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ARTELLAGRAM 3-19-2011:
"In the Studio"
An Interview with Callie Carling

(This interview is continued from the March 19, 2011 Artellagram... )

Artella: How has your ARTbundance™ training affected your work and/or life?

Callie: Oh my! As I draw to a close in my ARTbundance Certification Training, I find myself riding a whirlwind of positive energy which has tipped my world upside-down and gifted me with an opportunity to take a fresh look at my life and how I envisage moving forward in the future. I am blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity at this phase of my life and I am taking time to actively practice the Principles of Balance, Vision, Action and Gratitude. I have learnt that I can gift myself permission to work from a heart-centred state of Be-ing, rather than trying to shoe-horn myself into what other people wish me to be. I am so grateful to be able to fully recognise my unique abilities and talents and appreciate our untold gifts - now the trick is to work out which ones to share in the Universe first, so I am working through the M.A.I.N. Kick-Off free teleclass material again to determine which of those gifts bring me the most joy, using the To Doodle List ARTsignment: Managing Your Vision.

Artella: In your mind, how are creativity and spirituality related?

Callie: To me, creativity and spirituality are inextricably linked: each Choice we make is an expression of the Divine dance of creative and spiritual joy that is gifted to us each and every moment of our lives. Existing in a state of awareness and open-hearted acceptance allows us to ride the waves of life, expressing ourselves through the creative ways we dance with the waves and embrace our spiritual be-ing with compassion, self-love and laughter.

Artella: How is prosperity related to creativity and spirituality?

Callie: One of the most precious gifts that I have ever been given was by a dear friend who, earlier this year, reminded me that I should dispense with the jobs I felt I "should" be taking on - and which were exhausting me spiritually, emotionally and physically - because "the world is missing out on YOU sharing YOUR magic". We owe it to ourselves to be free to own our creative gifts, to share our creative gifts and heartfelt inspiration in a truly authentic way that feels right for us. If we cherish our dear selves, take time to fully connect and embrace with all that we are and gift ourselves with the permission to Be exactly what we desire to be, then we are signalling loud and clear that we are truly open and ready to accept the flow of whatever form of prosperity the benevolent Universe wishes to shower us with.

Artella: What kinds of people do you most enjoy working with? Who is your ideal client?

Callie: I love to share Positivity Bubbles with everyone! I am blessed to attract clients who appreciate my work from a heart-centred place of awareness and are drawn to the nurturing, empowering and joyful energies which I share with bright rainbow feathers and smiles as a Divine Heart Bliss Synergist. At this moment in time, I am working with clients who feel drawn to embrace the spiritual aspects of themselves or who need support as they tie together all of their spiritual practices and learnings in a way which will serve them most well. Oftentimes these are people who have become "spiritual learning-junkies", attending numerous courses, reading numerous self-help and spiritual books or attending many retreats yet still feel at-sea, in limbo. I am also very blessed to be working with creative entrepreneurs (such as authors and coaches) who seek support from me as a social media strategist and consultant, which is wonderful as I get a chance to keep my left-brain and right-brain working in tandem which helps me in practicing the Principles of Balance and Action.

Artella: What does your future hold? What projects are you working on now?

Callie: I am just SO excited about what the future holds as I work towards my ARTbundance Coach certification. This week I am focusing on revamping the Positivity Bubbles website and while watch with pride as the Angel of Positivity Bubbles gradually unfurl her wings and spread her positivity bubbles across the globe. The coming months will see me launching new e-courses and e-products as part of Positivity Bubbles, working with people to expand their own businesses in a similar vein ... I am also deeply committed to connecting more deeply this year with the wisdom of the goddesses and look forward to sharing messages from them as I dance in rainbow showers of laughter and enlightenment.

Callie lives in leafy South West London, England ~ Moonpoppy is her social media ‘pen name’. Divine Heart Bliss Synergist and Angel of Positivity Bubbles, she is a creativity and spiritual nurturer, meditation/stillness facilitator, trainer, spiritual healer, and social media consultant/VA. Lover of raw chocolate and the quintessential English afternoon tea, she adores all things angelic and vintage.  Callie is an instructor with KSurf.net and is currently tipping her Universe upside-down while she completes her ARTbundance™ Certification Training, supported by her ARTisanSISTAS and beautiful mentor.  Drop by to say ‘hi’ at www.positivitybubbles.com (currently having a face-lift!) and www.moonpoppyenterprises.com

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