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Artellagram 9/26/08 Hi, Here's Artella's New Art Journal Pilot Program!
September 27, 2008

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Two of my biggest personal passions are art journaling and creative homes. Right now we’re celebrating both of these themes in big ways in Artella Land:

The very exciting Special Art Journaling Pilot Group of the much anticipated new art journaling e-course, Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop: 26 Inspiring Art Journaling Muses for All-Around Better Living!


The Come Home to Art Artella Subscription Giveway, with our fun "housewarming" quiz to help you pick which gift pack is right for you!

Keep reading to get details about both of these exciting events!

If you also enjoy both art journaling and juicing up your home, here’s a fun way to combine them both: try giving your creative space a makeover IN your art journal!

I think that one of the most important things a person can do to nourish her creativity is to create a space that is specifically for creating. Call it what you will: your art studio, your craft room, your writing corner… we all need a space that mirrors the messages of our Muse and provides an endless sea of inspiration.

Regardless of what we think, this space doesn't need to be a huge, fancy studio. When I created the videos for the Artist Studio tours included on the CD that comes with the print issue Artella issue 10, it became more clear to me than ever that an art studio can be born anywhere! The studios shown in these videos range from expansive, state-of-the-art studios to simple tables in the corner of the dining room. They look different, but those who have seen the videos agree, they are united in their pulsating, creative surge!

If you don't have a space devoted to creativity right now, or if you would like to make improvements on your current space, the first step is to figure out what will inspire you the most. I once created a collage in my art journal that represented my ideal "writing office" that I wanted to create. I wanted it to be orange and yellow, cozy and happy, and a cross between a playroom, and art studio, and a chic cottage. The space that I manifested, is startlingly similar! Take a look at these “before” and “after” pictures. The “before” was the collage of my ideal writing office. And the “after” is, indeed, my manifested creative space!

As with any creating any piece of art, creating a dream creative space begins with having a vision. Of course, there will be wonderful twists and turns of spontaneous serendipity along the way. But knowing what you want is a very powerful way to begin having it.

Playing in an art journal is a wonderful way to make all kinds of amazing things happen in your life. That's what our brand new art journaling e-course, Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop, is all about! Keep reading for more details!

If you're in a hurry, here are some "quick links" to the highlights in today's Artellagram. You can simply follow the links that you're interested in to go directly to the relevant information!

In the Studio With Lori Barker

Creativity Tip: Floor Cloths and Larger-Than-Life Poetry

NEW! Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop Pilot Group!

Come Home To Art Special

Digital Altered Books Contest
What's New In Artella Land?

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Quotz Crystal™

When I knew I was going to write about the power of envisioning a creative space in order to make it happen, I instantly knew that Lori Barker would be the perfect artist to feature in this issue. She has said, “Much of my art is formed by dreams and executed by intuition.” One look at her art and you can see that there is no doubt that this is true.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Lori in the ARTELLAGRAM'S new “In the Studio” Feature.

Artella: What do you find most rewarding in your life as an artist? What ismost challenging?

Lori: Art really is my life. If I'm not in my studio creating at least 5 days a week, my mood and desires for other things go flat. At these times when not able to create freshness and magic, I 'fill my well' by going to museums or out into nature. I suppose one of the greatest joys of doing my 'work' is the stories I hear from my customers. They speak of their own angel stories and the reasons for choosing a certain image.

Artella: Do you have any advice for artists who are planning to start selling at local craft fairs?

Lori: After doing shows for more than 35 years, I can say that display is one of the most important features. You must take pride in your work by displaying it with just as much thought. Make your product stand out with a background color that compliments it. Make your display at many different levels if placed on a table, cover it with a cloth that goes to the floor and hides any boxes underneath. Lighting is essential indoors, bring your own (blue lights in gyms can change your products' beautiful colors to mud!). If the show is outdoors, you must have a tent with sides. You can find an E-Z up style at the local discount store for $150 or so. Hoola hoops or foam 'noodles' in the corners will prevent sagging of the tent top during rainstorms. STAKE the tent at all times even if there isn't a chance of rain or wind. If staking isn't allowed, bring 5 gal. water bottles to hang from the corners to the ground or fill PVC pipes with cement, placing an eye hook at one end to secure.

Read the rest of Lori's interview, here!

See Lori's beautiful angel art in The Shoppes of Artella, here.

If you want more artist interviews from Artella, take a look at our eBooks Artist Profiles Assembled and Artist Profiles Assembled, Vol 2, and look at the "Ask the Artist" column every single day in The Artella Daily Muse, our daily online creativity newspaper. You can even sign up to preview a subscription to The Artella Daily Muse, to see what it's all about.

ART TIP OF THE WEEK:The only thing I don't love about paper arts such as art journals and altered books is that they don’t easily lend themselves to being displayed. I love it when art can be seen by everyone, especially when displayed in the home.
For this reason, artsy floorcloths are a great way to create art that gets seen and used every single day!

You can create virtually any design on vinyl, canvas, or the back side of vinyl flooring remnants. The example shown here is a very simple free-hand whimsical design, but you are only limited by your imagination.

To see complete instructions for this project, click here.

WRITING TIP OF THE WEEK: You can display your writing in your home, too! Why keep your writing hidden in a journal or saved in documents on your hard drive when you can display it for all to see in a way that will inspire you every day? We often see quotes by "famous people" displayed in the home…why not display a quote of your own?

