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Articulation 8/20/04 - "Creative Tribes"
August 20, 2004
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"Creative Tribes": A Mini-Article

Creative folks can be strangely solitary. It doesn't matter if we are extroverts or introverts...when you get right down to it, we get excited by the act of creating. Sometimes, though, the reality of a creative life is far too solitary.Even though there's likely no companion as rich as our own imagination, it is important for us to seek connections with others, too.

Why commune? Here are my top five:

1. To expand. Creating in and about the world makes our art and writing more multidimensional than if our senses areonly engaged with what's at home or in the studio.

2. To evolve. One of my favorite quotes is by Carolyn Myss: "We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into." This speaksso truthfully about the effect of a community on individual growth. (This quote inspired the new format of Goalar Energy!)

3. To give. When we wholeheartedly support others in following their dreams, we open ourselves to entirely new levels of intuition and synchronicity.

4. To recharge. When are so enmeshed in a creative project that we completely shut out the outside world, most likely both our project and our sanity would benefit from the perspective of stepping away from the project.

5. To trust. If we have had experiences of being out of place in communities, reaching out to new people is a way tobuild that trust back up. If the leap is not taken, the fruit remains on the tree!

While the Internet has drastically increased the opportunities for like-minded people to connect, we also shouldn't forget the significance of real, live, in-person connections. Physical exchangescan stretch us in ways that even the most intimate long-distance connections cannot.

Are you craving an in-person gathering where you are sure to fit in?Keep reading for information about Artella's first retreat extravaganza, the Creative ManiFestival Weekend to be held in Litchfield, CT in November, 2004.

  • Who do you currently consider to be your "tribe"?
  • How is your own life experienced a reflection of those in your community?
  • What kinds of people would you like to draw into your life?
  • How can share your appreciation with people you value in yourcreative, spiritual, or geographical communities?
  • What challenge can you set for yourself, in terms of connecting with others?


In response to my appreciation for the support of Articulation readers after my father passed away last month, Maureen wrote me to share with me an amazing fact about aspen trees: each stand of trees is actually all connected through the root and is technically one tree. Today's Articulation Art-Splash,The Old Street Lamp, alters the metaphor a bit and also expresses a desire for tangible, as well as energetic, connectivity.

You can find it at


1. Catalyze your life! Information about the first Artella Retreat, "Creative Manifestival: A Prosperity Playshop Weekend" is HERE! You can see all the details about this November 2004 event at I've also started a yahoo group where I will share information and announcements related to the event. To join the yahoo group and get all the latest details (no commitment at all!), send a blank email to!If you are interested in joining us, please note that your reservation is requested by September 1 to secure your spot. The full roster of workshops and activities will be announced soon!

2. Subscription Sizzle for one week only! Remember our famous "Sizzle into Summer Sale", back in early July? Lots of people have written to say that they missed the sale while they were away on vacation, and this week seemed to be the perfect time to reignite the sale in anticipation of Artella 7 being unveiled as soon as it is back from the printer. So...which are you – an Adventurous Artist, Wild Writer, Hip Entrepreneur, or Inspired Seeker? Take our quiz at and then select your Pack of complimentary gifts worth hundreds of dollars when you subscribe or renew your subscription before midnight EDT on next Friday, August 27!

3. Remember September! Artella is proud to help spread the word about the Remember September mail art project, hosted by curator Gail Ellspermann. This wonderful project is open to anyone of any age or art experience level, and is a meaningful way to remember the lives lost and heroism demonstrated on 9-11-01. Please take a look at for the guidelines for participating in this project.

4. Magazine updates! Artella 7 will be released very soon! Take a look at the impressive, exciting list of contributors for this issue by clicking on the image of the cover at ALSO -- the deadline for the following Artella print issue, "The Dreamworld", has been extended to September 15. Submission guidelines can be found at If you already receive the "Projects Seeking Partners" list, expect an updated list early next week.

