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Your Artella gift this month...ARTbundance! ~ Artellagram 10/17/09
October 17, 2009

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The always-wonderful SARK has released a new eProgram called SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure, and it’s inspiring me to see adventure in a whole new way.  I admit that I always thought of adventure as being a luxury, those fun things we do when everything is going smoothly.  Through SARK’s program I’ve been learning that adventure really isn’t a luxury, but something that constantly inspires us and feeds our soul.  I’m finding that adventure is the most magical antidote to the everyday challenges of exhaustion, overwhelm, boredom, confusion and all-around stuckness.

My son Kai, now 16-months old, seems to understand the importance of adventure.  The other day, he was trying to sit inside a little box, and he kept saying, “boat, boat”.  I finally realized that he was trying to tell me that he was in a little boat!  When I asked if this is what he was saying, he proceeded to tell me, in a combination of words and sign language, about his boat, the ocean, and fish and the turtles, and…."bye bye"!  I was so delighted to see watch the wheels of his imagination turning, as he fulfilled his own innate need for adventure! 

As always, in her own brilliant and unique way, SARK shows us that one of the biggest adventures that we can take is the adventure of self-care.

And if you very much have been thinking about better self-care but have worried about the cost, then you will be especially excited to know about Artella’s newest and especially valuable freebie. Over the next several weeks, free one-on-one ARTbundance™  coaching sessions from our current training class of ARTbundance™ Coaches will be made available to everyone in the Artella community.  An ARTbundance™  Coach is a pioneering, unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide.  This is, to say the least, an extremely talented and incredible group of women and a unique opportunity to experience what they have to offer, at no cost and with absolutely no fine print or strings attached. The coaches themselves benefit because these sessions count towards their ARTbundance™  Coach certification and you benefit because you get a complimentary complete ARTbundance™  coaching session!

I encourage you to sign up for a free ARTbundance™ Coaching session with one of the talented Coaches in the inaugural group of Artella's ARTbundance™  Coach Training.  Keep reading below for more details on how to get a free coaching session plus an assortment of awesome bonus gifts, just to thank you for your participation!

And if you're looking to bring more adventure and joyful self-care into your life, keep reading to learn more about SARK's Awesome Anytime Adventure!

For those short on time, to simplify this week's Artellagram, here are some ”quick links” to the highlights in this edition. You can simply follow the links that you're interested in and go directly to that section.

Get a Free Coaching Session Plus Great Goodies!

SARK's Awesome Anytime Adventure

Visit the new ARTernity Gallery!

What New in the Artella Store?

Luxury Member Ship Update...Live Events!

Find Yourself with Creativity Cartography Coaching

Join the Artella Affiliate Program

Become Part of Artella's Team!

In the Studio with 2 Sisters Things

Creativity Tip: Fun with Dressing Up

Quotz Crystal™ and "Kai's Big Adventure" Video

1. Get a free ARTbundance™  coaching session plus lots of great goodies!  We're looking for volunteer clients to work with our talented Coaches in training in the inaugural group of Artella's ARTbundance™ Coach Training Program.  An ARTbundance™  Coach is a pioneering, unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide.  Our first group is near the completion of their certification training, and they are looking forward to working with volunteer clients in one-on-one coaching sessions!

To participate, you simply receive your free live one-on-one coaching in a 30-minute session, by phone, and fill out a very quick follow-up feedback questionnaire following your session. In addition to the free ARTbundance™ session, you also receive a bonus gift of an ARTbundantly overflowing package of unique and inspiring goodies as our thanks! Since we know this opportunity will be popular, and we only have a limited number of coaches, we can only take signups on a first-come basis, at which point we will start a short waiting list. Those on the wait list, however, will still get all the freebies outside of the coaching session, and will be contacted if a space opens up.

You can get all the exciting details and sign up for your complimentary session, here!

I've been getting lots of inquiries about the next session of ARTbundance™ Coach Training.  The official date hasn’t been set yet, but right now it looks like we'll be starting our next group sometime in early 2010.  If you would like to receive notification and an application for the next ARTbundance™ ™  Coach Certification Program, simply fill out the form on this page.

2. Take an Uncommon Adventure with SARK! I'm learning so much from SARK's newest eProgram, SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure! She calls it an "Inspiring 30 Day Tour of Joyfull Self-Care, Surprise, and Wonder".  Between reveling in her magical art and stories and hearing her daily audio messages, I'm finding myself reinventing all the little details of my life!  Join me on SARK's fabulous adventure!

3.Take your time in the ARTernity Gallery! Whenever I feel like I'm just "too busy", I visit the ARTernity Gallery in the Artella Café, which is where participants in the  From Here to ARTernity e-course have been posting the mixed media artworks that they've created in the course. I just get lost in all of the exciting unique interpretations of the various ARTsignments and I'm instantly restored and renewed.