Try displaying one of your original poems on a wall in your home by spelling it out with removable letter decals. Or, for a more permanent design, you can use letter stencils in an attractive font and paint your own poetry or quotes on virtually any surface: walls, furniture, lamps, accessories. Now that’s what I call self-publishing! :-)

1. Artella's New Art Journaling Pilot Program!Over a year in the making, Artella’s much anticipated new art journaling course is here! Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop presents a friendly family of 26 Muses who are ready to lead you through an unforgettable art journalling journey of self-discovery, inner healing, sacred inspiration, creative fun, and all-around better living! Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop has a little something for everyone. If you're a writer, you’ll love the thought-provoking writing challenges. If you're an artist, you’ll enjoy diving into the art techniques that accompany each lesson. And no matter what your dreams are, your soul is sure to be stirred by these inspiring Muses and the energy that they bring with them.

And, from now through October 14, you can enroll in Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop Pilot Group and save $15 off the regular price of the course! Learn more about the Pilot Group, here!

The AlphaBetter Muses can't wait to play with you! From the Asymmetrical Muse, who champions lopsided the Zzzzz Muse, who lives in dreams..these dandy gals are ready to motivate you to embrace your creativity fully and create the life of your dreams!

2. Come Home to Art! Through the end of September, you can Come Home to Art with Artella's Biggest Subscription Giveaway ever! Subscribe or Renew your six-issue subscription to Artella and save $10 off the regular subscription price (saving over $30 if you bought the issues separately), AND select YOUR CHOICE of a free "Housewarming" Gift Pack!

Each one of these four Housewarming Packs has been designed to delight and inspire you, overflowing with Artella eBooks, e-courses, and inspiring goodies that together sell on Artella for a minimum of $50. There are four fantastic housewarming packs to choose from, and we've even created this fun quiz to help you choose which one is most appropriate for you.

This sale ends this coming Tuesday, September 30, so if you have ever thought about getting a subscription or any other creatively juicy Artella goods, this is finally the incredible sale you've been waiting for.

Please note: if you are a current Artella Magazine subscriber and you did not receive the download information for e-Artella #e-10, please let us know so we can make sure to get it to you right away!

3. New Digital Altered Books Contest Announced! Have you been bitten by the Digital Altered Books™ bug, yet? Digital Altered Books™ are the latest phenomenon to hit the creative world, merging the fascinating process of altering beautiful vintage books with the creative ease of digital imaging technology. We've just announced our second Digital Altered Books™ Contest, and if it's anything like the first contest this spring, the results are going to be terrific! This is a terrific way to experiment with this new art form, and every person who enters gets a $15 shopping spree!

You can learn more about Digital Altered Books™ here, and you can even download two free videos of Digital Altered Books online workshops.

And if you haven't visited the inspiring Digital Altered Books Gallery, be sure to take a look at the inspiring creations by artists in the Artella community!

4. Attention Artella Studio Members – You should have received the “School Days” kit by now. If you did not receive the kit, please let us know so we can help!

If you're not yet a Studio Member, you can see what's included in the “School Days” kit, here. If you become a Studio Member, you'll immediately receive the “School Days” Studio Kit, and then you'll also get this month's kit, “Wonder the Sea”, which is coming out next month. PLUS you'll automatically have access to literally thousands of goodies that come with your Membership. Get all the details, here.

5. What's New in the Store? We're always adding new things to the Artella Land store to inspire your creativity. Here are just a few of our newest splashy items:

– Two new eBooks in our series of Artella Anthologies! Palette Play Assembled - Volume 1 and Palette Play Assembled - Volume 2 are collections of some of our favorites from the inspiring Palette Play series, created by Fred Hintze and Cedra Wood, that runs in The Artella Daily Muse!

– Our newest Digital Ephemera Pack is called Ribbons and More, bringing our total count of available Digital Ephemera Packs to 38…all ripe n' ready for your creativity!

– We've added yet another downloadable postcard pack to our collection: the “Vintage Romance” Postcard Pack.

–And, finally, we've announced the premiere of our long-awaited art journaling e-course, Artella's AlphaBetter Muse Workshop: 26 Inspiring Art Journaling Muses for All-Around Better Living!, with an opportunity to join our special Art Journaling Pilot Group!

6. Ready to sell your work? You've probably seen the wonderful artists from The Shoppes of Artella showcased all over Artella Land lately. Just as we hoped, these new featured spots are really boosting their sales! All these efforts are all part of Artella's Shoppes Artist Co-Op Program, a one-of-a-kind, true community for artists and craftspeople selling handmade goods, providing opportunity and exposure that isn't matched anywhere else, on- or off-line. The Artist Interview you read at the top of this Artellagram is a good example of the dedicated exposure we give in support of our Artists in the program. Take a look at the highlights of the Artella Shoppes Artist Co-Op Program, here!

Even if you are not yet ready to list your products, you are still welcome to join this supportive community of artisans while you prepare to sell your work. Sign up to get your invitation to join the new Shoppes Sellers' forum in the Artella Cafe, attend our online monthly gathering of Shoppes artists, receive valuable coupons for Artella products, and more.

7. Interested in working for Artella? If you're interested in becoming part of the amazing Artella Team, check out this post in the Artella Cafe for details. We're rolling out some exciting new features in the coming months and would love to bring a few more wonderful, creative souls on board!

This Quotz Crystal™ is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing.

When I read this quote, I think of "Art" as a verb! So, print it out and post it somewhere to remind you that wherever you create art...that is your home!

~Blooming and bouncing,
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