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ARTELLAGRAM, July 30, 2007 - Announcing the New Artella Land
July 30, 2007

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Announcing The New Artella Land!

You may have heard by now that the brand-new Artella Land Web site has launched! This project has been over a year in the making, and we're very excited to introduce the NEW Artella Land, a collection of Creative Isles that have emerged from the sea to inspire and delight creative inklings everywhere!

Some of the new features of Artella Land include:

One of the most popular additions is the New $1.99 Vintage Ephemera Market. These items, dating back to the late 1800s, are fascinatingly rich with the stories they tell.

We hope that you enjoy exploring all of the fun nooks and crannies in the New Artella Land!

We've all heard of altered books, but what about altering other items? Here is Artella's List of The Top 10 Things to Alter!

-Sheet Music Just like a vintage book, only taller and with fewer pages

-45 Records Art-up both the record and the cover, for two projects in one

-Wedding Cards Ever wanted to alter a romance novel to give as a gift? For a quicker "alter"-native, try playing with a wedding card or two

- Coins and Paper Currency Alter them to make your own imaginary money

-Postage Stamps The tiniest canvases you've ever seen, postage stamps make perfect backgrounds for itty bitty altering.

-Stock and Bond Certificates Create a self-portrait about your personal investments, using the certificates as your canvas

- Vintage Photographs For a quick project, decorate them with gel-pen doodles, cut-n-paste additional people and scenic elements into the background, add some text to explain the story

-Patches If you're handy with a needle and thread, try sewing directly on old patches to make your own commemorative artsy awards

-Postcards Create imaginary landmarks and tourist spots by adding your own fantastical elements

-Game Pieces Simple scrabble pieces can turn into the most divine and creative lettering embellishment with a bit of paint and whimsy

You can find items like these, and more, in the $1.99 Vintage Ephemera Market. In this Artellagram, you'll also find two coupons you can use when you order your altering goodies: your choice from $5 off any order of $30 or more, or $15 off any order of $60 ormore.

Working with writing challenges is a great way to keep your writing fresh. The "Word Playground" forum in the Artella Cafe is overflowing with writing challenges and different writers' responses to them.

Here is a recent challenge for you to try, posted by Aunt Bobby:

First, you must use the phrase "I never saw it coming" somewhere in the piece.

Second, you must include something about a meal.

Third, you must incorporate the following words:

Automobile, Coupon, Display, Identity, Knee, Jaguar

You can take a look at this and other writing challenges in the Artella Cafe Forums.!

1. Two Coupons For You! To kick off our brand new Artella Land Storefront, which includes the Grand Opening of the Artella Vintage Ephemera Market, you have your choice of coupons: save $5.00 instantly with orders of $30 or more, or save $15.00 instantly with orders of $60 or more. If you like, you can even use them both -- simply enter them in two separate orders.

These coupons are good only through this Thursday, August 2, and can be used on all Artella art supplies, vintage goods, or eProducts, and does not include individual artist listings.

To save $5.00 off $30 orders, use this coupon code: AG305
To save $15 off $60 orders, use this coupon code: AG6015

2. You Be the Judge! Our panel of judges has selected 12 finalists for the most recent Poetic Idol Competition, and through Wednesday August 1, it's YOUR turn to vote for your favorite and decide who gets the prizes, including the new $200 top prize. Read the poems at (Note - you must have joined the Cafe in order to reach this forum link. It's quick and free to do so!) Then follow the links to place your vote.

3. All Aboard! The Summer 2007 Creativity Cruise aboard the New Member Ship is in full swing! The Cruise is a series of creative, inspiring virtual events to be held all summer long.All inspiring online Cruise Events are free to individuals with Deluxe Inspiration Cabin or Art Studio Cabin Memberships. And with everything from online games to panel discussions to educational Webinars and live interviews with artists and authors like SARK, there is something for everyone in this series. See the entire Cruise schedule here. And Memberships only cost from $6 to $10, so best of all, it's affordable.

Here is what's on schedule this week:

-TONIGHT - Artella-Opoly - Tonight, Monday, July 30, at 7:45pm Eastern Time, we're hosting our mega-popular chat room game, ARTELLA-OPOLY! This is our monthly get-together when we have creative, rolicking fun and give out tons of great prizes. This time we'll be playing inArtella's brand new multimedia chat room, which people are raving about, like Pat Schaefer who said,"I LOVED the software was a joy!" and Adela Huber who said, "The new chatroom format makes following along so easy, and a LOT more fun."

-Creative Style Q & A with Jaime Adcock - This Thursday, August 2, you can come hang out with the inspiring stylist Jaime Adock and learn how to effectively express your unique style in everyday life.

It's not too late to sign up for either tonight's game, or Jaime's session on Thursday. No preparation is necessary...Members can just sign up and come ready have a great time. If you're already a Member, use your username and password to sign up in the Cruise Show Room.

