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What Exactly Are "The Little Things"? ~ Artellagram 11/29/11
November 29, 2011

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Living with young Kai has done wonders for my ability to appreciate the "little things". I admit that sometimes I suffer a certain kind of parenting guilt, especially common for working parents, where I feel like I need to provide him with amazing experiences on the weekends. Since he's in nursery school during the week, it's easy for me to fall into a trap of overcompensating on the weekend, as I try to plan fancy outings or create really elaborate adventures for us.

And yet, that old cliché about how babies and toddlers would rather play with the empty box than the toy that filled it is still very true for Kai. He finds so much joy in the "little things", and I'm constantly reminded that I don't have to do anything grand or epic to satisfy him. He is so grounded in the moment that he can find beauty in anything.

Observing this in him reminds me that I can also gift myself with the "little things", too. Taking good care of myself doesn't necessarily mean anything elaborate, expensive, or time-consuming. There are so many delicious little ways to bring joy, relaxation, balance and wellness. Similarly, serving others also isn't confined to big sweeping gestures. Often "the little things" mean the very most, when it comes to making a difference, and this is so very helpful to remember as we enter the holiday season.

The lens of simplicity can act as a magical magnifying glass: "the little things" become larger and larger as we allow their presence to swell in our hearts. This weekend, I took Kai out into the early holiday rush, thinking it would be a fun adventure. When we saw the size of the crowd, we actually found ourselves leaving the crammed store and opted instead to spend a long time looking at the flowers planted in front of the entryway: studying the shapes of their petals, describing their colors in funny made-up words, and imagining stories of the tiny fairies who might live inside. Those simple flowers were a little thing, but this "little thing" was so very, very big.

If you'd like to take an adventure through renewed appreciation of "the little things", there's one more day for our ARTpreciation Bonus Bundle celebrating our two new creative gratitude e-courses. You can keep reading to get all the details below.

The world of a flower is immense, if we allow ourselves to enter it. Happy blooming!

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Creativity Tip: Art for "The Little Things"

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I have to say I find your exercises and creativity to be brilliant. I have loved the questions and the examples and somehow, magic occurs. I love the process and the way I am accessing myself.
- Liz Gow

Loved the class last night! That I somehow been so blessed to be drawn to find you and all that you have contributed to my life - I am totally overwhelmed and grateful.
- Mikell Worley

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For today's "In the Studio" Interview, I'm delighted to present a fascinating woman named Ginger Poole, with whom I've been working closely in my and SARK's "Intuit, Dare, and DO It!" program. Her new venture,, is an inspiring hub of new online communities that serve caregivers in very unique ways. I am deeply inspired by Ginger's work and I knew her interview would be a wonderful inspiration for us all as we launch into the holidays.

Artella: Tell us about your new venture that serves caregivers through creativity.

Ginger: is a group of small and intimate online communities that bring together people who want to express their common journey through poetry, art or photography. For example, currently three communities for 12 caregivers at any stage of the caregiving journey are starting December 5 and will run for 12 weeks. Caregivers will be inspired by weekly prompts and will create on their own time and schedule. When they are ready they will log in to a passcode protected site to post their art and discuss and support one another.

Artella: How has working with Marney made a difference to you?

Ginger: Marney has a unique blend of intuition, practicality and inspiration that is refreshing and immensely helpful. She has given me steps to take to move forward and inspired me to make my dreams come true. She walks her talk and lives what she teaches. She is a living example.

You can read the rest of Ginger's interview, here

I'm now accepting applications for an intimate business-building group called Mapping and Mentoring with Marney whose focus is 21st Century Goal Achieving & Time Metamorphosis for Creative Professionals. If you already have a good sense of direction of where you are headed, but could use a gentle guiding hand to guide you, this innovative program provides the structure and support to help you reach your goals quicker, more efficiently, and with greater results than doing it on your own. Applications are being accepted through December 9, and you can get all the details about "Mapping and Mentoring with Marney", here.

What are the small gifts -- the ones that don't cost any money or deplete time and energy -- that make a difference in your life?

Things like:

* The ability to laugh

* Observing a flower

* The calming feeling of a shower

* A juicy bite into a piece fruit

A very powerful way to acknowledge the "little things" is to create art in a little space.

Try creating a miniature piece of art, the size of a postage stamp, to illustrate the small gifts in your life that mean so much.

After you design your stamp, turn it into a small magnet by gluing it any magnetic surface (old promotional magnets you no longer want are a great option for recycling). Keep your magnet on your fridge, filing cabinet, or other magnetic surface to remind you of your blessings. This is a great way to "magnetize" even more wonderful little things" to come your way!

My own stamp illustration shown here consists of a tiny rose and tape measure. It is a reminder that it is actually the "little things" measure biggest of all, when it comes to gratitude.

Let yourself enter the rapture of simplicity through this miniature design.

This project is excerpted from Artella’s ARTpreciation Postage. Get details about ARTpreciation Postage and the Special Thanksgiving Bundle here.

This Quotz Crystal is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. I invite you to print it out as a fun reminder to appreciate "the little things".

~admiring's "stamp" on life,

Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

Artella Land ~ the creative isles of words, art, and spirit

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