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Articulation 1/23/05 - Special "Last Chance" Announcements!
January 23, 2005
Hi ~

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I thought you'd like to know...

It's been a while since the last Articulation newsletter. During the past few weeks, I've had some health issues come forward that have needed to be attended to, and I also returned back home to New York after two months in Texas.

Here in jolly ArtellaLand, there were a couple of special opportunities that were supposed to expire January 15, but with all I was juggling, January 15 came and went! And so, as you'll see below, I've extended a few deadlines until TOMORROW, January 23, at midnight EST.

A full Articulation will be coming later this week, but I wanted to send you this special announcement to make you aware of a couple of "last chance" opportunities, in case you are drawn to enjoy them:

  • The Holiday shoppe in The Shoppes of Artella will retire TOMORROW NIGHT (Monday) at midnight. There are many items in all sections -- cards and tags, jewelry, and creative gifts -- that are placed on special, can't-beat-it clearance sales. Just look for the red "clearance sale" signs to scope out these unbelievable post-holiday bargains.

    Also, several of the Holiday shoppe items are also marked with a "Profits go to Tsunami Relief" sign. For these items, 100% of the sale goes to a tsunami relief organization. And for ANY sale during the month of January, Artella's 20% commission is donated.

    What this means is that until tomorrow night, you can enjoy shopping for unique holiday items at extra-low prices, while making a valuable difference to our brothers and sisters across the world.

    Visit the Holiday shoppe at

  • DeClutter forever...and save $10! The introductory sale on the eBook + teleclass recording of "DeCluttering for Creatives: Meaning and Metaphor in Creative Spaces", presented by me and Diane Armstong, was also supposed to expire on January 15...but I'm extending it one more day, through tomorrow night (Monday, Jan 23).

    Until tomorrow night, "DeCluttering for Creatives" is only $9.00 (regular price after tomorrow night will be $19.00). It has been an absolute joy to hear of the progress people have made after downloading this workbook and recording. Here's what one person said:

    "You wouldn't believe how far my office has come since I got your course last week. I have a separate area for books, one for art supplies, one for office supplies, one for printer supplies. I have my art supplies organized into types. I have finally unpacked my craft boxes and made my "art" a priority, and my daily happiness is just soaring through the roof." -- C.W.

    So grab "DeCluttering for Creatives" before tomorrow night, and save $10. You receive the download IMMEDIATELY -- so you are literally minutes within making a giant leap towards creativity productivity and happiness.

  • The Gala is still going through January 30! Many folks have been asking about the deadline for the Holiday Gift Gala Sale. Yes, it is STILL extended through January 31, but then we'll be retiring it immediately. So you have one more week to jump in and subscribe (or renew) to Artella magazine, choose from the best bonus packages we have EVER offered, AND earn Artella be used as ca+sh anywhere on Artella.

    If you've been waiting to subscribe or renew, there won't be a deal like this one 'til -- well, maybe next December. :-) So go take a look at the glamour gals at and come join the family of Artella magazine subscribers.

Before I close, I just want to extend a massive "thank you" to Deb, Zura, and Bobby for doing such an amazing job at keeping Artella running smoothly while I've been doing "the waltz of body and parts". Let me tell you, we are ALL so lucky to have these three incredible women in our midst. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So...a regular Articulation will be forthcoming, soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in one of the above opportunities, don't let tomorrow night come too soon!

And if none of these opportunities are right for you -- thanks for just reading this message and allowing me to come disco in your inbox today!

~in a Sunday Night Fever,

Artella Founder/Editor

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