out to you!

5. Interested in YOU * U? If YOU might have an e-course, eBook, or virtual workshop inside you, you're invited to come to a free YOU * U information session held next Thursday night, April 28th, via conference call. Come to ask questions, hear from past participants, and get all the information about this innovative program that is unlike anything else offered on the Internet. Reserve your spot in the information session at

6. Good news! Finally, just wanted to share that, for the second year in a row, Artella was named one of the 101 Best Sites for Writers in the May 2005 issue of Writer's Digest magazine! Thanks to all of the writers in ArtellaLand who are helping us make our vision come true!


Our new Featured Seller is Jan Barlett. Jan's optometric lens jewelry is truly some of the most unusual products we carry in the Shoppes! I am fortunate to have a necklace, myself, and whenever I wear it, it never fails to attract compliment after compliment. Be sure to take a look to see these charming, one of a kind pieces.

Since we're talking about Dreams, here are some of my favorite dream-esque products in the Shoppes:


As I'm learning from the extraordinary contributors to Artella 8, creating art about dreams is a fabulous way to unlock major creativity! If you'd like to unearth a dreamlike quality to your artwork, try this: start with one or more images, either images you’ve created yourself or that you’ve obtained from other sources. Adhere them to a surface. Then turn the surface upside down, to see new lines, forms, colors, shapes, and symbols. From that point, work on the piece as you would any other piece of artwork, adding paint, glazes, other imagery, and embellishments, but work from the abstraction of the upside down image, rather than the original representation shown in the right-side-up images.


As I said earlier, creating from the Dreamworld means that anything can be possible. Consider this as you write: What if this piece (poem, short story, essay, anything) existed in the Dreamworld? What could be possible, then? How would that kind of permission change your writing? What does it feel like to not make sense? You also may want to try revisiting previous writing you've completed and do a re-write, as if the work takes place in the Dreamworld.


1. Art Network is a fabulous resource where you can create a free online account online account where you can keep a contact list, a database of all your artwork, your shows, and other details pertaining to your art career.

2. Questia is the world's largest online library. Search for any book in print using their state-of-the-art database system.

And remember, if you love finding great places on the Internet, you don't know what you're missing if you don't get our daily LinkLatte email, a "daily shot of creative Web destiny" that's free for Artella Members. Adela Hubers wrote this morning:
"THANK YOU to whoever is culling these festive AND incredibly useful sites from the massive muddle of internet options. Choosing one a week would be outstanding. Choosing a winner every day is... well... ARTELLA!"

~riding on dream~slides,


Artella Founder/Editor
p.s. Don't forget,...our special pre-order price and subscription sale expire Sunday sure to pick up your copy so you can save some dollars for your own dream seeds :-)

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