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Your Complimentary Wonder Woman Workshop ~ Artellagram 3/26/11
March 26, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago, I was teaching a teleclass about following our passion in our work and everyday lives. A participant spoke up with a comment from the heart, confessing that passion makes her nervous. She very honestly said, "I don't want to feel passion. I want to feel calm."

I loved that she brought up this point, because it allowed us all discuss the concept of passion in greater depth. I believe that true passion is whatever you want it to be. True passion is whatever fulfills you, at your core. Naturally, this will be different for everyone. True passion connects you to your purpose, which means that it can feel exhilarating, calming, or anything in between.

When we connect to our true passion, we don't have to push or force anything. It is as natural as breathing. It is sliding our hand in a glove that truly fits. It is saying, "Oh… THIS it is." Like breathing, when we take shallow breaths, we have shallow results. But when we connect to a true passion, we achieve deep inspiration (which of course makes great sense, since the origin for the word inspiration literally means "to breathe in"!)

In the ARTbundance™ approach, we have a technique that really personalizes passion, to help you identify what passion means to YOU. We call it your "OH!", which stands for your "one hunger." It is the state of being that your spirit craves the most….it is the thing that makes you say, "OH! yes, this is it!"

It's very helpful to identify your "one hunger". Think about it: is your core motivator to feel calm, or to feel exuberant? To feel connected or to feel free? It's a great experiment to explore different states of being, and hone in on THE word that most describes how you most want to feel each and every day….that is your OH!

And if you'd like to explore this concept in greater depth, I invite you to download the free Discover Wonder Woman's Greatest Superpower Virtual Workshop experience. Over 1,000 people signed up for this teleclass earlier this week, and now we've made it available for you to download both the recording and the accompanying workbook for free. Keep reading below for the free download instructions.

I once read that passion is "passing I on". When we connect to what WE truly love, we can pass that love onto others…sharing deeply-rooted inspiration that flows into the most beautiful breaths of promise and hope.

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For today's "In the Studio" Interview, I'm delighted to present a woman with a strong passion for helping others, Janet Laird.

Janet is a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach who is beautifully incorporating her ARTbundance™ training into her work as a Wellness Recovery Educator. Enjoy getting to know Janet!

Artella: What led you to become a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach?

Janet: The idea of ARTsignments fascinated me and I wanted to incorporate them into my work as a Wellness Recovery Educator facilitating W.R.A.P. ™ Workshops. W.R.A.P. ™ stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan and is a self-management program that is written by you to maintain and increase wellness in your life. I support people in writing their own plan for wellness using previously effective methods as well as looking at new ways of increasing health and wellness.

Artella: ARTbundance™ Coaching is based on nine ARTbundance™ Principles. Do you have a favorite Principle, or one that you really enjoy activating in other people? Which one, and why?

Janet: Balance is my fave and the most gratifying one to cheer others on to achieve. Finding the balance in doing what is supportive to my wellness as well as what is appropriate and helpful for me to live in society is crucial. I value balancing self-nurturing while taking personal responsibility. It is important to work some and play some. Laugh some and cry some. Balance is essential.

You can read the rest of Janet's interview, here

A new session of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT) is starting April 25! Applications are now available, and will be accepted through April 18, 2011. For more information and to download an application, simply fill out the form on this page.

This process invites you to combine art and writing as you discover your passion by exploring your interactive relationship with the world. To start, complete the following sentence multiple times (I suggest at least 12) with the first thing that comes to mind:

I ____________ the world.

For example: I challenge the world.

I flirt with the world.

I take care of the world.

I cuddle with the world.

I question the world.

The next step is to expand each sentence to follow this format: I ___________ the world, the world __________ me.

The resulting list looks something like this:

I challenge the world, the world challenges me.

I flirt with the world, the world flirts with me.

I take care of the world, the world takes care of me.

I cuddle with the world, the world cuddles with me.

I question the world, the world questions me.


Then look through the list of statements, and pick ONE that really excites you. Ideally it should be a statement that really gets to the heart of who you REALLY are. You can then create a self-portrait (using any media or techniques) to express your "connection credo".

The above example is my painting to illustrate my Connection Credo: "I paint the world, the world paints me."

This Quotz Crystal is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. I invite you to print it out and hang it up to inspire some delicious action AND inspiration this week!

~In awe of's true passion,

Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

Artella Land ~ the creative isles of words, art, and spirit

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