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ARTELLAGRAM 8-27-2011:
"In the Studio"
An Interview with Stephanie Marie Jones

(This interview is continued from the August 27, 2011 Artellagram)

Artella: What do you consider to be most essential for your creativity? What does your creative voice need to express itself?

Stephanie: My creativity is at its height when I have some semblance of a balance of connections between body, mind and spirit. Things such as color, light, experiences, connections, sound, movement and joyful energy bring my creativity to life. I’ve found that when I combine these sensations with a trusting of my intuition and an allowing of spontaneity, my creative voice sings in color, words and music.

Artella: What is your daily routine like? Do you create art every day?

Stephanie: I’m a night owl, and get my most creative ideas and energy after the sun goes down. So, after many years of trying to conform to the 9 to 5 world, I learned to just allow what is and work with my owly-quirk. It’s actually allowed me to follow the energetic flow that’s intuitively true to my body’s natural rhythms. Plus, it’s actually pretty time efficient. Ideally, my day begins around noon, so I’m able to concentrate most of the left-brained, businessy aspects of my artistic work during the remaining “regular business hours” of the day. Early evening is usually my whole-brained time where I’m processing, planning, musing and ramping up for my right-brained creative, nights. I’m not necessarily physically creating art every day though. Many nights are spent simply wandering in creative thoughts and finding inspiration. Then, of course, there are definitely times when I’m doing nothing really creative at all – just allowing time to relax, recharge and play.

Artella: If you could apprentice with any artist (past or present) who would it be?

Stephanie: In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more delightful than apprenticing with a child; a little beginner. So much of my own work is focused on the simplicity of joy, innocence and wonder, and in my opinion, there isn’t anyone more attuned to that than a child. Their insights, views and interpretations of the world are saturated in honesty, truth and delight in the simplest of things – the things I hope most to access and create more of in my own work.

Artella:What do you do to overcome or get past artistic blocks?

Stephanie: For me, artistic blocks pop up when I’m trying too hard and focusing too much on the end result. Even though I know that’s where my blocks usually sit, it’s really very easy to forget that and get stuck in pushing for something. As soon as I let go of the outcome, my creativity seems to come out of hiding. It’s as much a process of taming the inner critics as it is of trusting my intuition and letting go.

Artella: If you were not limited by anything (i.e., time, money, supplies, location), what kind of art would you be creating right now?

Stephanie: I would probably be in the midst of traveling around the country in a mobile studio/ice-cream truck, creating spontaneous, random and collaborative public art projects, small and large, as part of my larger life’s dream project I’ve titled “Ice-Cream Dreams and Joy Zooms!”, which is part art-project, part book, part documentary film, part free ice-cream giveaway, part dream-doing empowerment, all joy zooming down the open-road.

About Stephanie Marie Jones:

Stephanie Marie Jones is an intuitive artist, writer, musician and dreamer living in Minneapolis, MN. She is the creator of “INSPIRALFLY” ™, “A Creative Dream, Aloft and Evolving” ™, where she shares Art, Inspiration and Resources for An Evolutionary Creative Journey. You can experience her work at www.INSPIRALFLY.com and view her portfolio of current commissioned projects at www.smjart.shutterfly.com.

Contact: smjart@gmail.com

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