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Articulation newsletter, 3-9-04
March 09, 2004
Hi ~

It has come to my attention that a large number of people did not receive last week's Articulation, especially aol users.

If you missed the issue (and you RECEIVED this one) you can check out last week's by clicking here.

I'm not sure what happened with the inconsistent delivery to aol last week, but I'll use this as a reminder for everyone to please be sure that is in the Address Book for your email program, to prevent these newsletters from being blocked.

As far as this week's Articulation art offering, I'm going to do something that I rarely do, and that is to take a well-intentioned "pass". I've had a difficult week with unexpected dental trauma and a round of emergency oral surgery. One of things I realized from the experience is that even though I'm self-employed, my boss (aka "me") is REALLY hard on me when I need sick time! :-)

So as a boss, I'm working at being a bit more lenient with my star employee during times when life throws unexpected curves.

So there's no art offering for this week, but I invite you to take a stroll through the Articulation archives and do a little samba with synchronicity. Try this: think of a question or issue that you'd like answered, and then click on one of the offerings to see if your answer is enclosed!

(Kinda like an poetic-artistic-Magic-8-ball!)

Let me know if it works! And if you read an Articulation offering that reminds of you of someone you know, please do pass on the link to them, so that they may enjoy it.

Come-Unity Invitation!

I introduced this new section last week (if you missed it, check out last week's newsletter, here) and I loved hearing from so many people on how they used the gift of tulips to beautify hum-drum spaces! Thanks to our Articulation community, lots of locales got a visual boost of spring, including post offices, banks, a pizza parlor, a dialysis unit, an electric utility pay center, and more!

Stay tuned for the next Come-Unity Invitation in weeks to come.

The Shoppes' Corner!

This week, our featured artist is Melissa Chapin. Melissa is my dear friend, a treasured Artella contributor, and our Featured Artist of the week! Her succulent line of beautiful jewelry will tempt you with its vibrant colors, unique lines and shapes, and original use of brilliant, high-quality gemstones. Check it out!

I'm elated to announce the Grande Opening of our brand new Shoppes of Artella village!

We've changed the layout of our quaint marketplace, and we've also added two new shoppes, Art Supplies and Special Services.

The following items are on sale this week:
And don't forget to take a joyful stroll to see our new village at! We've got everything but the food court!

Artella News!

1. Goalar Energy 2004 begins Monday, March 15! Yes, it's that time again! Time for another round of Goalar Energy 2004, the life-changing 30-day e-course that gives you day-by-day guidance to reaching goals in a non-traditional, non-linear manner.

We have lots of new testimonials on our's one from Diane Armstrong:

"Marney, you pay such attention to detail, so much that I could not imagine a stone that you left unturned in the process of creating Goalar Energy. The information that you shared with this course in this form was exactly what I needed right now. Your course helped me realize that my best work is done when I am balanced both internally and externally. This has been a wonderful experience. What I liked best was that all of your email lessons seemed to be directed right to me personally. Many mornings I forgot that it was actually a course that I was taking -- it felt that it was a fun email with instructions from a treasured friend."

All those who enroll in this upcoming session receive a POWER PACK of 10 hand-picked bonus publications that will support you in reaching your goal...check out the offerings included by clicking here.

For more information, go to . Just think how different your life could like in mid-April if you take this savvy step!

2. e-Artella #e-5 getting raves!! e-Artella #e-5 (which I've nicknamed "The Artsy Epic", for its length and super-stuffedness) might be the best thing you can get on the Internet for only $4.95. Here's what Ruth Wood had to say about this 75-page issue...

"I keep thinking, 'The next Artella won't live up to this one,' and you keep proving me wrong. What a tall drink of water e-Artella #e-5 is for this thirsty gal!!! I could just eat it with a spoon, it is so luscious, with color and words dancing on every single page. Thanks to all that worked on this issue, you continue to rock my world!"

Get your world rocked by ordering e-Artella #e-5!
...or at the very least, take a moment to drool at the table of contents for this issue.

Artful Links!

1. Cynthia Morris partners with writers, artists and visionaries to help build confidence and structure to create masterpieces of life and art. Her site, Original Impulse, offers resources, articles, links and opportunities to subscribe to Cynthia’s newsletters. I love her energy! Give it a look!

2. The kid in you will love Dive into this site to some have some interactive high-tech, high-fun playtime with some of your old Seuss favorites. ( especially like the "Playground"!)

Wishing you sparkling speckles of sensitivity to be a good boss to yourself...

~gently dancing on my time card,

Artella Editor

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