From Here to ARTernity is a mixed media metamorphosis that invites you to make dynamic, magical shifts in your life by organically re-shaping the way you think about time and completely altering the way you see it and use it. Here are a few of the comments we've been hearing about From Here to ARTernity:

I just have to tell you how excited I am to be in this class, I feel reborn after only 1 call! I am encouraged to take back my time and my life! I am so happy to have jumped in and taken this class, I know it is just a small step, but for me a big one! Whatever you blessed me with is so good, comforting and energizing!
- Gerrie Johnnic

I am loving this course. I have already had several AHA moments about myself and the subject of time. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful package of art goodies that arrived the other day, fabulous choices for this course. It just adds more energy to my creative juices!
- Sharon Gorberg

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this class. I have learned so much about myself and my time. I can't believe how the journal questions have helped me...This is an awesome class and I look forward to changing my views on time and creating more time for me in the future. Thank you for all I'm learning in this class, I really believe that it will help me now, especially with my life changing so much in the coming months.
- Diane Russell-Horn

I just received my ARTernity art kit today....and it's so, so wonderful! Real coins! An actual watch! Wow! Wow!!
- Kelly Williams

WOW – changes happening left and right! I'm a new woman with each and every lesson. "Times" are a-changin' thanks to Artella!
- Tara Douglas-Smith

While there are lots of resources out there to help you manage the time you have, I've learned that time management can only go so far. So where time management leaves off, Time Metamorphosis takes over! And that's just a glimpse of what From Here to ARTernity is all about. Whether you wonder what it would be like to take 10 years off your age or add 10 hours to your day, From Here to ARTernity is an inspirational journey taken with me through fun and lively lessons, mixed media art projects, an actual hands-on art supply kit, live teleclasses, and a great interactive community…all working together in new and very powerful ways.

So if time metamorphosis meets mixed media art is a concept that resonates with you as you read more about it, come join me as we have fun creating, sharing and traveling From Here To ARTernity!

4. What's new in the Artella Store? Here are some of the newest things we've added to the Artella Store:

- NEW! We've added four new issues of The Art Journal Journey e-Magazine!

- NEW! We've added several new Studio Kits, including Marbles, Monopoly, and More, Architecture Adventure, and Harvest Holidays.  Each kit is over-stuffed with wonderful inspiration and materials for art-making...whether you create digital art, or print out the kit for your paper and mixed media work!

5. Luxury Member Ship Update…Live Events! I’m excited to announce the following upcoming LIVE events for Artella Luxury Members:

The Live Events are just another nice bonus of Membership, in addition to all of the weekly goodies that are sent out each and every week. If you are not currently a Luxury Member, you can get more information, here. You can access the instructions for signing up for these live events immediately when you sign up!

6. Feeling Lost? Have you ever just wished someone could hand you a literal map...with all the steps and paths mapped out to get directly to your creative dream? That's exactly what happens when we work together in one-on-one Creative Cartography™!

7. Earn money for spreading the word! Join Artella's Generous Affiliate Program, It has great commissions, bonuses, and it even makes your teeth sparkle! :-)

8. Interested in Becoming Part of Artella's Team? If you're interested in becoming part of the Artella Team, check out this post in the Artella Cafe for details.

I'm excited to feature the dynamic duo of Joyce Bookie and Virginia Reese (aka "2 Sisters Things") in today's interview.

I hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know Joyce and Virginia a bit better!

Artella: Do you plan ahead when you’re creating, or does your art unfold more spontaneously?

Joyce and Virginia: Both of us have a general idea of where a piece will start but often when we work together the beginning idea does take on a new form.  Many times when a piece is planned out and then worked on changes will be made before the final creation is complete.

Artella: What do you do to overcome or get past artistic blocks?

Joyce and Virginia: Often we bounce ideas off of each other, we were very fortunate to have just spent a few days together and the idea book is once again overflowing.  We look at books and magazines, talk to each other, go into our studios to be with our things (Joyce will go to her studio and rearrange or straighten and often something will trigger an idea and she is off and running).

You can read the rest of Joyce's and Virginia's interview, here

See Joyce's and Virginia's products in The Shoppes of Artella, here.

If you want more artist interviews from Artella, take a look at our eBooks Artist Profiles Assembled and Artist Profiles Assembled, Vol 2.

ART PROJECT OF THE WEEK: If you can put your hands on a photograph of yourself as a child at Halloween, it can be a terrific base for a unique Halloween greeting to send to your friends and family. I used Photoshop to create this digital collage using a photo of me and my sister, Launa (I'm the pumpkin!). I layered different digital "papers" and added shadows to create the 3-D effect.

You could also create a cut-n-paste collage, or any kind of mixed media piece, and then photograph or scan it.

After you create your greeting, you can either print it out to mail via postal mail, or simply insert it as an email to send to your friends. They will certainly get a chuckle out of seeing you as a little tot, and will appreciate being thought of on this fun holiday!

As an alternative to a childhood photo, let your imagination have some fun when you turn a current picture of yourself into an artsy paper doll, and then dress yourself up in the costume of your choice!   For more Paper Doll ideas, see Paper Doll ABCs: Paper Dolls Ideas, Inventions, and Techniques for Artists!

WRITING PROJECT OF THE WEEK: Halloween is just around the corner, but why should kids have all the fun with dressing up?  Have some make-believe fun by writing a story or poem about yourself in another "costume".

I think we all would love to "dress up as" someone else for a day…and thankfully, creative writing lets our imagination explore those adventures whenever we like!

This Quotz Crystal is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. Print it out and hang it up to remind you of the spirit of adventure!

I was delighted that I captured "Kai's Big Adventure" (see Marney's Musings, above) on video! If you like, you can watch Kai's Big Adventure, here!

Who knows what adventures little Kai will be taking next?  I’ll keep you posted!

~adventuringly yours,

Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

Artella Land ~ the creative isles of words, art, and spirit

Artella PO Box 6211 Kamuela HI 96743

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