If you're not a Member, here you can find all the relevant information. We've greatly expanded Member benefits, including offering free blogs and personal art galleries in the Artella Cafe to all Members.

4. Artella 10 is Here! The latest issue of Artella Magazine, "The Body of Art: passion & projects of universal creation" is here, and is receiving raves from people all over the world!

"Artella 10 came today. I am crying, laughing, jumping up and down, clapping, cheering, dreaming. What a marvelous job you have done, It is a masterpiece!" - Pattie Mosca

"Just a little hello to tell you I think Artella 10 is simply marvelous! I cut out the ATC cards right away and am having such fun reading the magazine and then matching up the cards with artists and writers. Congratulations!" - Frances Norton Honich

"What can I say except that Artella 10 is the best Artella yet. The CD is unbelievable. Watching it and exploring all the contents felt like I had entered a futuristic interactive television show created just for me. Just Brilliant."- Austen Waters

This issue is easily our most exciting issue yet! This rich 40-page full-color, new issue has been a true labor of love, with:
  • Work by 35 contributing writers and artists!
  • 12 full-length "how-to" art projects commissioned just for this issue
  • Your own personal authentic, artsy vintage ephemera kit
  • A complete set of 35 autobiographical ATCs created by all the contributors
  • PLUS! The biggest, most over-stuffed Artella CD ever is included inside, featuring:
    • In depth tours of 12 different Artist's Personal Studios!
    • 12 Artist's Personal Creativity Journals-- a revealing and behind the scenes, day-by-day look at how they made the art for this issue!
    • Easy to Use Recipe Cards for 12 "Nourishing" Art Projects
    • Plus over 170 FREE brand new downloadable art goodies, tools, and creative resources!
And, of course, as always, Artella remains 100% ad-free.
If you don't have your copy yet, you can save $5 during our current special. Order it here and we'll ship it out from the Big Island of Hawaii right away! Or get six issues of swirling words and art and save $10 when you subscribe to Artella.We're offering new subscriber gifts, so select yours before you check out.

5. Come by the Cafe! If you haven't hung out in the new Artella Cafe yet, be sure to come by and visit! With over 20 forums just for art and creativity, plus great personal blogs and galleries, and free download gifties, it's the perfect place to make new connections and get inspired! Plus, you actually get point rewards for being part of the community when you earn Cafe points that are redeemable for great gifts!

We're hearing terrific things from people who've joined the Cafe:

"This is the first true artist community on the Net. I absolutely love it! Marney and the Artella folks have created a fantastic place where artists and writers can meet and give full expression to their passion." - Bill Charlebois, ("billizetti" in the Cafe)

"Wow! I am so amazed! Because this website is more wonderful than I ever imagined an artistic website could be. To offer a blog and an art gallery to everyone so we may share our thoughts on creativity and showcase the art we create...I am so inspired by all these women and men. I know I have found the right place for me to be me." -"romantikpoetry" in the Cafe

We hope you'll grab an Artella-style fruit-juice-with-a-swizzle-stick and go take a look at the Cafe.

6. Attention all Luxury Art Studio Cabin members- Your new Studio Art Kit, "Summer Vacation", was mailed out, complete with an interface that creates an old-time carnival experience and access to several download methods -- one for every possible computer's capabilities and individual's artistic needs. If you did not receive your kit, pleasesend us an eMail and let us know, and we'll take care of it.

You can get details about theLuxury Art Studio Cabin Membership here and receive the "Summer Vacation" Studio Art kit immediately when you sign up.

7. New journaling course from Zura! I'm happy to share that our own Zura Ledbetter is offering a new e-course, "Journaling Prompt Cards", which promises to be very inspiring, so go take a look if you're into art journaling.

8. Interested in working for Artella? We're once again looking for barterers who would like to work with us. All the great people currently in paid employ with Artella got started as barterers, and we only hire from within the Artella community, so if employment with Artella is something you'd like in the long run, or even if you are only interested in helping out part-time now, in exchange for all the nifty Artella goods you like, here’s what we are generally looking for. If you posess the following skills, either in combination or you have great ability in even one of them, then that probably means you we really, really need you! :-)

Strong Office and Organization Skills, Database Entering, Advertising, Sales, Online Research, Web Site Troubleshooting, General Computer Programming,Transcribing Audio to Text, and Strong Computer Proficiency in major programs like MS Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, etc.

Well, hopefully that gives you a brief idea of the few things we could use your help with :-). In addition to your wonderful skills, you'd probably fit right in if you have: a fun and artsy personality, real gratitude for just being alive, the desire to inspire others and make a really positive change in the world, a sincere love of all Artella is and can be, and the desire to work with a truly amazing team of caring, creative and passionate people who feel the same way. You can get an application to fill out by sending an email to

This Quotz Crystal™ is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. You can also print it out to remind you of art's timelessness.

If the image doesn't appear, you can go to to see it.

Aloha from Artella Land,

Artella Founder and Mango Lover

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