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Articulation 8/12/04 - "Celebrate, Celebrate!"
August 12, 2004
Hi ~

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"Celebrate, Celebrate!": A Mini-Article

My birthday is tomorrow :-) so I thought that it was a good time to talk about celebrations.

One of the main tenants of Artella's Goalar Energy e-course is to break a goal down into "leaps" and "micro-steps", and to liberally set up small rewards along the way.Rewarding ourselves in this way gives us a chance to have little "private parties" that keep our momentum going. And CELEBRATING is a great way toignite powerful shifts in the way we see ourselves and our accomplishments.

Here is a short list of occasions for creative people to celebrate. Keep an eye out for the next time one of these happens to you...and plan your party!

1. You create a piece of art using colors that you rarely use.
2. You experiment with a different type of writing, taking a deparature from your usual voice.
3. You share your work with someone else.
4. You give away some old creative tools you no longer need.
5. You make a commitment to take yourself seriously as a writer, artist, or creative person.
6. You seek out a community of like-minded spirits.
7. You FIND a community of like-minded spirits.
8. You call yourself a "writer", "artist", or your own self-created description when someone asks what you do.
9. You champion someone else's creativity.
10. You make a commitment to practice your creativity daily, and keep it up for two days in a row. :-)
11. You are honest when you think of and speak of your dreams.
12. You tithe part of your income, in gratitude for creative and spiritual food.
13. You share knowledge or a skill with someone else.
15. You begin a binder or journal of your creative brainstorms.
16. You receive a rejection.
17. You look at your work and can come up with 3 compliments for yourself.18. You expand your understanding of your potential.
19. You use your art/writing to process something difficult.
20. You start again.

While you can gain miraculous motivation by celebrating with yourself, don't forget thepower of celebrating with others, too! Invite a friend to celebrate with you, or create or join a group gathering.

To celebrate LIFE with other ArtellaFolk, LIVE and IN-PERSON, be sure to read about Artella's first retreat, Creative ManiFestival: A "Prosperity Playshop" Weekendat

  • From the list above, which item stuck out at you as the thing you are least likely to celebrate? Any thoughts on why that is so?
  • What else can you add to the list?
  • How can you help someone else celebrate something they have done - no matter how small? (Keep reading for some ideas for gifts and celebrations!)


This week's art-splash, Baby Dreams, was a flash I had when thinking about the many births that we go through in life. You can see it at


1.Pick Up Your Birthday Favor! To celebrate my birthday, I'd like to sprinkle around a really fun party ezine by Puppetmaker and Magical Muse Lani Gerity called"Every Art: A Zine to Soothe Your Spirit". Download it for free at, Lani, for helping me hand out the favors!

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To CELEBRATE someone, create a special giftby creating a collage of special photos, and then transfering the collage to a variety of unusual surfaces. Use the photos to tell a story of that person's journey, or recreate the magic of your friendship. For image transfer pointers, take a look at Melissa Chapin's image transfer articles in the new Art Techniques section ofour our Reading Room.. (Yes, the Art Techniques section is HERE, and growing! You asked, and we delivered!)


Use your wordsmithing skills to create a gift that will never be forgotten. A poem inspired by the recipient is always a wonderful gift, but it's not the onlyway you can tie up words with a ribbon and bow. Consider writing a short story about the recipient, in which his or her dreamsare already carried to fruition. Or write a story about yourself, a la "It's a Wonderful Life", about how your life would be differentif that person were not in your life. Cut up "found words" in a magazine and arrange them to create a meaningful message. If the recipient is alsoa writer, consider making a custom-designed workbook of writing prompts to encourage his or her Muse to blossom.


1. Send a Zen Card at beautiful way to express your sentiments without leaving your computer.

2. Celebrate your own creative successes with a visit to An overflowing abundance of articles and musings about the creative life.

Have a great week!

~blowing out candles,

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