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Artellagram Nov-23-07 ~ 25% to 40% off 100+ Artsy Goodies
November 22, 2007

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If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

This week we're celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., which I've come to appreciate so much more as I've grown older. As children we tended to enjoy most the holidays that would bring us the most gifts, but Thanksgiving Day reminds us of all the amazing gifts with which we are already blessed.

I love challenging myself to simply add gratitude into any given moment. It's amazing the transformations that can take place! I truly believe the act of being deeply grateful is the most wonderful state of being we can be in. Adding gratitude can turn a task into a privilege -- and often even turn a challenge into a blessing. Suddenly everything can change -- all just because you found a way to add gratitude into the equation.

Give it a try over the next 24 hours. Perhaps a few times during the day you can try saying something along the lines of, "There may be some things not going my way right now, but here are some things I'm definitely so grateful for..." The beautiful and amazing part about this is that it is such a healthy, organic feeling for us, and most of the time you will actually begin to feel a lightness in your chest right away, as you deeply and more gratefully breathe life fully in. To this day, feeling and expressing gratitude is the most magical, restorative elixir that I've ever come across.

At Artella, one of the things for which we are most appreciative is the wonderful collection of individuals that form our artsy, quirky world. We'd like to show our sincere thanks to you for being part of it all by giving you a Thanksgiving Holiday Feast 25%-40% Off Coupon, good on over 100 Artella products. You can find all the details on this coupon in the ARTELLAGRAM NEWS section below!

I've seen for myself, and for countless others, how dramatically things can shift in both one's inner life and outer circumstances when an active gratitude practice is in place and thriving. But in order for gratitude to work its life-makeover magic, you have to DO it! For all those who consider themselves creatively-minded, approaching gratitude artistically could be a wonderful way to ensure that you are making gratitude an active part of your life -- and not just something you think about every once in a while.

One of the ways I like to combine art and gratitude is through a "Gratitude Garland" (see photo, left). A Gratitude Garland is the result of creating miniature art journals on slips of paper each day, with each day's slip focused on an expression of personal gratitude. It's a ritual that is simple enough for anyone to do (including kids!) and quick enough for anyone to STICK to.

Give this process a try -- it's so fulfilling and fun!

If you'd like more inspiring guidance for creating and working with your Gratitude Garland, you may want to take a look at the popular e-course, The Gratitude Garland: An Art Journal Class for Cultivating Creative Gratitude. To celebrate Thanksgiving and spread our thanks as far as we can, we are taking 40% Off ALL our gratitude themed e-courses: Accounting Your Blessings, Gratitude Garland, Artsy Envel-Hopes, and The Wealthcare Program. You can get the details on this special in the ARTELLAGRAM News section, below.

  1. Announcing Artella's Thanksgiving Holiday Feast! As our thanks to you, we invite you to our Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Feast, where you can enjoy unlimited helpings and save 25% off any and all of the following appetizers, side dishes and scrumptious main courses. Plus, as our freshly baked dessert, you can take 40% off all gratitude-themed e-courses!

    The 25% coupon applies to over 100 products, including:

    There are no limits or maximums for the Thanksgiving Holiday Feast. Simply add any items to your shopping cart as usual, including items not on sale above, and when you check out, enter the coupon code: FEAST. 25% will be automatically deducted from all your purchases in the above categories instantly.

  2. Announcing the New Shoppes of Artella Co-Op Program! After a year in development, we are extremely excited to be launching a one-of-a-kind, true community for artists and craftspeople selling handmade goods, providing opportunity and exposure that can't be matched anywhere else, on- or off-line. Here's a quick summary of a few of the highlights of the new Shoppes of Artella Co-Op Program:

    • No more listing fees! You can list unlimited items with no expiration or fees.
    • Artella donates 15% of all its commission profit to the charity you select
    • The New SAMI™ program gives Shoppes Artists in-depth, personal and continuous exposure that isnít available anywhere online or in brick and mortar venues.
    • Shoppes Sellers receive two free focus groups each year, with detailed reviews and feedback from buyers.
    • Artella handles all customer issues, and pays for all transaction and credit card fees.
    • Artella inputs and updates all listing so artists never have to deal with technical issues.
    • Shoppes Sellers deal directly with real people, not autoresponders and FAQ lists. Actual Artella staff coordinate all of your shoppe marketing, customer service and shoppe maintenance.
    • A yearly $20 Co-Op membership is the only out-of-pocket cost you ever have

    If you'd like more information about the New Shoppes of Artella Co-Op Program, simply send a blank email to Be sure to click the confirmation link that is sent back to you, and then you'll get the full information and instructions on how you get can get started selling your work in The Shoppes of Artella immediately!

