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Your Complimentary Class This Thursday ~ Artellagram 9/6/11
September 06, 2011

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I celebrated my 40th birthday recently, and reflected on the mysteries and miracles of this winding journey of life, and how our experiences throughout life greatly shape our interests, passions and dreams. Writing is one of my favorite things, and Iím grateful to have had parents who supported my creativity early on. By the time I was about five years old, I was an often frustrated little red-head, with a head filled with stories that I couldnít write down; I could sound out words, but couldn't yet master the mechanical process of using a pencil. My parents had the crafty idea to introduce me to a typewriter to simplify the process, so that I could simply sound out the words by pressing the letter keys. Their plan worked; I wrote story after story plunking away on that old typewriter and it opened a window which still brings sweet light in my life today.

My mother has kept a box of these old stories, most of which seem to be written in some sort of strange code. My first masterpieces are almost impossible to read, as they don't contain any spaces in between the already crudely-spelled words. Little by little, my use of the space bar increased, but it still was a long time before I started regularly using vowels in the words. One of the earliest somewhat-readable pieces is called "The Ende ov Sata Cloz", which I wrote when I, at an unfortunately early age, learned the truth about Santa. The story dramatically describes Santa's demise (he was burned in the fireplace), but, happily, it turned out to only be a dream. Even at such an early age, I was obviously learning to use stories to process my emotions. I'm already seeing this tendency in Kai, as he acts out stories with his toys that often mirror something that has happened in his daily life.

Children naturally use story as a way to find their place in the world, but we grown-ups often forget how helpful stories can be. We can consciously call upon the power of story to help us see options and make new choices. This Thursday I'm presenting a free class called Live Your ARTobiography, which is all about using creative tools to transform the stories of our lives. If you are feeling like you could use a refresher course from your younger and more imaginative self, and if you're ready to start living an "ARTobiography" instead of an "oughtabiography", then I invite you to keep reading to learn more.

For those short on time, to simplify this week's Artellagram, here are some ”quick links” to the highlights in this edition. You can simply follow the links that you're interested in and go directly to that section.

Free ARTbundance™ Class on this Thursday…Live Your ARTobiography!

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In the Studio with Cathleen Spacil

Creativity Tip: Wild Child Drawings

Quotz Crystal™

1. Free ARTbundance™ Teleclass this Thursday…Live Your ARTobiography! Join me and some very special guests for Live Your ARTobiography: Using ARTsignments™ to Discover the Story You Are Meant to Live, a playful and practical free teleworkshop in which you'll learn how to use art, creativity, and storytelling as powerful new tools to discover and live the life you were meant to live.

In this very exciting free event, I'll be joined by some of Artella's ARTbundance™ Certification Training Alumni, as well as my ultra-special guest, Brian Andreas, the creator of Storypeople books and products, who will share from his vast treasure chest of knowledge about the role of "story" in our lives.

It will be one great big party as we all share practical tools to easily and joyfully discover new insights about your path and how to make your story come to live!

Live Your ARTobiography: Using ARTsignments™ to Discover the Story You Are Meant to Live is a free teleclass to be held on Thursday, September 8, at 9:00pm Eastern Time (8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain, 6:00 Pacific), taking place via telephone conference line.

Sign up for this free class and you will….
  • Engage in transformative tools to learn how to transition from living your "oughtabiography" to your "artobiography", so you can do more of what you love, more of the time.
  • Participate in hands-on ARTsignments™ - fun exercises to help unveil new insights about the story you are meant to live!
  • Hear candid personal stories from me, Storypeople's Brian Andreas, and ARTbundance™ Graduates, with our best examples for bringing the power of story to life.
  • Receive a dynamic follow-up workbook including inspiring and effective ARTsignments™ that harness the ARTbundance™ Principles to uncover even more new sources and opportunities for tapping into the story you are meant to live.
  • For those also interested in hearing more about the Fall 2011 ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program, you are invited to stay for a fun gathering after the call, where you'll hear directly from actual ACT graduates, and get full details about applying for the 2011 ARTbundance™ Certification Training program
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For today's "In the Studio" Interview, I'm delighted to present Cathleen Spacil, the organizer of the Choosing Joy Tele-summit that I'll be participating in this weekend.  Cathleen is a soon-to-be Certified ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner, and her personal story is so inspiring, I knew her interview would be a natural tie-in to the theme of "story" in this Artellagram.

Enjoy getting to know Cathleen!

Artella: How has your ARTbundance™ training affected your work and/or life?

Cathleen: It has become a way of life for me. As I was going through ARTbundance™ Certification, my intuition became very strong and each week I knew exactly what it was that I was supposed to do and where it was that I was supposed to be taking my business and what steps I needed to take. Then all of the sudden one morning, I ran into my husband and said, “I need to do a tele-summit and I need to do it soon”. I think he thought I was crazy, but I just knew that I needed to get my story out, that there were other people who had stories to share, and that I had a program I created while working through my ARTbundance™ Certification that I wanted to share with the world and this was the venue where I could achieve all of this. I believe that I have been divinely guided throughout this whole process and ARTbundance™ has given me the tools I have needed to accomplish my goals and my dreams.

Artella: ARTbundance™ Coaching is based on nine ARTbundance™ Principles. Do you have a favorite Principle, or one that you really enjoy activating in other people? Which one, and why?

Cathleen: I would have to say Choice. I like to help people to see that they do have choices. I have chosen to feel Joy. And life is all about choices. To everything there is an opposite. I work with a lot of people who have mental illness and some people who are depressed because they have a brain injury. But I like to remind all of them that this is life. In life there are always going to be challenges – for everyone. I believe that everyone was put here on this earth for a purpose. We made an agreement, and one of the agreements was to endure to the end. How you endure to the end is your choice. It’s a lot easier to endure to the end with a smile on your face than a frown. So I try to teach as many people as I can that Happiness and Joy and Laughter are the way – but in the end, it is a Choice.

You can read the rest of Cathleen's interview, here

Applications for the Fall session of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT) are being accepted through Monday, September 12. You can get the full program details here.

Cathleen's Choosing Joy Tele-Summit will taking place September 9-11, and Marney is one of the nine inspiring speakers sharing their stories. You can get more info about the free Choosing Joy Tele-Summit, here.

One of my first "books" as a child was called "Lov is Flafey and Spots" and not long ago, I created a "sequel" as a gift for my mother.

The most enjoyable part of the project was trying to copy my own childhood drawings, and get the style just right.

It was such a freeing and spontaneous exercise, and I encourage you to give it a try. If you don't have access to your own childhood drawings, you can easily find other drawings to work with. Ask a child in your life to draw a picture for you, or simply Google the words "child art". 

Once you find a picture you'd like to emulate, grab your crayons or markers and try to mimic the style.  Focus on shapes, color, lines, and form. Imagine that you are copying a fine-art masterpiece and try to get each part "just right".

After you've completed your copy, then allow yourself to create a new, free-form drawing in the "child style". If your experience is like mine, you'll find that after studying the childhood drawing so intently, the free-form act now becomes more intuitive and alive. 

Continue to play with your "child style" and develop it in ways that delight you. Think of art projects where you can put this new "voice" to use! Have fun and let that wild child inside you draw to her heart's content!

This Quotz Crystal is a high-resolution jpeg image, suitable for printing. I invite you to print it out and remind you to live the story you are meant to live, and to tell the stories that are deep inside of you!

~enjoying the page-turner of's life,

Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

Artella Land ~ the creative isles of words, art, and spirit

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