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Articulation 2/13/05 - Valentines, the Artella Way
February 13, 2005
Hi ~

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"Finding Love, the Artella Way!"

This is a special Articulation issue to celebrate Valentine's Day. While I'm not a fan of the way that Valentine's Day has been commercialized over the years, I do love thinking about it's Victorian-age origins, and thinking about the lineage of romance that has been associated with this holiday through the decades and centuries. What's even more wonderful is that people today are finding more and more ways to discover love, outside of the bounds of traditional romantic relationships. We're more open to being in love with life, in love with art, in love with nature, in love with the wisdom of others.

If you are looking for a bit more love in your life, this issue features 15 ways that you can find love on the Artella Web site. I invite you to wander through the list and see if any of the links provided below offer "true love" for you and your Muse.

But first...this week's ArtSplash!


This week's ArtSplash is called "More Than Enough".

The heart is thought to be the center of the body's functioning, and the core of human passion. Our hearts embody the work of art that we all are. As the most simple expression of our body structure, in a beating heart there is no struggle, work, or competition. My heart beats without my thinking about it, or doing a bloomin' thing. And when my heart beats, it doesn't keep anyone else's heart from beating.

This idea of an abundant, artistic heart was the inspiration for More Than Enough. I hope it makes both your heart and imagination beat in wonder.


1. Love Surprises? Pick up my free Valentine gift to Articulation readers at It's an Articulation Art-Splash calendar for February 2005, and it's FREE to anyone who cares to download it. AND if you make any Artella purchase of $10 or more during Valentine's Week (today through Sunday, 2-20), the whole 12-month calendar is your free gift. Thank you,, for being such an amazingly inspiring and loyal part of the Artella circle!

2. Love Giving? The deadline to sign up for Artella's "Secret Sprites of Spring" anonymous gift exchange project is TOMORROW night (Valentine's Day) at midnight EST. Sign up at

3. Love Your Friends? Send an Artella eCard or Artella e-Valentine to everyone you love! Not only are these cards beautiful, provocative, and totally free, they are also a great way to help introduce your friends to the Wonderful World of Artella!

4. Love Making New Friends? There are tons of them in our various Artella Communities! Take a look at

5. Love Free Stuff? We're always updating the Free Creativity Seeds at, so be sure to come visit and feel the FREE-dom!

6. Love Every Day BUT Valentine's Day? If this holiday is not exactly your favorite, be comforted by two recordings made just for us by two fantastic authors. In the Artella Members Parlor, Members can listen to "Permission Slips for Valentine's Day" by Jill Badonksy, author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) and "Design Your Own Valentine's Day: New Options that Change the World " by Karen M. Jones, author of The Difference a Day Makes. If you're not an Artella Member, you can join for only $3.00, at

7. Love Shopping? It's not too late to go shopping on our Valentine Sampler page, a one-stop spot for all the Valentines gifts in The Shoppes at Artella. Visit the sampler at Or perhaps you are a bookworm who loves to shop for books? Take a look at the Community Bookstore for hundreds of books reviewed by folks in the Artella Community!

8. Love Games? Be sure to visit the Artella Game Room at We have jigsaw puzzles, word searches, scavenger hunts, and more! Also, note that if you become an Artella Member for just $3.00/month, you can play in the ARTELLA-OPOLY game, to be held in a chat room on February 25!

9. Love Surfing? We are known for having one of the best Links pages on the Web! Take a look at our Artful Links at

10. Love Money? And why not? For a totally refreshing look at money, take at a look at our $5.00 eBooklet, "MoneyMorphosis: 10 Things Butterflies Can Teach Us About Money", which you can find in the Artella e-Bookstore.

11. Love Creativity? The latest issue of e-Artella has over 90 pages of it, for only $4.95. Get your copy at

12. Love Articulation Art-Splashes? There are almost 100 of them in the Art-Splash archives at And create your own Art-Splashes by responding to featured archives in the Artella News Blog at

13. (Want to) Love Your Web Site? If you don't love your Web site yet, there's a brand new 80-minutes audio recording of the popular teleclass, "Launch, Lift, and Love Your Web Site". It's just $9.99 ($5.99 for Members) and you can download the recording instantly when you order it at

14. Love Poetry? If you've not wandered in our Poetry Gardens at, you're missing out! Read the winning entries from all our Poetry Contests...and visit The Prize Van to enter, yourself!

15. Finally, Love Artella and e-Artella? Tell us your opinion on how you would love it even MORE by filling out a one-question survey at this link.


Artella's contribution to the Tsunami Relief fund of Save the Children was over $500, thanks to everyone who shopped in The Shoppes of Artella in January. Thank you, and all Shoppes artists, so much for your generous participation!

It's not too late to shop for Valentine's Day! Go to the Valentine's Sampler to get quick access to the 40+ Valentine's Gifts in The Shoppes!


Remember cutting paper hearts by folding a piece of paper in half, cutting half of the heart on side side of it. and then unfolding it to see the full heart?

Mix this with another paper-cutting tradition: paper snowflakes! Fold an amour-themed paper in half, and then cut intricate shapes, swirls, and scrolls through both layers. Open up the page and, voila! You have a heart with as much intricacy as passion! Keep experimenting to try out different looks.


When you think of the theme of love in your poetry or fiction, think outside of the heart! For example, write a love sonnet about a woman who has a monogamous relationship with open country roads. Or write a love story about the love affair between the firefly and the night.

Take just 5 minutes to brainstorm a list of 25 "love stories" and write them down in a journal, in a computer file, or on index cards. Refer back to them later, when the Muse needs jostling.


1. is the site of a weekly illustration exchange. It looks like lots of fun - be sure to take a look!

2. is a wonderful community for women with art, activism and more. Thanks to Deb for finding this link!

~dancin' at the hearty party,

Artella Founder/Editor

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