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Your Freebies in the ARTbundance Sandbox! ~ Artellagram 4/2/11
April 02, 2011

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We recently took Kai to visit the Museum of Nature and Science. Surprisingly, he was less than impressed with the larger-than-life animatronic dinosaurs ("remote control dinosaurs", he called them) and what he most wanted to do was "play in the sandbox", referring to the museum's large sandy-filled area where kids can use shovels and other tools to "dig for dinosaur bones".

Kai lived his first 18 months in Hawaii, and much of that time was spent on the beach. He nursed on the sand, took his first steps on the sand, and "beach" was one of his first words. So it would be natural for him to have an affinity for sandboxes, especially now that we don't live anywhere near a beach! And yet, his connection to playing in the sand is hardly unique to look at all of the happy kids in that "big sandbox" is proof of the natural tendency to gravitate toward this kind of play.

As I shared the story of our museum visit with my grown-up friends, everyone said the same thing...some version of, "I don't blame him...that's what I'd want to do, too! I'd love to play in the sandbox!"

Why are we so attracted to playing in the sandbox? Well, I think there might be a few reasons:

  1. Tools - sandboxes are full of fun tools: shovels, pails, cups, spoons, funny-shaped molds, and little flags to put atop carefully-crafted castles!

  2. Digging and Building - most of sandbox activity revolves around building things: castles, towers, mud pies. It's all about digging deep, and taking a formless substance and turning it into something...ah the gratification!

  3. Camaraderie - of course you can play in the sandbox alone, but it's more fun when you have friends building things with you!

  4. Mess! - the sandbox is one place where it's ok to get a little messy. Even the most well-dressed, well-kept kids aren't expected to look perfect when they emerge from playing in the sandbox!

All of these elements - tools, digging, building, camaraderie and permission to get a little messy - are all part of why I titled next week's free teleclass, ARTsignments™ in Action: A Fun Romp Through the ARTbundance™ Sandbox. If you'd like to learn more about ACT, (ARTbundance™ Certification Training) and our 4th (!) edition beginning mid-April, or if you're simply interested in having lots of fun playing with ARTsignments™ while you get a little messy - LOL - I invite you to join us and let your creativity swirl in a great time...perhaps even more fun than a day at the beach. :-)

For those short on time, to simplify this week's Artellagram, here are some ”quick links” to the highlights in this edition. You can simply follow the links that you're interested in and go directly to that section.

NEW! Free "ARTsignments™ in Action" TeleParty on April 7!

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In the Studio with ARTbundance™ Coach Rachel McDonald

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Quotz Crystal™

1. NEW! Free "ARTsignments™ in Action" TeleParty Next Thursday! The article above discusses some of the reasons that we are drawn to play in sandboxes. They all happen to apply to the Free ARTsignments™ in Action" TeleParty that's happening next Thursday! Come play in the ARTbundance™ sandbox, and see what it's all about!

Join us for this fun, free Teleparty event and you will…
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  • Have the opportunity to ask real live ACT graduates (and me!) your questions about the ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program, if you think you might be interested in applying for the Spring 2011 program.

  • Have the chance to win lots of great prizes when we play some fun Party Games! (After all, what is a party without games? LOL)
This Party is open for anyone who is simply interested in learning more about the ARTbundance™ program, as well as receiving the follow-up workbook about the ARTbundance™ Principles.

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If you are considering applying for the Spring 2011 ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program, or if you'd just like to learn more about the ARTbundance™ Philosophy and ARTsignments, here is a whole blossoming bundle of fun freebies for you:

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If you think you might be interested in applying for the Spring 2011 session of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training (ACT), note that applications are being accepted through April 18, 2011, including those applying for a Lonnie D. Kliever Scholarship, through the fund we created in memory of my father. You can get full details about ACT and request an application at:

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For today's "In the Studio" Interview, I'm delighted to present Certified ARTbundance™ Coach Rachel McDonald. Rachel has such a playful spirit and such an amazing ability at creating ARTsignments, so I knew she would be the ideal coach to interview this week!

Enjoy getting to know Rachel!

Artella: What led you to become a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach?

Rachel: It sprung out at me in a deliciously divine way. I was already coaching but wanted a way to weave creativity and spirituality into my work with women - my ARTbundance™ training has certainly helped me to do that!

Artella: How has your ARTbundance™ training affected your work and/or life?

Rachel: I call myself a "Soul Gypsy" - I need lots of sacred time alone to do deep inner work, but I also need colour, energy and whimsy and ARTbundance™ training stitched these things together for me. My ARTbundance™ training has given me the confidence to stretch my wings, believe in my soul's work and, most importantly, get out there and do it!

You can read the rest of Rachel's interview, here

A new session of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT) is starting April 25! Applications are now available, and will be accepted through April 18, 2011. For more information and to download an application, simply go here!

Writing about Kai's love of sand and the beach makes me remember our wonderful days in Hawaii. We lived there for three years, and they were among the happiest - and most creative - days that I can remember. When we first moved to Hawaii, I was so inspired by the beautiful surroundings that I started painting, which I had rarely done before. I had a very prolific period where I painted one large canvas after another, largely inspired by the Island and its magical beauty.

When I look back at the paintings I created during that time, I notice a few themes that weren't necessarily apparent to me at the time. For one thing, each painting seemed to combine natural and oceanic scenes with other "every day" elements. At the time, I think I was inserting these items just as "quirky" expressions of my everyday life, but now I can see that perhaps my mind was attempting to integrate it all - to assimilate the ordinary and extraordinary moments and bring them together into one single entity.

I think it's far too easy for us to look at our lives and see "the miracles" on one side, and "the mundane" on the other. Our creativity can help us bring all of that together, so that we can inhabit ALL of it in our experience! After all, what is a collage, but a visual conceptualization of integration? How might you explore the concept of integration, through your writing and artwork? What ideas come to mind?

One of the ARTsignments™ we're presenting in next Thursday's ARTsignments in Action class delves into this very subject, so if the topic of everyday integration interests you, I invite you to join us!

This Quotz Crystal is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. It seemed the perfect tie-in to all the images of sand and sea in this Artellagram issue. I invite you to print it out and hang it up, or keep it in your pocket, as a reminderof the powerful healing properties to which we all have access, no matter where we are.

~loving's sand castle,

Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

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