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Articulation 2-24-04
February 24, 2004
Hi ~

Here in New York, we're still in the midst of a very long winter, the hardest we've had (weather-wise) in many years. This winter has overflowed with metaphors and lessons for me, perhaps made even more prominent by the fact that I was rather obsessed with the theme of winter when working on Artella 5, Winter Magic & Muse.

The coming of Spring is also rich in metaphor. My Articulation offering for this week, Blooming Brave, plays with this idea.

To view Blooming Brave, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, you can copy and paste this into your browser:

The Shoppes' Corner!

This week, our featured artist is Karen Weiss. No matter the media -- be it her dynamically whimsical paintings, inspiring sterling silver jewelry, or stunning sculpture -- Karen's artistic skill and generous heart are evident in all of her inspiring creations. She is also a soulful sweetheart...I had the pleasure of meeting her in person when I was vacationing in Dallas over the Holidays! I hope you will take a look at her inspiring work.

If you check out the Shoppes home page, you'll see that we've added some signs to our windows! Not only do we have "New Item" signs (which stay up for 2 weeks after an item is added), but we also have signs to indicate which shoppes include items on sale, to make discount shopping super-easy. Come visit our village!

Speaking of sales, our newest sale item is the inspiring Romance Composition Book, designed by our very own Deb Silva! (If you don't know Deb, she is Artella's amazing Administrative Assistant, a frequent contributor, and a fabulous artist.)

If you'd like to support The Shoppes of Artella, but only have a few dollars to spend, consider these fabulous products for $10 or less! (And, like all shoppes products, the prices include shipping):
Do YOU have a service to sell? We're very interested in creating a new Services shoppe, where we can help you sell YOUR service for as low as $30 for your setup fee.

For example, take a look at Barbara Miller's home page we're marketing her skills as an e-Proofreader.

What services can we help YOU market? Click here for information on selling your services and products!

Artella News!

1. New Issues On Sale Now! e-Artella #e-5 (available very soon!!) and Artella 6, The Elements: Ancient to Infinite (available in March) are both on sale at

Click on over to take a look at the new issues' covers (scroll down to seen them), and reserve your copies! And while you're there, you can check out sample page layouts from previous issues...aren't they wild and wonderful? :-)

And don't forget that if you purchase a 6-issue subscription to Artella by becoming a subsriber, you save $20.85 over the cost of individual issues!

2. Phenomenally Fantastic Bonus Package for Goalar Energy! The next session of the popular Goalar Energy e-course begins March 15. Those who enroll in this upcoming session, I'm offering a POWER PACK of 10 hand-picked bonus publications that will support you in reaching your goal...hundreds of pages of practical information, for free. Click here to see the publications included in the POWER PACK.

We've also added lots of brand new testimonials from past Goalar Energy participants whose lives have been changed by this course. Click here to read the testimonials.

If you're intrigued, but want more information, go to for more information and to try some sample lessons (including a sample audio message!) The time is ripe for new and powerful changes in your life...let Goalar Energy show you the way!

3. YOU * U course underway! The first session of "Create Your Own YOUniversity" began yesterday, and it is off to a great start! Since several people wanted to enroll after this session was full, I've scheduled a new 16-week session to begin April 19. This session will also be limited to 14 participants, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot. Click here for all the information!

4. New Free Teleworkshop! March's free teleworkshop is a brand new offering called ExerSIGHS: A Self-Esteem Workout for Writers and Artists. Sign up to get your creative self in shape!

5. Love Stories still alive! Artella's Love StoryShow, which combines audio recordings of stories about love with visual slide shows, will remain on the Web site for another week. Experience it before it retires!

Artful Links!

1. Tuscan Rose is a great online store for inspiring art supplies: collage sheets, unique ephemera, rubber stamps, and more. It also has a gorgeous Gallery of projects, so be sure to check that out while you are there! Highly recommended!

2. The PowerPoint presentations at A World of Possibilities (sponsored by University of Kentucky College of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Serice) really knocked Deb's and my socks off. These are free, inspiring mini-courses that aim to help viewers acquire skills to be calmer, happier, more energetic, and more effective in their lives. Be sure to spend some time watching the free presentations at this site!

Wishing you courage to find the sun,

~petaling on,

Artella Editor

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