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Articulation 9/24/04 - "What Else Does It Look Like?"
September 24, 2004
Hi ~

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"What Else Does It Look Like?": A Mini-Article

Good to see you!

I spent a week in Dallas last week and, unfortunately, came home quite sick. If you've been waiting to personally hear from me about something, I will be responding to emails in the next few days, as I continue to improve. Thanks for your patience.

In spite of a really icky ending to my trip, I had a great time with my Mom in Dallas. Her house is always filled with energy because she does the COOLEST thing -- she runs a children's lending library from her home. Take a look at her home page hosted by Artella at No matter what else we are doing, Mom always takes the time to pick out great children's books for me to enjoy. I feel so at home with children's books -- their very format is, after all, the quintessential "waltz of words of art"!

This trip, I discovered the wonderful "Look-Alikes" series by Joan Steiner. The two books I saw, Look-Alikes and Look-Alikes, Jr.are both fascinating explorations into little worlds where everything is made of something else. In these incredible assemblages, a faucet is a turnstile, a pretzel is a chairback, a razor is a vacuum cleaner. Each page depicts a scene with literally hundreds of "look-alikes". AWESOME fun! (There is also a Look-Alikes Christmas that you can bet will be on my Wish List this year!

After spending a lot (and I mean, a LOT) of time lost in these great books, I started to see "look-alikes" everywhere. Try it: just let your eye fall on something and let your imagination determine what else it looks like. It's a great exercise for expanding imaginations of all ages, not to mention adding new dimension to art and writing.

Right now, just looking around me...
a domino looks like a blackboard
the keyboard looks like cobblestones
the computer mouse looks like a waterslide
the Gatorade bootle looks like a spaceship
And heck, spending a week sick in bed and can look like a great opportunity for the body to get strong...

So, look around -- what can you see?

"We do a lot of looking: we look through lenses, telescopes, television tubes...Our looking is perfected every day, but we see less and less."
- Frederick Franck

"I close my eyes in order to see."
- Paul Gauguin

(A special note: This visit to Dallas had some extra excitement because PEOPLE magazine came to do a photo-shoot for a story they wrote about my Mom and her library! It's technically theOct. 4 issue, but apparently it started hittingstands today. Britney Spears is on the cover, and Mom's article will be there, so take a look! I'm so proud of her!)


Due to the circumstances, I'm going to take an "Art-Splash haitus" for this week. But there are almost 90 Art-Splashes in the archivesto enjoy! Allow synchronicity to take the lead...go to the archives page, and then ask a question on which you seek guidance. Then just let your mouse go where it will to offer an answer. Try's fun!

Also consider sending a free Artella e-card...featuring 20 favorite Art-Splash designs. Perfect thought-provoking messages for all kinds of occasions!


1. A little poem about Artella 7!

This issue was slightly delayed
Which had more than a few folks dismayed
"Oh, what has gone wrong?
I've been waiting so long!"
Yet away from your mailbox it stayed.

With hurriances and losses upon us
It was hard to deliver our promise
But it's HERE, post-sabbatical
(Oh so artsy and theatrical!)
So thank YOU for not giving up ON us!

The first batch of Artella 7 went out TODAY, thanks to my husband's help, and I expect that all issues will be mailed out by the beginning of next week. So YES, it's time to start looking in your mailbox!

If you have not yet ordered Artella 7, Theatre & Cinema: Beyond Make-Believe, now's the time, before they sell out, like almost all of our other issues! Check it out right here..

2. BusinessBlitz rescheduled! Because I had absolutely no voice on Tuesday or Wednesday night, we rescheduled The BusinessBlitz Intensive for this coming Tuesday and Wednesday nights, September 28 and 29th.This class will catalyze your most brilliant out-of-the-box thinking EVER and there's still room to join!

3. Come to Connecticut! If you've been eyeing the Creative ManiFestival Retreat, to be held in Connecticut on November 11-14, it's not too late to sign up! All the info can be found at create-your-own schedule is getting more and more exciting as we add more and more options to choose from! Just write me an email to let me know you are interested.

4.Manifest NOW! Speaking of Creative ManiFestival, if you sign up for Artella's "Creative ManiFestival" e-course, you can instantly manifest $10 in your pocket! Sign up for the course before September 30 and save $10 as you embark upon what Kelly Henderson called "The most creative approach to actualizing dreams that I've ever encountered."

Sign up for the Creative ManiFestival e-course right here.And become an Artella Member and save even more!

5.Weekly Poetry Contest Winners!Here are our top poets from last week's contest are...
1st Place - Cassandra Key for "Into Poetic Form"
2nd Place - Ann McGovern for "Sex Kitten No More"
3rd Place - Lior Gonda for "Flying Blue Lizard"
4th Place - Okwudili Paul Nwankwo for "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Look for their poems in Poetry Gardens of Fame over the weekend!


Our featured artist is Donna Ratigan, whose work is especially significant to me since I see it EVERY day! I use Donna's Tall Books for everything from personal journals to lists of Artella-related tasks, and they are equally inspiring for both tasks.I can't recommend these gorgeous books enough! Be sure to take a look!

There are lots of changes in the shoppes, including TONS of new items, and a brand new "Education and Services" shoppe, which you can find on theShoppes home page. This new shoppe has divisions for Special Services, Education and Enrichment, and Coaching and Consulting. There are lots of opportunities can even take a free 4-day sample of Diane Armstrong's e-course on de-cluttering (which, incidentally, she created as a participant in Artella's YOU * U course!)

And be sure to take a look at all of the weekly specials by clicking the sunflower on our home page!!


With cold weather approaching, you can find the foam tape used to winterize windows on sale everywhere. Buy some of this stuff cheap, and then use it to add dimension to your artwork. If you want a particular element to lift up from the surface, this is an inexpensive and effective way to make it "pop".

If YOU have an art tip to share with Articulation readers, send it on over to me!


Make a list of common descriptors/adjectives that you often use in your writing. Write each word down on an index card, along with as many alternatives as you can think of for that word. The act of coming up with the words is a creative exercise in and of itself, and you'll end up with adeck of "synonym cards" that you can keep handy whenever you write!

If YOU have a writing tip to share with Articulation readers, send it on over to me!


1. Heron Dance is a gorgeous journal that is sure to help open your eyes to see in new ways. Be sure to take a look at this beautiful Web site and lovely publication.

2. The Drawing and Sketching pageat has a fantastic index for Internet resources that will help you learn to draw. Definitely worth a visit!

Have a great weekend!

~seeing new things everywhere,

Artella Founder/Editor

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