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Articulation 1/28/05 - "Inches Count"
January 28, 2005
Hi ~

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"Inch by Inch"

Someone wrote me to ask if the end of January is too late to make New Year’s Resolutions. The first thing I thought of was, "You know, I was wondering the same thing...", 'cause in this little corner of the world, January seems to have come and come with a baffling brevity.

The good news is that there is no New Year Police (at least I don't THINK that is what NYPD stands for!) We can make and morph our intentions any time, any date. The only thing linking resolutions with January is tradition – and let's be honest...artists are known to go against tradition.

But in addition to being rebels, we creative folks are a hopeful bunch, and so I'm sure that there are lots of us who have made resolutions for 2005. And now it's January 27. Which means that even though *I've* been ducking from the NYPD (see previous paragraph, lest you think that I picked up a few illegal tricks down in Texas), I really ought to write something encouraging about goals and resolutions.

I'd like to share an excerpt from a little eBooklet I wrote called "MoneyMorphosis: 10 Things Butterflies Can Teach Us About Money". The booklet presents 10 little stories the serve as parables for reframing our ideas about money.

Chloe the caterpillar slowly made her way across the garden, sighing as she went. Itsure did take a long time to get anywhere, in spite of her doing the "Limber LarvaLegs" video with her galpal-pillars for the past six nights. She glided along,slowly, slowly, repeating the refrain from the video as a mantra, in her best rap-beat:

"Each inch you're closer, not a moment too soon
You're on your way to making your cocoon
When you're a butterfly, my oh my
Then each inch multiplies through the sky."

"Yes, yes, these inches COUNT", Chloe thought to herself, motivated by her ownpep talk. "It's because of these inches on the ground that I can have THOSEinches in the air!"

What butterflies know: The inches on the ground, the small steps, are slow andtedious and it may not seem that you are getting anywhere. But every small stepmatters, and every penny adds up. Pennies dont get very far, but dollar billscan fly!"


Are you counting your inches?

p.s. – If you DO have a new goal for 2005 and you could use a little help from some good creative friends, we've taken $20 off the price of Goalar Energy, from now through February 6. See details in the Announcements, below.

And if you like Chloe Caterpillar's thinking above, consider signing up for a free two-week trial of The Wealthcare Program, beginning February 7. Details below.


This week’s Art-Splash, "Inch-Word", is a play on a song I know from my childhood, called "Inchworm", which goes like this:
Inchworm, inchworm
measuring the marigolds
You and your arithmetic
You'll probably go far.

If you know the song you can SING the Art-Splash! :-)

Whether you sing or read, you can view it at


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3. New Bloggy Fun! The Artella News Blog now has a new component. In addition to almost-daily announcements for ALL the new updates to the Web site, I'm also posting archives from the 90 Articulation Art-Splashes in the archives, inviting YOUR words and art in response. Click the link above to come splishy-splashy!

4.The Secret Sprites of Spring! With about 500 participants worldwide, the Mystery Muse Project, was an immense success. We're now launching a new "anonymous gifting" project: a three-month swap to cure winter doldrums and bounce us into spring. It's called "The Secret Sprites of Spring" and you can get all the info and sign up at Firm deadline to sign up is Thursday, February 10.

5. Newest Poetry Contest winners! The winners of our most recent Poetry contest are:
  • First Place: Robin Huelsman for "At an Impasse en Route"
  • Second Place: Ann McGovern for "HELLO"
  • Third Place: Jos Munro for "South Canterbury Bus Ride"
  • Fourth Place: Dawn Richerson for "Wild-Hearted Winter Queen"
Congratulations to all our winners! Be sure to take a look at these poems and ALL of our past winners in The Poetry Gardens.

6. Gads of new stuff in the Reading Room! We've added 7 new articles, resources, and fun stuff to do in the Reading Room. Grab a cup of tea and go browse our virtual shelves! And don't forget to enjoy further browsing by taking a look in the Community Bookstore!.


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Our new featured artist is Jenny Ryan. Jenny offers a variety of energy healing services, as well as beautiful handmade color alignment bracelets that serve as tools for energetic healing and joyful living. I've already placed MY bracelet order!

We've made Valentine's Day Easy! Our new Valentine's Sampler page provides quick access to the 40+ Valentine's Gifts in The Shoppes!

Some of my personal favorites:
  • Mary Wiseman's "Sweet Nothings" Journals - my hubby and I are already having fun with this sweet gifty
  • Patricia O'Rourke's Valentine Cards - Love em, love em, love em,
  • Deb Silva's "Vintage Valentine" shrine -- as always, Artella's beloved Deb brings vintage style to life!
  • Tammy Vitale's adorable "Mine" purple dragon -- soooooooo precious!
  • Frances Norton Honich's personalized paper dolls
  • terri st. cloud's "A Vow to My Heart" bone sigh -- a true testament to loving ourselves first
  • Spectacular jewelry that makes me salivate by Jan Bartlett, Melissa Chapin, KJoy!, and Tina Ramsy. Mmmm-mmmm
  • And lots, lots more!


You can buy cheap 1- and 2-penny stamps at the post office and use them in your artwork. Use them sticker-style as a funky adhesive, or alter them to make your own postage. Let's face it -- there are few arty embellishments that you can buy for a penny!

This tip was inspired by Gloria Page. When Gloria's awesome book, Holy Moly Mackeroly is ordered through The Shoppes of Artella, Gloria sends the book out in a very clever wrapping that incorporates a one-cent postage stamp. See it for yourself when you order this FABULOUS book...right now, it's on sale for LESS than wholesale prices at


Calling up the senses is crucial when creating provocative, moving writing. Invite in the unexpected by juxtaposing different senses together, such as...

When she danced, it smelled like....
I'll never forget that sound; it tasted like...
A giggle lept from her mouth, looking like...

You can try this with things in your own environment. Take something that you can see in front of you, right now. How can you twist different sensory perceptions together to describe that thing?


1. Earlier today, I was so honored to be the featured guest of Delona Lang on HeartsArt Radio. Even before I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Delona, I have been an admirer of her work with HeartsArt, which has produced many insightful interviews with people involved in various aspects of creative and mixed media arts. You can hear the recording of my interview at this link -- but be sure to check out the other archived interviews, too! Friday, Delona's guest will be our own Zura Ledbetter, Artella's Administrative Assistant and mixed media artist extraordinaire, who will be talking about her new eBook, Photoshop for Artists.

2. I've mentioned here before, but in keeping with the "new year" theme, I wanted to point you in the direction of their free Be Creative! Calendar, which you can download at While you're there, be sure to check out all of their spunky freebies and other offerings.

3. I had a blast at This artist/illustrator has a gallery that is really fun, and lots of inspiration about both writing and art sprinkled throughout the site.

~measuring the miracles,

Artella Founder/Editor

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