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Artists' Names
Matching Puzzle

How well do you know the Artists of the Artella Shoppes? Listed here are the artists currently displaying articles in the Shoppes of Artella. Can you match their first and last names?

1. Adellee
2. Al
3. Anne
4. Anne Marie
5. Carmel
6. Cathe
7. Cecilia
8. Chris
9. cj
10. Dan
11. Deb
12. Diane
13. Erica
14. Frances
15. Glenda
16. Jaime
17. Kate
18. Kathy
19. Kevin
20. Lani
21. Lisa
22. Lori
23. Lotus
24. Lynda
25. Marney
26. Mary
27. Nadine
28. Nancy
29. Niama
30. Nici
31. Patricia
32. Rachel
33. Rita
34. Rita
35. Sallianne
36. Sherry
37. Sherrylynne
38. Tammy
39. terri
a) Adcock
b) Armstrong
c) Baker
d) Bedard
e) Bennett
f) Bolton
g) Bozek
h) Carriveau
i) Craig
j) Davies
k) Davis
l) Derosier
m) Dipaolo
n) Freud
o) Gerity
p) Gillett
q) Glover
r) Gremminger
s) Harris
t) Hart
u) Hensley
v) Norton Honich
w) Kitterman
x) Madigan
y) Makridakis
z) Miles
aa) Shaler Nelson
bb) No-Last-Name
cc) Norelli
dd) O’Rourke
ee) Poole
ff) Silva
gg) st. cloud
hh) Swatton
ii) Tessnear
jj) Thompson
kk) Wilkerson
ll) Williams
mm) Wiseman

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