  3. Artists raving about NEW Digital Altered Books™! Digital Altered Books™ are the latest phenomenon to splash over the creative world. This new art genre allows you to merge the fascinating process of altering beautiful vintage books with the creative freedom, amazing control, and incredible ease of digital art technology, so you can create anything your heart desires and watch as your pages of art come to life. And even better, Digital Vintage Books™ are designed to be affordable at only $10.00 each, and your huge selection of add-on Digital Ephemera Packs are only $1.99. With your Thanksgiving Holiday Feast coupon (see above), get started easily and grow your collection at your own pace.

    I must commend "Billizetti" for leading the pack, sharing his enthusiasm for what he calls an "absolutely addictive" art form. Take a look at two of his completed, interactive Digital Altered Books™: Living, a tribute to his grandparents and Fractured Shakespeare!

    Please note that we've updated our sample books to make them easier to view, so in case you've had problems viewing any of the Digital Vintage Book™ samples, please try again! And just today, we've added three new choices to our collection of Digital Vintage Books™ and three new Digital Ephemera Packs, so there are even more options to choose from!

  4. Upcoming Contest Deadlines! Our weekly Creativity Challenge Contest presents a new theme each and every week, as well as a new prize given to everyone who enters! The current challenge is to submit creative art on the theme of "Gratitude" by Monday, November 26th at 6pm. You'll receive free enrollment in "Accounting Your Blessings", just for entering! Get contest details right here the Artella Cafe.

  5. Vote for your favorites and get free gifts! There are two chances to vote and get these nifty gifties:

  6. You can still save $150 on the YOU * U Masters Program -- the program I designed just for creative folks (not left-brained business-y types!) to help you bring your creative business to the next level. Here's just a sampling of the comments about The YOU * U Masters Program:

    "YOU * U Masters has offered me a true insider's look at how to successfully market my fledgling website and web products! A thousand thanks for creating a course of such supreme value. One would expect a course of this breadth and caliber to cost thousands of dollars, and with all of its information and tools, it would still feel like a bargain."
    -- Jaime Adcock

    "The Masters Program has been exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. The quality of the material is exceptional. It has helped me to prioritize my business-related tasks and has been a much needed 'kick in the pants' to stop just talking about what I want in my life and start actually creating it."
    -- Jenny Ryan

    Note that the $150 discount is final and cannot be combined with other coupons. To receive your $150 discount, simply use this ARTELLAGRAM coupon code at checkout: MPM150

  7. Community Art Feedback Party - Final Free Birthday Event! - Thanks to those who have participated in our free online events November, in celebration of Artella's five-year birthday! The final free event of the month is The Community Art Feedback Party to be held next Thursday, November 29, at 8:30pm EDT. I'll be hosting this live, online party in which artists can share their artwork with discuss it with likeminded souls. Participants in this intimate gathering will be guided in exercises that allow them to experience each piece of artwork and then share exactly what is evoked in the art that they are viewing. The artis comes away with a profound sense of the symbols, stories, and emotions being conveyed in her art, which leads to a greater sense of self-understanding as an artist. The event is open to everyone, but space is limited for this event, so sign up early.

  8. Update for Members! Did you know the LinkLatte is now once again available as a daily email? Plus, it's better than ever (one reader wrote us to say, "It's like LinkLatte on steroids!") Follow the instructions in the Link Lobby of The Member Ship to sign up. Also, look for changes in The Artella Daily Muse in the coming weeks. We'll be introducing several new sections and features and I think you'll really love them!

    This month's Studio Kit, "Here We Come A-Caroling", is being sent out to Luxury Art Studio Cabin Members this week. This beautiful, festive, and versatile kit has already gotten more advance praise than any other Studio Collage Kit in our history! If you're not currently a Member, you can still sign up as a Luxury Art Studio Member to receive it. You can get all the easy, instant signup details right here.

  9. Interested in working for Artella? You can find out what we're looking for and how you can apply by reading this post in the Artella Cafe.

I recently read this quote by Alexandra Stoddard: "Writing shows my gratitude for the blessings of being alive, of being human, of having a body, mind, and spirit-energy that can think, feel, and express what's most important to me." I love that! How much more rich could all of our writing be if we were more in tune to a sense of gratitude as we wrote.

One of the many current challenges in the Word Playground Forum in the Artella Cafe is to create an acrostic poem for the word "Thanksgiving".

An acrostic poem is one containing a series of lines in which certain letters, usually the first in each line, form a word. It's a fun format to work with, and using the word "Thanksgiving" is a terrific way to inspire writing about gratitude.

So far, several examples have been posted at this link in the Cafe. Here's one posted by melydia:

They called me up at
Half past three
Aunt Marie thawed the turkey but
No, it was a chicken.
Keep with tradition, grumped Grandpa.
So nothing else would do.
Get us a turkey, they told me.
I drove to the grocery store.
Vibrantly colored signs plastered
Inside the store window
No More Turkeys! the signs said.
Gravy goes with chicken too.

Give this technique a try, and you can then post your resulting poem, here!

This Quotz CrystalTM is a high-resolution JPEG image, suitable for printing. Print it out and post it somewhere to remind you of the wonderful power of gratitude!

If the image doesn't appear, you can go to to see it.

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