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Photos & Feedback
for Artella 7,
Theatre & Cinema: Beyond Make Believe

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Words from happy readers...

"I don't know how you do it. This is the most fabulous magazine I know of. It exceeds expectations, is filled with delights that invite irresistible participation, and best of all, it makes creativity HIGHLY contagious."
-Jill Badonsky, author of Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

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"Issue #7 just arrived. What fun! You've delivered more than the promised "Waltz of Words and Art" -- You've sent in the can-can girls, the all-boy band, and the Kabuki players. I love the deep saturated, edge-to-edge color. My pages look totally drenched - Exactly what I had in mind for the "Moulin"-themed story!"
-Lynne Perrella
Author of Artists Journals and Sketchbooks

"Woo Hoo - this exclamation doesn't do it justice, but I could think of nothing else that captured my excitement and awe. This is my first issue of Artella, and I wasn't sure what to expect - for those of you who are reluctant to subscribe, lemme tell you - DO IT NOW! The issue was so colorful, I spent most of the evening looking at the art over and over - and the writing - the poems are so inspiring. The one word I could use to sum up this gorgeous smorgasbord of images and words is TALENT."
-Christi Conley

"I got 7 and it’s beautiful!! It actually seems to have a "life" of its own. Wow...what awesome work the contributors and you have done. Thanks!!!"
-Zura Ledbetter

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"How Artella issues keep getting better and better, I'll never know. But issue 7 is the most sublime magazine I've ever seen in my life. It is full of passion and power and inspiration that actually seems to drip off the pages. Unbelievable work and fascinating presentation!"
- Jayne Wilson

"I was incredibly excited to see the Theatre & Cinema issue at my local rubber stamping store, and I felt very lucky to grab the last copy. Marney, this issue is a treasure beyond treasures. I have never felt so full of desire to CREATE and push myself to new levels in my art and writing. Thank you to all the contributors who expressed themselves so beautiful and in such raw artistry for this issue. And thank you for putting it together in a layout that combines both elegance and edge!"
- Tammy Baker

"The Theatre & Cinema issue is the best issue ever in my humble opinion. The whole magazine 'zings' with energy. Please, all who are involved: Take a Bow! And another! Encore ENCORE!!!!"
- Gloria Page
Author of Holy Moly Mackeroly

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"I only discovered the world of zines about a year ago. I’ve collected at least 50 by now. With each new issue of Artella, Marney and her talented friends prove over and over again that Artella is the ultimate! Theatre and Cinema is one issue you don’t want to miss. It is the perfect blend of 'words and art.' You will want to read over and over again!"
- Bill Charlebois

"Artella 7 is a delicious feast for all the senses!"
- Jenny Ryan

"Lights, Camera, Action -- this Artella gets 100 thumbs up. From the little snippets of film and theatre ticket tucked inside to the incredible luscious art and words. Thought-provoking & beautiful -- you start to wonder 'Where does Theatre leave off and our world begin?' And, who better to bring together our picture and word stories into one grand performance than Marney & Artella! Bravo, Encore, 4-stars."
- Karen Kuklinski

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"Artella stands alone as a unique artistic place. I truly enjoyed the Theatre & Cinema issue."
- Claudia Wallace

You feel the art...
You taste the words...
You have come to "know" many of the contributors...and yet...
As in the are still taken by surprise.
An unexpected SURPRISE (thank you, thank you, thank you!) issue of Artella 7 arrived when I needed "an escape".
This issue deserves the Academy Award, The Tony, The Grammy, et al.,!
-Jolene Elliott

"The Theatre and Cinema issue is worth a standing ovation! Congrats on a great issue and all the wonderful extra goodies, too!"
- Susan Gallacher-Turner

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"I love that you reach out to so many contributors and offer a kaleidoscope or potpourri of styles, ideas and adventures!!!!! The inserts for Artella 7 were so perfect for your theme! Of course, your zine, with the color and great art, does not need inserts to be wonderfu! All my best - and support to Artella!"
-Sherylynne Carriveau
Publisher of "The Gleaner Zine"

Artella 7 is a lush, lavish visual banquet; that astounding box-office smash that comes out every 10 years around the holidays and takes your breath away, sparking Oscar buzz and ticket lines and compulsive repeat viewings (popcorn optional).
Applause! Applause!
-Karen M. Jones

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