5. Poetic Idol Competition Winners! I am so psyched to announce the winners of our second Quarterly Poetic Idol Competition! The judges were very impressed by the quality of entries in this competition and I am delighted to present the following prizes:
  • Honorable Mentions, winning a 1 month Artella membership, an issue of e-Artella and the Artella eBook, Behind the Veil, are
    • Kirsten Arneberg for "Out of Time"
    • Kathleen Ivanoff for "Mermaid for M"
    • Michael Koenig for "Charlotte Bus Depot, 4:45am, North Carolina"
    • Jessica Koenigsberg for "My Dogs and Me"
    • Ann McGovern for "After the Afterwards"
    • Carole Trickett for "Summer Mandala"

  • 3rd Place - Lyse Y. Stormont, author of "The Ice Angels Cried", wins all of the above PLUS guaranteed publication in e-Artella and a $25.00 award.
  • 2nd Place - terri st. cloud, author of "silver linings", wins all of the above PLUS free enrollment in an Artella e-course and a $50.00 award.
  • 1st Place - Eugenia Toledo-Keyser, author of "Poema de Agua", wins all of the above PLUS publication of an e-chapbook of her poetry, a month as Artella's Poet in Residence, and a $150.00 award.
Congratulations to our winners! We'll have the winning poems displayed in the Artella Poetry Gardens next week!

And stay tuned for the next winners of our Free Weekly Poetry Contest winners in next week’s Articulation. For all the information about our poetry contests, go to

6. Enlightened Entrepreneuring! We have two new teleclasses that will totally change the way you think about making a living by doing what you love: "Optimizing and Awesome-ize Your Web Site" and "The BusinessBlitz Intensive", both premiering as one-time only classes in September. You can read more at

ALSO – a special opportunity for members of the Artella community!In celebration of the two "Launch, Lift and Love Your Web Site" teleclasses last week, Artella folks can take advantage of a "2 for 1" sale onany product sold by, including SBI (SiteBuildIt!), the powerhouse suite of tools that I use for every aspect of Artella's Web site design and marketing (aka my "secret weapon"!)

IMPORTANT: This offer ends tomorrow, Saturday, August 21st at midnight. Note that the sale is not mentioned anywhere on the SiteSell sites – it is exclusively available through Artella. For information on how to obtain your free product or service, just email me and I will give you instructions.


Our featured artist this week is Dave Powell! I've heard Dave's customers rave about his encouraging and effective hypnosis CDs on the topics of igniting creativity and releasing fears of public speaking. These CDs could be exactly what you have been looking for! Be sure to take a look.

Check out all all of the weekly specials by clicking the sunflower on our home page

MY FAVORITE DEALS? Look at the gorgeous angels created by Lori Barker...sublime inspiration at a very reasonable price!For additional visual inspiration, take a look at Linda Vining's prints currently on specials.


Put a twist on creating art with a group of other art-kind by declaring a "KID ART DAY". Invite a group of artist friends and make "kiddie art" on purpose. This is a great way to get you creating, quite literally, outside the lines! Play with coloring books, make construction-paper chain garlands, and make villages out of clay. It's a lighthearted community experience sure to produce lots of laughter!


There was a great prompt thrown out on Artella's EvocativeWords discussion group, and I thought I'd challenge you all with it, here.Activity: Assemble a montage containing at least four of the following:

A quote from the daily newspaper
A fact from The World Almanac
An advertising slogan
A few lines from a song

Experiment with different sequences and juxtapositions until you see apattern emerging. Then work with the pattern, cutting and pasting,adding and deleting, until you're satisfied with the result. (Note: post your results by joining the EvocativeWords Group at


1. A project that creatively taps into the spirit of community is NaNoWriMo, which sponsors the National Novel Writing Month that challenges participants to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel between Nov 1 and 30. Best of all,thousands of people are doing the same thing at the same time, so it's a great way to tap into a feeling of communal support. The site is set up with inspiration, resources, and tips to help you succeed.

2. With the election coming up, I am heartened when art is used to encourage people to vote. Take a look at this link to see an uplifting artistic multimedia video created by Artella contributors Dan Gremminger and Bradley Hardingthat is more about inspiration than politics.

Have a great week!

~see ya at the lamppost,

Artella Founder/Editor

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