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Articulation 9/2/04 - "Dare to Share"
September 02, 2004
Hi ~

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"Dare to Share Who You Are": A Mini-Article

I recently heard that in Japan, it is a sacred act to give someone your business card. A business card is given and received with both hands, and usually accompanied by mutual bows of both parties. This act carries importance because it represents a true sharing of thetotality of the person. A business cardis Who You Are. In an older Japanese custom that is becoming revitalized, people actually write their goals on the back of their business cards,as a way to literally place their aspirations and desiresout into the world. We will actually be replicating this custom at the "Creative ManiFestival" Retreat in November,and I think it is a beautiful demonstration of the power of sharing Who We Are with other people.

Most creative people have, at some point in their lives, experienced what it is like to hidefrom who they are, because they are "different", and being different is uncomfortable. After a while, trying to "fit in"becomes draining to the soul. For those of us who are trying to promote ourselves or our work, it becomes increasinglydifficult to be ourselves as we are exposed to unending and often conflicting advice about how to be the most "marketable", "sellable", "profitable" and "scalable". Not only are our business cards given away carelessly, but we often shy away from the opportunities to exchange them, simply because it is easier to hide than to step up and be who we are.

My wish for you, for all of us, this week is to take a baby step to stepping forward with Who You Are. Here are a few ideas:
  • Strike up a conversation with a pleasant-looking stranger, and proudly talk about what you do
  • Take a risk to share a goal with someone you trust, but who does not yet know "that side" of you
  • If you have a personal statement or bio that you shared on your Web site or promotional materials, dare to be more personal and honest and YOU.(Side note to Artella Members - be sure to listen to this week's audio lecture by Karen Kuklinski, about how to write a really brilliant bio!)
  • Submit a new piece of writing to a publication, and share something personal in your query letter
  • Give yourself a "business card challenge", and see how many business cards you can share in a week. Try this out with a "business card buddy" to support one another in stretching our of your comfort zones
  • Put something on display that you often keep hidden from others (i.e., your deck of meditation cards in your corporate office environment, stuffed teddy bears in living room when company comes)
  • Challenge yourself to learn something new about each person you interact with, and to share something new about yourself, as well.Try it was acquaintances, friends, family, children, and spouses!

    Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people
    who have come alive.

    - Howard Thurman


This week's Articulation Art-Splash is called Measuring Up. If it strikes a chord, print it out to remind you to be YOU!And share it with a friend who needs the nudge, too.
You can find it at


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Plus...we're implementing even more of YOUR ideas! The followingare soon to be announced:
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2.Update on Artella 7... Well, we have been at the mercy of our printer, who is located in Floridaand still trying to get caught up after being without power for an extended time after the hurricane. They do have the gloriousTheatre & Cinema issue in hand, and it will be in YOUR hands just as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

3. New Retreat Details posted! We now have ALL descriptions and events posted for the "Creative Manifestival" Retreat, to be held in Connecticut on November 11-14, is now posted, including the topic if the keynote workshopby Jill Badonsky, author of "Nine Modern Day Muses (And a Bodyguard)", whowill be with us for the weekend.Visit to view the full schedule and read descriptions of each offering.

NEW RESERVATION DATE: The reservation date has been extended to September 13. If you want to attend but cannot make the September 13 deadline, please write me asap to discuss options. We want to make it possiblefor as many people to participate in this event as possible!

4. Remember September Updates! We've posted some new images fromthe Remember September Mail Art Project 2003, which you can access at Updated guidelines for 2004 have alsobeen posted. Please join me in participating in this meaningful project!

5. Calling all poets! With so many people on vacation, entries from the Weekly Poetry Contest have been slow, so we're extending this week's deadline into next week. We want your poetry! Entry guidelines and prizes are listed at

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Our kick-off week for the Lonnie Kliever Artist Scholarship Fund, creating in memory of my father, was absolutely amazing, thanks to the generosity of artist terri st. cloud,who donated all proceeds of sales of her products to the Fund. We are now accepting applications from artists who desire financial assistance in listing their work with us at The Shoppes of Artella. Be sure to visit the Scholarship Fund link above formore information.

This week's Featured Artist is Mary Wiseman, whocreates her unique journals with a splashy Asian twist, and ships them all the way from Beijing.
Check out all of the weekly specials by clicking the sunflower on our home page

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Lani Gerity's beautiful art puppets and puppetmaking zines are on sale. I LOVE her work!!! Be sure to take a look!


While we all love using old photos in art, have you ever usedpictures of yourself in your work? Play around with adding pictures of yourself at various ages in your collages and mixed media work. Try approaching the images objectively(what can I say about this person in the picture?) and then subjectively (what can I say about me?) and discover the layers in each approach.

Also - if you have never created a self-portrait, give it a try, no matter what your drawing orpainting skill is. Or try this: look in the mirror and draw what you see, without looking down at the paper. Just let your hand follow the shapes and lines you see without any control or judgment. I did a series of 5"blind" self-sketches and was really surprised at how different each one was!


Not sure how much of yourself to put in fictional characters? This is a puzzlement for many writers, including myself.I don't think there is a right or wrong answer...I think the trick is to try some different approaches and see what work for you.For example, if you are used to writing characters based on autobiographical details, experiment with coming up with characters completely"from scratch". Challenge yourself to be as random as possible when selecting character traits. If, on the other hand, you usually writeabout characters who are far from you, try inserting some of your own details and experiences to add more of YOU to the character's DNA.


1. Last week's writing tip was all about writing haiku, and even though I have already highlightedRobert Genn's amazing Web site,, in a previous Articulation, I really wanted to point you in the direction of his "eyeku" endeavor that has artists chiming in from all over the world. When you look at this page, be sure to take a look around his entire site. It's truly one of my favorites.

2. L'Tanya Durante, a graduate of Artella's YOU * U course, is launching a new publication called Black Purl Magazinethat will showcase the work of and provide inspiration for needlecraft artists of color and those who have a passion for ethnic art.She is eagerly seeking submissions, so please do take a look at her site and submission guidelines. Tell her that Marney sent you!

Have a great week!

~inch by inch,

Artella Founder/Editor

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