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Articulation 6/22/04 - Special Issue!
June 22, 2004
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A Special Announcement from Marney!

Hello ~

Hot news from the Artella presses! In lieu of our regular Articulation for this week, I'm sending a special announcement to let you know about the hottest freebie-stuffed promotion we have ever had for subscribers to Artella magazine. Articulation will resume its regular format next week.

If you have been thinking about subscribing, renewing or thinking of an awesome gift to give, the time is here! Our new "Sizzle Into Summer" sale now gets you a 6-issue subscription or renewal to Artella extra-stuffed with the best freebies we have EVER offered and the best news is this:

We listened to all your feedback and now, for the first time ever, we have CUSTOMIZED freebies into 4 amazing packages so that YOU can choose the one that you like best! Each gift package is loaded with free publications, products, and huge discounts worth over $100! And each one is hand-picked depending on what YOU choose! We've even designed a fun, 30-second quiz to help you find the freebie package that's best for you!

So...which will YOU choose?

The Artist's Adventure Pack? Or are you the Wild Writer? Perhaps you're walkin' the talk as a Hip Entrepreneur, or do you aspire to be an Inspired Seeker? Go to to take our quiz, make your choice, and then follow the easy instructions to subscribe OR refer a friend.

And, if you refer a friend to subscribe, you BOTH get to select your own Free Gift Pack! Refer more than one person, and you can choose a second, third, and fourth pack for yourself!

If you've never seen an Artella issue, you're in for a real treat. Artella print issues are full-size, full-color magazines that explode with fresh creative works of mixed media art and writing and loaded with packets of ephemera, art workshop kits, and fun interactive surprises. e-Artella e-issues spill over with all kinds of articles and features to inspire your creative soul in entirely new ways! (e-Artella #e-6, just released last week, has 87 pages of inspiration!) Read raves from some of our readers, here!

For both print and e-issues alike, Artella is designed for creative spirits like you who want fresh, authentic creativity and colorful inspiration, all in a publication that has still remained entirely ad-free since day one!!

With these four awesome gift packages and our most exciting issue to date ("Theatre & Cinema: Beyond Make-Believe") coming out next month, we've working hard to make this hottest summer ever!!

So come sizzle with us...and enjoy your free gift packages when you spread the word to everyone you know about the hot "salsa" of words and art... :-)

Artella Founder/Editor

p.s. Don't forget to take our groovy little quiz to see where your inspiration is leading you this summer!

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