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"In the Studio"
An Interview with Melanie Adrienne Hill

(This interview is continued from the May 7, 2011 Artellagram... )

Artella: How has your ARTbundance™ training affected your work and/or life?

Melanie: I realized after getting started in ACT that I had let the fun and play leak out of what I was doing and even though, I was actually doing what I loved I hadn’t been feeling enthusiastic about it for a year or two. ACT has re-charged me and I find ways to incorporate fun with tools I’ve gotten in the program into my work and my life.

The training not only teaches you how to work with others, you explore and use the same tools for yourself to move along your certification journey, coaching yourself. So you reap the benefits of ARTbundance™ and speak with experience when working with your clients.

Artella: How is prosperity related to creativity and spirituality?

Melanie: Prosperity comes as a result of making the connection with our spiritual selves (inner guidance) and creativity is one avenue to do that. Prosperity, for me, is simply having access to all the things that allow me to live my best life – love, connection, joy, financial resources, emotional support, etc.

Artella: What kinds of people do you most enjoy working with? Who is your ideal client?

Melanie: I enjoy working with people who are curious and fascinated with the process of how things manifest. They are willing to look inside themselves and see the value of introspection, contemplation and a regular spiritual practice. They are open to meditation, feng shui, have a respect for intuition, and enjoy creative exploration.

Artella: ARTbundance™ Coaching is based on nine ARTbundance™ Principles. Do you have a favorite Principle, or one that you really enjoy activating in other people? Which one, and why?

Melanie: My favorite principle is INTUITION because I enjoy experiencing how my inner knowing shows up. I like working with others on VISION because it is fun to hear people share their dreams and align with the passion that has the power to spur them on. But I find the whole process fascinating.

Artella: What does your future hold? What projects are you working on now?

Melanie: What I see in my future is creating ways that people can play along with me and develop simple everyday practices that create a conscious, joyful life. One way I’ve thought to do that is my new program called Fun’s Way Creative Feng Shui Adventure. It is a monthly creative play activity that teaches feng shui and when used improves your feng shui to support creating the life you want. That will begin in the beginning of May.

About Melanie Adrienne Hill: Melanie, an experience interior designer, has consulted and taught feng shui for the last 11 years. She uses her knowledge of metaphysics to coach focusing on thinking that supports manifesting the life you choose. She teaches creativity for self-exploration in the Central Florida community, which has included guests of the Disney Institute. She is a soon-to-be alumni of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training program.

Contact information: livingspace@cfl.rr.com

The Spring 2011 ARTbundance Certification Training program is currently in session. If you would like to be notified when the next ACT session is scheduled, simply, fill out this form!

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