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Final 3 Days for Your Complimentary Soul Safari ~ Artellagram 1/16/10
January 16, 2010

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Just a little mini Artellagram to remind you of the free ARTbundance™ Soul Safari Teleclass on this Tuesday, and also to introduce you to your new Muse Money $5 Reward Card! Keep reading for more details...

1. NEW! Free Teleclass Next Week! Join me and some of Artella's ARTbundance™ Coach Training Alumni on Tuesday for Artella's ARTbundance™ Soul Safari: Capturing Wild Prosperity in 2010!, a playful and practical workshop in which you'll learn how to use art and creativity as powerful tools to increase your wild prosperity in 2010.

ARTbundance™ is all about tapping into the universal wellspring of creative wisdom to make powerful changes in our lives; it allows us to capture the power of creativity and actually use it as a life-transforming tool with real, practical results.

ARTbundance™ Soul Safari is a free teleclass to be held on this coming Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 9:00pm EST, taking place via telephone conference line.

This free teleclass will include:
  • Fun exercises to identify the core components of your true wildest nature!
  • Innovative, hands-on art projects that actually use those personal elements to creatively design a compass for your own adventure for new, unchartered, and unexpected prosperity and growth.
  • All participants also will receive a follow-up workbook including inspiring and effective ARTsignments™ that you can use to harness the ARTbundance™ Principles to uncover new sources and opportunities for wild prosperity in your life.
  • For those with an interest in applying for the 2010 ARTbundance™ Coach Training Program, you are also invited to a brief orientation following the call, where you'll hear from recent graduates of the Inaugural Training Program, and get full details about the 2010 ARTbundance™ Coach Training program, which begins on February 8 (applications due January 25).

To join us for the free ARTbundance™ Soul Safari teleclass on this Tuesday, January 19, sign up here!

2. NEW! Artella Muse Money $5 Reward Card! In the last Artellagram, I announced that our third exciting Digital Altered Books™ Contest is here, with a deadline of February 15, 2010! Now it will be even easier to try out the brand new art genre that merges the fascinating process of altering beautiful vintage books with the creative ease of digital imaging technology. Until January 31, you can use your $5 Reward off all of Artella's Digital Altered Books™ supplies with your new Muse Money $5 Reward Card with no minimum purchase necessary or silly strings attached.

The $5 Reward Card is good on all Digital Altered Book™ supplies, including Digital Vintage Books, Digital Ephemera Packs, and Digital Photo Packs.

Muse Money Reward Card Instructions:
1. Simply browse our collection of Digital Altered Book™ Supplies.
2. When you check out, enter the coupon code: MUSEMONEYJAN2010
3. Continue check-out as usual. $5 will be deducted from your Digital Altered Book™ supplies

Have a great weekend, and I hope to connect with you at the free ARTbundance™ Soul Safari on Tuesday!


Artella Founder, Mango Lover, Hula Dancer

Artella Land ~ the creative isles of words, art, and spirit

Artella PO Box 6211 Kamuela HI 96743

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