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Artellagram ~ Happy St. Patty's Day Special Edition! ~ March 2008
March 07, 2008

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For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way.
Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.
~ Irish Blessing

I have a real soft spot for shamrocks. What could be better than adorable little inch-sized emerald packages of good luck?

Whether or not you believe that something tangible like a clover can bring you good luck, I think it's important for creative people to remember that luck can play an important role in the creative process. While any creative process requires work, it's often easy to get so bogged down in thinking too much and trying too hard, that we forget to just let loose and let serendipity play a role in our art.

Here are a few fun suggestions for bringing more good luck into the creative process:
  • Turn it upside down. Take whatever piece of art or writing you're working on and turn it upside down, and work on it a bit that way. Squint and see if you see some different images, patterns, or words that you hadn't noticed before.

  • Spill something on purpose. That's right . . . as you're working on a project, spill some paint, or glitter, or grape juice. Then incorporate this "happy accident" into the final project.

  • Trust random gifts. Open any book to any page and point your finger to a random word, and then make yourself incorporate that word in your creation. Type a random word into a search engine and see what Web site it brings you to . . . and then use that Web site, whatever it is, as inspiration for your piece.

  • Embrace the ephemeral. I find that incorporating tidbits of vintage ephemera, like the treasures you find in Artella's $1.99 Vintage Ephemera Market, is a great way to bring all kinds of happy coincidences. There is a kind of magic that happens when you're working with authentic pieces from the past. Old photos, postcards, papers, buttons, patterns, game pieces . . . they seem to whisper little messages to you about where they have been and what they know!

  • Take it to bed. Think about a creative project as you are going to sleep. This is a brilliant time to open up free, non-linear thinking.

  • Wander. Create without ANY plan whatsoever. Instead, open yourself up to the labyrinth of twists and turns that offer themselves during truly spontaneous creating.
Luck is believing you're lucky. ~ Tennessee Williams

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4. Artella Cafe features interviews with Eric Maisel! -- There's always something interesting going on in the Artella Cafe, and this week we've been featuring interviews in blogs throughout the Cafe with renowned creativity author Dr. Eric Maisel. See the interview schedule here.

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