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"In the Studio"
An Interview with Artist Adellee

(This interview is continued from the May 1 2009 Artellagram...)

Artella: What advice do you have for people afraid that it is too late to follow their dreams?

Adellee: Late in life means more experience. More experience means you are more likely to have more or seen more things to inspire you. I think late in life is a great place to be. No one can pay for maturity. Maturity means appreciation of who you have become. An artist is an expression of who you are. Very few younger people really know who they are and so you see their art change dramatically over the years. The disadvantage of that is their loyal customers get confused when they see these new and different expressions of the work. Another disadvantage is that their style is not easily distinguishable.

Though some clients love to grow with the artist a client who loves your work is usually attracted to your style as you mature or grow up when your style changes especially if it changes dramatically your brand or style is not as reliable. Now; if when you had started your style was an eclectic style then your clients will expect major surprise and major shifts in your expression. But this is hardly ever the style of most artists. Artists have a unique expression of their own that attract a certain group of individuals. If that expression changes as it will with inner growth/maturity it causes a tick or a hiccup in the flow of the artist overall collection. And so if there is ever a presentation of all works, it won't be recognizable as the same artist.

The art world may say what they want to, how much they love creative differences but the truth is that they do love different artistic expression among different artist but they want order, sameness or similarity within an individual artist work. Meaning they want to be able to spot a Rembrandt, they want to be able to gaze at a work and know it is yours consistently. They want to see and believe they know you. If you spring dramatic surprises you can't develop a bond. Believe it or not your style, your expression is what they see you to be they bond with that. Changing your art expression as you grow throws people off.

If you course you do not want a consistent client base, and then dramatic changes are okay. So starting late, I see as a great positive. You should know who you are at this time and you should be settled emotionally so your artwork is stable and consistent and so you are ready to build a brand.

Artella: How would you describe yourself as an artist? What is your favorite kind of art to create?

Adellee: I am an inspirational artist. God is within me and conversations with Him inspire me to uplift others. I bring that forth in my work. Graphic art is my favorite because I am always surprised at what comes out.

Artella: What do you do to overcome or get past artistic blocks?

Adellee: I do not believe there is such a thing as artistic block. The nothingness period must not be looked as a block. It is a time when you should be focusing on a different thing. There is a time when all of us needs to be filled up. The time when nothing is coming is because we are not filled up. We fill up by stepping away from the world as it is. Looking to the outside of ourselves, meditation etc. I am currently with doing my artwork also is writing 55 books all at the same time. I never have artist or writers block because I go to my filling station everyday and at various times throughout my day. Our filling station is God our creator. He is the artist within us. If we recognize that He will keep it coming and even overflow you with ideas.

Artella: Were you always an artist? How did you become one?

Adellee: I had no creative anything until I started concentrating on God. The more I concentrate on Him, the deeper I get spiritually the more creative I get. Before this, I was just a regular person with very little joy, very little understanding of how to make myself happy and at peace. The more I concentrate on Him I have learned how to fight depression. I do not get down anymore about anything even when they threaten to foreclose on my house. I am still creating because it does not matter outside influence it is that inner joy, the God within that no one can take away that carries me.

Artella: What is your daily routine? Do you create art every day?

Adellee: I do not create physical art pieces everyday but I am always creating something. I am writing. I write everyday. To me that is art. I am always seeing something to create.

Artella: What is the most important aspect of art in your personal life? What would your life be like if you weren’t creating?

Adellee: I see art all around me. I love nature and I am always getting incoming fillers(inspirations). Life without creating is life without breathing.

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