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Artellagram! - Art, Journaling & Collage Newsletter - March 2008 - New: Artist Interviews
March 27, 2008

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If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
~ Anne Bradstreet

Spring is here! Even when living in a place like Hawaii, which doesn't have dramatically defined seasons, I can still tell that something different is dancing in the air. Spring is a time for birth and growth, as Mother Nature throws a gigantic party! Since I'm currently eight months pregnant, I'm feeling the "growth" quite literally! :-) But even aside from that, curious new blossoms of all kinds are springing up all over Artella Land, including some new features in the Artellagram!

Thanks to feedback from a recent survey of Artella Members, we're improving the Artellagram to make it more inspiring and easier to read. Please let us know what you think…we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can make the Artellagram more informative and inspiring.

One of the most "springy" artists in The Shoppes of Artella is Australian artist Carmel Glover, and I'm delighted to share her refreshing take on life and art in an exclusive Artella Land interview in our the new "In The Studio" section. Then, today's "Creativity Tip" takes a queue from Carmel's beautiful use for floral designs, and presents some unique ways to allow flowers to inspire new directions in both your art and writing.

The Artellagram News section continues to give you the highlights of what is new in Artella Land, including the introduction of our new Studio Spring Fling special, a new free teleclass, and more. And, those of you who have said you've missed the Quotz Crystal™ will be happy to know we've brought it back!

If you're in a hurry, here are some "quick links" to make things easier. You can simply follow the links that you're interested in to go directly to the relevant information!

We're thrilled to introduce Carmel Glover, an artist from Australia, whose spring-themed brooches and creative eBooks can be found dancing around The Shoppes of Artella! See Carmel's art and eBooks in The Shoppes of Artella, here.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Carmel!

Artella: How would you describe yourself as an artist? What is your favorite kind of art to create?

Carmel: That's not easy to answer. I guess I'm a "work in progress". I'm what Margaret Lobenstine describes as a "Renaissance Soul", i.e. a person who has too many interests to choose just one. This applies very much to my art. I want to try everything at once. However, most of my work revolves around the core of words and images. I like to write and photograph and illustrate. I'm also in love with textures. Artist books are a perfect vehicle for all this. I'm also experimenting with "artist ebooks".

Artella: The possibilities to "create art" when you're a novice seem endless -- where's a good starting place?

Carmel: You can only start "where you are". I ‘ll try to explain. I think it's probably not a good idea to deliberately try to "create art". Better to express what's in your heart and soul ... that way your work will be unique. So ask yourself what you love most, and what you want to say about it. If you can't think of where to start ... go and draw something (if you can't draw, get yourself a copy of Betty Edwards" Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain). Don't worry about whether the results are "good" ... that comes with practice.

Artella: What do you do to overcome or get past artistic blocks?

Carmel: If I strike a block (as I often do), I go off and do something else ... preferably something frivolous. I've never found it productive to try to force my way through a block. When I return to the work I give myself permission to produce rubbish – playfully. Eventually the "flow" returns. The goal is to let the right brain take over ... you know that has happened when you become unaware of time passing, and maybe don't notice what's going on around you.

Read the rest of Carmel's interview, here!

See Carmel's art and eBooks in The Shoppes of Artella, here.

Want more artist interviews from Artella?
Take a look at our eBooks Artist Profiles Assembled and Artist Profiles Assembled, Vol 2, and look at the "Ask the Artist" column every single day in The Artella Daily Muse, our daily online creativity newspaper. You can even sign up for a free two-day subscription to The Artella Daily Muse, to see what it's all about.

With spring here, how can we not be inspired to create with flowers? If you've never tried the art of paper quilling, I highly recommend this relaxing art form of wrapping, twirling, and folding tiny strips of paper to create pieces of art that are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity. Here's a simple quilled flower I rolled very quickly, and then mounted on beautiful background papers. This project is quick, easy, and the perfect basis for a greeting card, shadow box, or to be implemented in a larger piece.

See step-by-step instructions for how to create this project, here.

Writers can also find inspiration in the flowers of Spring. Did you know that in the Victorian age, flowers had special "meanings"? For example, a daisy was associated with innocence, and a poppy was a message of consolation.

Do a little research on the internet by typing "meanings of flowers" in a search engine, and then use your new-found knowledge of flowers meanings in a piece of writing. Write a poem, story, or essay in which a flower carries a specific symbolic meaning that is central to the piece. Then add your creation to this thread in the Word Playground Forum in the Artella Cafe!

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2. Another Free Event on Digital Altered Books™! Digital Altered Books™ are the latest phenomenon to hit the creative world. If you missed last week's Digital Altered Books™ Revealed workshop, you can now download a free video of the class, here. And on Monday, April 14, I'm excited to present Digital Altered Book™ Revealed Part II, a workshop that will present more advanced techniques for using Photoshop to create stunning Digital Altered Books™. Get more information about Digital Altered Books™ Revealed Part II and be sure to sign up soon since, like last time, we can only take participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Because the baby is due in early May, this will be the last live event I'll be presenting for at least a few months, so I hope you'll be able to join me!

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This Quotz Crystal™ is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. Print it out and post it somewhere to remind that you Spring is definitely on its way!

Spring Sprite, Wind Dancer, Friend of Flowers

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