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Articulation 12/8/04 - "The Most Creative Holiday Ever!"
December 08, 2004
Hi ~

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"The most creative holiday gifts, anywhere!"

Today is a special Articulation with two big announcements! The next "traditional" Articulation in its regular format will be coming out shortly. But these two announcements were just too nifty not to put them front-n-center. :-)

IT'S BIG NEWS! The Artella elves have been working hard to make your gift-giving more creative, exciting, and EASY than ever. You won't want to miss EITHER of these amazing additions to the Wonderful World of Artella!:

New Interactive Smart Shopper
The coolest li'l trick on the Web!

It's only been up for a few days, but Artella's Smart Shopper is already being hailed as one of the coolest things happening on the Web this season! This interactive tool asks you a few creative questions about people on your gift list, and then returns a list of PERFECT gifts from our very own Shoppes of Artella.

Just go to and click the holly and berries at the top of the screen...and then let us help you shop!

"You just GOTTA try this! Artella's Smart Shopper lets you find fantastic gifts - FAST! It's fun, it's incredibly intuitive, and it's a great way to support Creative Spirits!"
- Diane Armstrong, The Queen of Plan Be,

"Just seeing the little Shoppes "storefronts" all decorated for the holidays put me in the holiday spirit for the first time this season. It looks so jolly, I just couldn't help but smile. And the Smart Shopper blew my mind. It really IS smart! You've saved me hours of shopping time. I'm totally impressed and telling everyone I know about the Shoppes.
- Mary Henderson, Happy Business Owner and Mom

Artella Mae's Holiday Gift Gala!
The Artella Event of the YEAR!

Our biggest subscription sale ever is here, and it's just in time for you to give a gift package overflowing with creativity!

(Forget about white Christmases...THIS is what all your creative friends are dreaming of!)

Artella Mae's Holiday Gift Gala sale includes more free gifts than we have ever offered with our "Eat Dessert First" bonus packages.


we're unveiling Artella Gold dollars, our brand new program where you can get up to $250.00 in to be used like ca+sh ANYWHERE on the Artella Web site!

The bottom curly-swirly-calligraphy line: Artella is giving YOU gifts...just for giving gifts! :-)

I'll let Artella Mae and her friends -- all decked out in their vintage Holiday Gala best, don'tcha know -- tell you the rest...

Go see them at to get the scoop on the saturatingly succulent Gift Gala Event!

I'll be back with a traditional Articulation very soon...until then, Happy Gifting!

Artella Founder/Editor

p.s. Go on,...take a gander at Artella Mae and those glitzy glamour gals and see what this Gift Gala thingy is all about!
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