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Articulation 3/25/05:, The Top 10 Signs Your True Calling Awaits You
March 25, 2005
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Top 10 Signs Your True Calling Still Awaits You...

14) You're overjoyed we've given you 14 signs instead of 10
13) You fantasize about what you'll wear to your class reunion in about 30 years
12) Your boss’ nickname refers to a character from a horror film
11) You've replaced your daily planner with a crossword puzzle book
10) You now consider Lunchtime to be a peak experience
9) You have a bullseye on your alarm clock and a crossbow by your bed
8) You go into a 15 minute tirade when a telemarketer asks you how you're doing today
7) You're a preferred member of the Career-a-Month book club
6) You start wishing you were one of those youngsters on "The Apprentice"
5) You're a vegetarian working in a meat-processing plant
4) You sign your letters, "Sincerely, I think,"
3) Every third book on your shelf has the word "lost" in it
2) Dust doesn't bother you so much now -- it gives you something to do

1) You spontaneously burst into tears whenever a child says "I know what I want to be when I grow up"...

The Presence of True Gifts: a mini article

Can you relate to our Top 10 List? All joking aside, do you know how many people walk around with True Gifts in their presence...and they don't even know it?

Not long ago, I led a teleclass in which we were writing and sharing poetry. One writer wrote so beautifully and prolifically during the session, that she left everyone else stunned and awe-struck at her talent which seemed to come to her so naturally. She, on the other hand, was equally stunned that people were making such a fuss over something that seemed like "no big deal" to her.

It seems that many creative folks have the idea that they have to work hard at something in order for it to produce anything of significance. I think that our basic confusion between "talents" and "gifts" leads us to feeling much less productive, and much more self-critical, than is necessary.

This is the way I see it: talents are things we develop; True Gifts are the things we just naturally do...or the things we just naturally are.

"Gifts" are not more real, impressive, or authentic than "talents", or vice-versa. It's my experience, however, that most people recognize and give themselves credit for their talents, while their gifts may go completely unnoticed.

It is a really good idea to put your finger on what it is that you just DO, naturally...what you just can't HELP but do! Here are three reasons why it is very useful to recognize the presence of your gifts...
  1. Feel soooo rich! If you have never thought about it before, it's kind of cool to identify something that you do effortlessly as your True Gift. It can make you feel very rich to know that within us is a force that just naturally DOES something (be it make music, or care for others, or inspire people, or teach passionately, or listen with compassion) that seems like a big deal to others. For every single thing that you do easily, there are many other people who struggle at that very thing. It's just kind of neat to think about it – it's a good way to stop taking your beautiful self for granted.

  2. Find your calling! Identifying your True Gift can bring up clues about your work in the world. You don't HAVE to necessarily do something in your work/play that is related to your gift, but it can be helpful to articulate it. It's very easy to forget that something that is "no big deal" is actually a way we could make a living. After all, it's could we possibly make money from it, right? But if there's one thing I believe in passionately, it's that there is a way to earn income from any and all passions, once you think outside the box enough. I've done it myself, and I've been blessed to witness countless people in Artella e-courses and workshops who have done it, too – take an odd smorgasboard of talents and gifts and create products/jobs out of it. It not only CAN be done, it SHOULD be done! But so often we are so convinced that "work" has to be hard, that we spend energy trying to figure out where we can fit, where we could be using that very energy to brainstorm, research. and create ways that we can make money from doing what we already do, anyway!

  3. Stop self-criticsm! Often the areas of our True Gifts can be troublesome because since these abilities ARE no big deal to us, we are overly critical and don't value our abilities nearly enough. I've observed this many times as writers and artists who create naturally and effortlessly belive that they aren't gifted, because certainly nothing easy could be "good". They enjoy the feeling of creative flow, but when they step back to look at what they've created, they criticize it relentlessly. They don't trust that this ease, this flow, could actually be right. By identifying what your natural gifts are, it provides an "alert system" for when you become self-critical. Just making a mental note of this can be helpful when you start bashing yourself about something. You may be surprised at how often you can realize, "Hmmm. I think I'm criticizing this because it came so easily to me, because it's my Gift."

Do you have a great big gift hiding in the corners of your life? If you don't know what your True Gift is, try these three things...
  1. Ask people who know you well, "What do you see that I do, or that I am, that comes easily to me but is a struggle for other people?"

  2. Wrie down a list of the things that you enjoy doing and the things you do well, and then see if you can decipher which items on the list are things you have learned or developed over time, and which are things that you seem to do naturally. Don't limit yourself to listing things you DO; also think about the outlooks, attitudes, and interpersonal skills that you can't help but exude and share with the rest of the world.

  3. Look for mentors, books, courses, and program that will HELP you bring your gifts forward. You might want to look at the courses we offer at Artella, which are on a 2-for-1 sale this week! (see details, below)

If you have a gift hiding in the corner, bring it out to shine! Seeing your True Gift will bing more meaning to the True Present!

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke. - Brendan Francis

The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


This week's ArtSplash is called "SoulSacred", and you can view it at

I dedicate it to the True Gifts within ALL of you...both those that are already fully expressed, as well as the Gifts wrapped in crinkly Spring-colored paper and organza ribbons, just waiting to blossom into the world's eager hands.

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4.This Week's Poetry Winners! This week's Poetry Winners are...
  • 1ST PLACE: "Keeping As Myself" by Brandi S. Herson
  • 2ND PLACE: "Midsummer Dream" by Kurt Jones
  • 3RD PLACE: "Winter Queen" by Amber Whitman
  • 4th PLACE: "Truly Remarkable Existence" by Michael Levy
Congratulations to this week's winners! You can read these winning poems in the Poetry Gardens at

Also, please note that the winning poems from two weeks ago are posted

Congratulations to our winners! Submit YOUR poetry at

5. Quarterly Poetic Idol Contest extended to April 18...and more prizes ADDED! Due to my recent health challenges, the Artella gang needed a few more weeks to promote the Quarterly Poetic Idol Competition. The deadline is now extended to April 18, so if you're a writer, you have absolutely no excuse NOT to submit your poetry for your chance at our mouth-watering award packages. To make up for any inconvenience, we are also sweetening the pot by ADDING Artella Gold Prizes for the top 20 entrants! The top 20 entrants will receive ten dollars in Artella Gold to spend at Artella...and that's in addition to our already astounding award packages for the top winners and honorable mentions!

The submissions guidelines can be found at take out your pen to write April 18 on the calendar, and then write 3 poems from your heart! Our judges look forward to reading them!


Our current Featured Artist is Lori Barker!. Lori's stunning prints of angels and other ethereal imagery are truly some of my favorite products in the Shoppes. They are so original and reflect Lori's True Gift of seeing beauty and sharing inspiration with all of us. Be sure to take a look at Lori's work...and just imagine how one of her pieces could change the energy in your living space!

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The book, "The Da Vinci Code," made the Fibonacci sequence famous! The Fibonacci code is a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, like this: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21. Try using this pattern to inspire stripes of color (i.e., 1 row of pink, 1 row of red, 2 rows of yellow, 3 rows of violet). Or use it to inspire the placement of buttons on a miniature quilt, or colored tags hung from an altered book binding! Working with a sequence often is the perfect mix between having a structure to work with, but also having freedom to experiment!


The Fibonacci sequence can also be used as a structure for writing. Try using it as the structure for a poem, such as:
1 word
1 word
2 words
3 words
5 words
8 words
13 words

Also, try challenging yourself by creating your own sequences to follow in poetry or loose prose. How does the experience of creating change when you have a specific sequence to follow?


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~having fun with opening presence,

Artella Founder/Editor

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