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Art Tip:
Changel Instructions

(This project is continued from the November 14 Artellagram...)

By Tammy Hensley

    Supplies used:
  • Two vintage coins with faces
  • Amazing Goop
  • tiny brads
  • tiny hole punch or large needle
  • beeswax
  • ribbon or twine
  • cardstock
  • silk or paper flowers and leaves
  • markers or alphabet stamps
  • brown/black ink
Step 1: Begin by cutting out some paper doll arms, legs, and two torsos from cardstock. Age the pieces by inking the edges of them with dark brown and black.

Step 2: On 2 very small rectangles of paper or cardstock stamp or letter by hand the word "changel", then age them in the same manner as the doll parts. Glue each rectangle to one side of each torso.

Step 3: Dip all pieces in beeswax to further add to the aged effect.

Step 4: Once the beeswax has set, poke 4 holes in each torso piece and at the top of each set of legs and arms with a large needle proceeding slowly so as not to crack the wax (a very small hole punch may work but tends to crack the beeswax).

Step 5: Insert a very small brad through each hole in one of the torsos, then add the arms and legs in the appropriate places. Poke holes in two silk or paper leaves and stack those on top of the arm pieces. Place the other torso on top and secure all brads.

Step 6: Add a bit of a strong adhesive (such as Amazing Goop) on the non-face side of two coins. Place a flower or paper crown, leaves, and any embellishments on the back side of one coin. On the other coin, place the ends of a length of cord to serve as a hanging device for your "changel."

Step 7: Place the top edge of the "changel" body on the bottom coin, then stack the other coin on top and let your "changel" dry thoroughly before hanging up.

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