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Articulation 10/7/04 - "Creative Quests & Questions"
October 07, 2004
Hi ~

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"Creative Quests & Questions": A Mini-Article

I'd like to announce that today is my Mom's birthday! Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to a nurturing, loving, strong, and fiercely creative woman who has influenced my life in wonderful ways! (By the way, if you missed the article about my Mom in PEOPLE magazine a couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to it at Take a moment and read about her fantastic Library!)

When I knew I'd be writing this article on my Mom's birthday, the topic of creative questions was the first thing that came into my mind.I grew up in a household that was highly influenced by my parents' complementary differences. The marriage of my mother's creativity and my father's intellect set the tone for our household and, I believe, for the structure of how my brain still works today.

When I had little-girl questions about all the curiosities of the world, my Dad always had an answer for everything, whereas my Mom turned the questions back around to me. Questions ranging from "Why is the sky blue?" to "How do you spell 'incredible'?" to "What happens when people die?" generally evoked a similar response from my Mom. She'd say, "What do YOU think?"

Through her questions, I learned to sound out words, imagine possibilities, and think wider and farther than knowing "real" answers could have ever taken me. Mom's attitude to my curiosity encouraged me to both draw and think outside the lines in the way that children are meant to do. (See one of my favorite Art-Splashes in the Articulation archives, "The Masters", for a meditation on "The Outsidethelinesism Movement"...and it's also available as a free ecard!)

The word "question" is based on a root that means "to seek", from which we also get the word, "quest". I love thinking of a question as being a quest or journey, especially when it comes to creativity. When we challenge our creative selves with questions, we invite our imaginations to go deeper and wider than knowing "real" answers would ever take us.

A recent personal example is my process of working on the layout for the latest issue of Artella. I knew that the topic, Theatre & Cinema,provided a great opportunity, design-wise. But I wasn't really sure what to do with until I asked myself a bunch of "crazy" questions to get myself out of linear thinking about what could and could not be done on a one-dimensional page.The questions steered me to splash through an atmosphere of unreal, larger-than-life design that was different than any previous issue of Artella. One question inspired another, as each query embarked a new quest.

The Art Tip of the Week and Writing Tip of the Week, below, have some ideas for quests to take with your art, writing, and perhaps your living as well.

"A work of art does not answer questions, it provokes them; and its essential meaning is in the tension between the contradictory answers."
-Leonard Bernstein

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.">
-James Thurber


This week's Articulation Art-Splash is a simple, quirky little offering calledGot Life?. I share it with a Happy Birthday wish to my Mom who has always encouraged living with bright colors.

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Here are this week's winners!:
1st Place - Ann McGovern for "Maybe You Are Here"
2nd Place - Gail Ellspermann for "Opportunity"
3rd Place - Chelsea Rose for "Darkness"
4th Place - Emery L. Campbell for "Good News, Bad News"

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Here are some ideas for some "quests" you can go on with your art, just to get "outside the lines" a bit:

- What if you created an altered book on your wall? A collage on your shoe? A painting on a tree?

- What if part of this piece existed off the canvas?

- What if this work could only be seen by children, or another specialized group (a la The Emperor's New Clothes)? What if blind people could see your painting?

- What if you used crayons instead of paint, or your fingers instead of sable brushes?

- What if you used your imagination, but someone else's hands, to create this work? What would be different?


Here are some ideas for some "quests" you can go on with your writing, just to get "outside the lines" a bit:

- What if the characters in your piece could travel through time?

- What if you had to write without words?

- What if you wrote without punctuation

- What if your current piece of writing was a collaboration between you and a famous writer from history? What if you and he/she alternated paragraphs or chapters?

- What if your plot went backwards, instead of forwards?


1. Gail McMeekin, one of my very favorite authors, mentors, and inspiring women, has completely re-done her Web site,, and it is stunning and stupendous. Of particular interest are the incredibly helpful articles in her article database, as well as the variety of programs and special services she offers creative people. Thank you for being a beacon of light and a mentor to me, Gail!

2. Speaking of creating outside lines and boundaries, I believe that artist and author Lynne Perrella is the quintessential example of inhabiting thiskind of sensibility. It was an honor to have Lynne write a story especially for Artella, which is published in the Theatre & Cinema issue, and if you've never visited her Web site,, you really must take a look. Thanks for all the inspiration, Lynne!

Have a great week!

~way, way, way, way outside the lines,

Artella Founder/Editor

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