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Articulation 6/11/04 - A Body of Art
June 11, 2004
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Hello and happy week to you!

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A Body of Art: A Mini-Article

If you are in an Artella e-course or have been communicating with me personally over the past few months, you know that I've had lots of dental and oral surgery issues, one right after another. I was talking with someone about this experience and I jokingly said that the experience has been kind of like when one lightbulb goes out in your home and then all of them seem to need changing at the same time. But joking aside, the analogy of dead lightbulbs is a good one for talking about paying attention to our bodies. It's simple: when we burn out, we have to make repairs, or else stay in the dark.

The problem is, it's realllllly disruptive to stop creating and change lightbulbs...and it can be completely maddening to put creative ideas and projects on hold to engage in more extensive maintenance or bodily repair. To stay sane, most writers and artists have to learn a bit about separating parts of the whole. We learn to distance ourselves from the characters we're writing about, step back from a painting to get perspective, separate ourselves from harsh criticism, protect ourselves from rejection, and hibernate during creative lulls.

We acquire these skills, to the degree to which they help us. But because we thrive in our minds and imaginations, I think that it's often all too easy to separate our creativity from our bodies, and ignore our bodies altogether except when the "lightbulb needs changing".

For the past year, I have been participating in an art journal round robin, organized by my good friend and an amazing artist, Melissa Chapin. The topic of the round robin was emBODYment, and for a year, we have passed the art journals around, adding different artistic interpretations of the body experience to each journal.

Today, I just received the final journal I'll work in for this project, and I felt very sad as I realized I wouldn't have this outlet in place any longer. It has been a wonderful privilege to see all of the different ways that the artists in my group have interpreted emBODYment, and it's been a satisfying personal challenge for me to express my own reflections on this topic in art. Each month, I've challenged myself to go deeper into the topic, making the meaning behind my journaling spreads more important than the art techniques I was using. Last month was the most significant for me of all, as I depicted on my pages the ways in which I escaped from my body as a child growing up with multiple genetic health issues.

What the round robin has taught me is that there are always more levels to explore in art, and more levels to explore in understanding the body experience, too. This project stretched me to use art to express my experience of body. Perhaps the next step is to use my body as a way to express art?

It's an interesting inquiry: how can I make writing and art become more physical experiences? Can I integrate my body more when I write and create art, so I see more clearly see its role in my creativity? And if I succeeded in doing so, would I have a new respect for my body and all it does?

After all, I think that sometimes I treat my fine paint brushes -- or even my beloved wireless computer keyboard -- better than I've treated my body! If we could respect our bodies themselves as the ultimate in "fine art supplies", rather than just these nuisancy vessels that get attention when aches and pains crop up, maybe better art AND better health will result.

To alter a popular phrase, perhaps we are not merely human bodies having a creative experience, but creative beings having a body experience. I see the final journal in this project not as an end, but a beginning to the continuing dialogue between my body and imagination. I have the feeling that both parties have much more to say.

"Good for the body is the work of the body, good for the soul the work of the soul, and good for either the work of the other."
~Henry David Thoreau

  • If your physical body could speak to you, what would it have to say about you?
  • If your physical body took the form of a piece of artwork, what would it look like? What symbolism would be inherent in the piece?
  • Is there a part of your physical body that needs attention? If so, pretend that you depend on this particular body part to write, create art, or do anything else you enjoy. Does anything shift in terms of what you need to do for this body part?


I'm pretty good at breaking down goals into little pieces, so my intention is to apply that to the idea of taking better care of my physical body. Perhaps you will want to join me in making slow changes, bit by bit, like using a view-finder to focus on one single piece at a time. This week's artsplash, Body of Work is a reminder for patience and practice.

You can find it at


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With Father's Day approaching next week, visit the topic of "fatherhood" in your writing. Take this topic wherever it goes for you. You could write literally about your father, to either share with him or not...or look at the "genealogy" of other things (ideas, objects, concepts, glances, dreams, worlds), or completely reinvent the meaning of the word, altogether. Allow yourself to go back and forth between the literal and abstract, finding connections in odd places.


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Sending you a foot massage to cradle every step...

~connecting the dots,

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