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ARTELLAGRAM ~ 2-16-06 ~ 6 Creative Ways to Rekindle Your Artistic Passion
February 15, 2006

Hello ~

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6 Creative Ways to Rekindle Your Artistic Passion

If we remember to think outside the Hallmark box, Valentine's Day can be about much more than hugs and kisses. It can be a time to remembering and rekindling LOVE of all kinds…including love for our creative projects.

Here's a list of 6 creative ways to rekindle your artistic passion

  1. Write a love letter to your project. Use a beautiful sheet of paper and write all the reasons why you love it and why it is important to you. THEN, on a new sheet of paper, let your project write back you with an adoring reply. You can even ask your project questions: "How should I get started?" "What's my next best step?” "How can I regain my momentum?" And then, allow your project to answer you in the reply. This is a great way to get excited about your project again, and placing it in the context of a love letter just makes it all the more fun. We did this on a Goalar Energy teleclass last week and it was an amazingly powerful exercise. Try it – you'll love it!

  2. Take your project out for a long, romantic walk. Shut out all of your concerns of daily life and just focus on some one on one time with you and your project. Let you mind flow freely as you dream and dare on the topic. You can even talk out loud as you let your imagination flow. This is especially wonderful to do outside in nature.

  3. Romance your project with music! Find the music that your project responds to the most and play it often. When you work on your project, what music is most inspiring? Does your project like classical music? Country? Opera? Jazz? Old Show tunes? Does it like to get up and dance? Experiment with new music styles to see if trying something new brings about interesting changes in your creativity. It takes such little effort to romance with music when we work, yet it's easy to forget to do it. Let the music in!

  4. Agree to some "relationship counseling" for your project.Take a cue from Jill Badonsky, author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard), and anytime you find yourself saying "I have to…", say "I get to…". (e.g., "I get to get business cards printed.") And be sure to read the Artellagram news below to read about the teleclass that I'm giving with Jill TONIGHT (Wendesday) night!

  5. Go on a double-date.Spend time with a friend who is supportive of your project and who also has a project that you can support. Have a "dream session" where you just talk about, dream, and brainstorm on your projects. Keep it positive. No worries, doubts, or shortcomings allowed. If one of you veers into negative thinking, the other can help steer it back into the positive realm. This is a sure way to keep you both fired up!

  6. Woo yourself with inspiring stories. Surrounding yourself with the stories of people who have successfully done and aredoing projects similar to yours, it will keep your momentum up! A recommendation: if you're looking for a wonderful creative mentor that you take anywhere, I recommend the wonderful book Holy Moly Mackeroly by Gloria Page. For the rest of Februrary, the very last copies of the original printing are on sale at the above link in The Shoppes of Artella at the very lowest price available anywhere. I can't recommend this book highly enough, so do yourself, or any creative friend a favor, and buy the first edition of Holy Moly Mackeroly during this final triumphant sale!Also, congratulations to Gloria on her second book, Art Stamping Workshop,which was just released by North Light Books!

In closing, I'd like to extend a special invitation. In 2004, we presented Artella's Valentine StoryShows, a series of Audio-Visual Stories presented by different people in the Artella community, all in celebration of different kinds of love, in honor of Valentine’s Day. The series became an instant classic and I’m thrilled to invite you to experience these beautiful stories and visual slide shows for yourself:

The heart is a museum, filled with the exhibits of a lifetime's loves.
-Diane Ackerman

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.-Marc Chagall

We've looked around and discovered that creative people need to be LAUGHING more...a LOT more!So we're out to change the artistic giggle at a time!

Top 10 Signs You're in Love With Someone Artsy

10. You've never had to hire a decorator, for anything!

9. There's more paint on the floor than there is on the wall.

8. You'll eventually get to see all your personality flaws as a character in one of their "creative pieces".

7. You attract attention in crowds due to your partner's interesting fashion choices.

6. Who knew there were 40 shades of green?

5. You have found out just how versatile paintbrushes can really be.

4. You know what color fuschia is.

3. There are more craft and art instruments in your house than forks.

2. It must be contagious: you're mysteriously drawn to thrift stores and feel the urge to alter the books in your friends' homes.

1. You've been publicly scolded at least twice for obtaining "souvenirs" for artprojects.

* * * *
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Two hot topics are recycling everyday objects, and discovering easy methods for storing art supplies, and I'd like to pass a really cool idea for storing your artful essentials. Take a look at this "uncanny" project from our friends at's perfect for storing your pens, markers, paintbrushes, tubes of paint, decorative scissors, paper scraps, and goodness knows what else! Thanks Zero G!

And speaking of cans, why not take a can -- decorated or not -- and fill it with a bunch of words. You can use raffle-style tickets, or any small pieces of paper, and write one piece of word per paper. Fill the can all the way up to the top. Keep this "can of words" near you whenever you write. Whenever you feel stuck, draw a word, and allow it to inspire you, move you in a new direction, get you un-stuck. Sometimes "opening a can of words" is all it takes, and just doing a little preparation ahead of time can make all the difference!

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With splashes of love and wonder!

~with you on the Journey,

Artella Founder & Publisher

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