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ARTELLAGRAM ~ 3-10-06 ~ 5 Tips for Making Gold Out of What You’ve Already Got
March 10, 2006

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Creative Alchemy: 5 Tips for Making Gold Out of What You’ve Already Got

Tony and I just got home a couple of days ago from our month-long road trip, during which we explored new areas of the southwest U.S., found lots of stores that are now carrying Artella magazine, and pinpointed where we next want to live! It's good to be home, to be sleeping in one place, and be totally still for a little while. And yet I'm already missing the motion, the element of surprise, and the anticipation of the known adventure that comes from a month on the road.

I think that this challenge of finding balance between movement and stillness is a paradox that creative people struggle with constantly and nowhere is it more prickly than when we deal with our creative projects. Though most of us are usually stronger in one or the other (stillness or movement), all creative projects require a cycling and re-cycling of both. And then, often it's our circumstances that make us feel that we're stuck in one cycle or the other. Just as traveling leads to feeling like we're caught in a movement cycle, a lack of resources may lead us to feeling like we're stuck in stillness beyond our control.

One definition of recycle is "to extract useful materials from waste". So as we go through the cycle of stillness and movement, we can literally make something from nothing, much as the old alchemists who were said to make gold from base materials. Here are few tips for maximizing your resources...alchemizing what you've already got.

  • A Tip For Alchemizing Time
    When you write down something on your To Do List, also write down how much time it the item will take. Whether it's two minutes or two hours, writing down how long your tasks take requires you to be realistic about how much time you have in a day and how much can truly get done, which in turn helps you start looking at time management more realistically and efficiently.

  • A Tip for Alchemizing Outgoing Money
    Brainstorm in two ways. When you need money for something, try brainstorming along TWO lines of ideas: 1) how to get the money and 2) how to get what you need without the money. They are two very distinct different lines of thought and will allow you to come up with many more ideas.

  • A Tip for Alchemizing Incoming Money
    Give your brainstorming leverage with creative hypothetical questions. Ask friends to help you identify your natural gifts and talents, as they are sometimes easy for us to see ourselves. Once you’ve made a list of your key gifts and talents, ask yourself this "million dollar leverage" question in your journal: "If I was going to win a million dollars if I figured out away to make money with this talent within 2 weeks, I could __________...." and see where it goes.

  • A Tip for Alchemizing Skills
    Split the work with someone else. There are often a lot of skills that we have to learn to keep up with technology. So divide and conquer by partnering with someone else to learn a new skill together. If you and your partner have complementary strengths, you can each learn the portion of the skill related to your strengths, and allow the other to learn those aspects that you would find more difficult. Then you can either trade information, or enter into an agreement that you will each help the other in the area of your "specialty".

  • A Tip for Alchemizing Systems
    Put decluttering first. An organized home and office is probably the most important "system" that you can have. If you have a cluttered or disorganized environment, working through that clutter is truly the best alchemizing step you can take. Diane Armstrong’s 30 day e-course, 30 Days to a Clutter-Free Castle is a wonderfully delightful and efficient step-by-step method for decluttering your home or office, and you can try it out for free here in The Shoppes of Artella at the above link! Or take a look at Diane's and my "DeCluttering for Creatives" virtual workshop for a right-brained look at clutter's metaphor and meaning.
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When I think about "making something from nothing" in art, I think about all the great ways we can recycle items and use them in art. For example, right now, in the second week of March, it's the perfect time to find really great 2006 calendars at great mark-downs. You can buy some with your favorite images and then make use of the images all year long in your art! To see a few my art journal pages that have been inspired by calendars that I bought on after-the-new-year sales, click here!

So how does recycling apply to writing? There are lots of sources where words already exist, where you can use those words as the basis of your creative writing…you don't even have to come up with new words at all! One example is a technique that is popular with altered book artists, but it is something that can be done by writers at any time, any place, with absolutely any book. It's the technique of using found words on a page to write a poem. Altered book artists typically isolate the words and then use the page itself as a canvas to illustrate the words. In the altered book page shown at the left, (and shown larger at this link), I isolated words to create a short piece that says,

They were married
Her existence was complex
She wore sweet-swelling flowers

And the page is adorned with a bridal gown made of flower petals, complemented by other flowers strewn on the page. But without even picking up a single art implement, by simply looking at any page with words on it, you can give yourself the challenge of constructing a new piece of creative writing, given the words that already exist. Try it with all different kinds of books and see what you come up with!

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