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A Note for Articulation Readers

Earlier this week, we notified past YOU * U Focus Group participants of the new format of YOU * U, and we offered a special $100 discount to the first "thrifty thirty" people who signed up for the new Self Study Program. They've been going fast, but we haven't hit the 30-mark yet, so were opening it up to Articulation readers, as well. You save $100 on either the Basic Package or the Enhanced Package on this page by ordering, below.

When we hit 30, we'll take this page down, but you can still get it at the remarkably valuable regular price at this page: www.artellawordsandart.com/workshops.html#Youniversity.

In the words of Sheila Finkelstein, a YOU * U Graduate who created her Web site, www.eteletours.com, during YOU * U, "If there is even a consideration, gift yourself and your future customers/clients your participation in YOU*U."

Blessings to you,


Create Your Own YOUniversity
(YOU * U™)
NEW! Self-Study Program!

Create Your Own YOUniversity (YOU * U™) is Artella’s groundbreaking, comprehensive program that offers everything you need to know to develop, write, facilitate, and market your own teleworkshops, e-courses, and eBooks!

If you think you've got a course, workshop, or book inside of you, but don't know where to begin, this exhilarating self-study program will take you through the entire process of creating a platform for sharing what you know - in essence, creating your own YOU * U™!

When you know how to use it, modern technology offers unparalleled opportunities to share your message with a virtually unlimited audience. Teleworkshops, e-courses, and eBooks are growing in popularity and now is the perfect time to create a place for your own voice.

Even if you don't have impressive abbreviations after your name, or specialized degrees, or a body of completed research, or a list of publications - I'm here to tell you that you HAVE an offering inside you! I have found the process of offering teleworkshops, e-courses, and eBooks to be immensely rewarding, as well as financially profitable.

My eBooks have been presented to over a thousand customers, and hundreds of lives have been impacted through my seven diverse Artella e-courses. These endeavors have earned me solid income and helped support printing costs for Artella, the magazine. When I started out, I was not a coach, a published commercial author, or a trained public speaker. What I DID have was a keen sense for what I had to offer, and over time, I developed extensive knowledge in how to make e-courses, eBooks, and workshops happen.

I learned the hard way- consulting dozens of "Complete Idiot" books to learn the technology, using trial and error to figure out formulas for writing effective and successful lessons and articles, and hitting plenty of stumbling blocks along the way. I first presented YOU * U™ as a 16-week course, which guided many creative individuals to start and expand successful businesses due to creating and marketing eBooks. I’m now offering YOU * U in a self-study format so that you can benefit from my experience, and theirs, in the comfort of your own home, in the convenience of your own timing. You'll soon be on your way to sharing your special skills with the unlimited audience that is ripe and waiting for your unique message!

"You*U™ was exactly what I needed to help me get inspired again about my business! I have had ideas running around in my head for the last 2 years, but I never did anything about them. You U helped me break down into manageable pieces the process of turning ideas into reality, while providing powerful support every step of the way. I was given all the practical instructions I needed to start developing e-education products of my own."

--Jenny Ryan, YOU * U™ Graduate

There are two self-study packages study packages to choose from:

The Basic Package:

The Basic Package includes a 180+ textbook, broken down into 16 chapters that progressively take you through brainstorming, developing, designing, implementing, and marketing an eProduct – or as many eProducts as you want! The textbook covers topics such as:
  • Skills for focusing your brainstorming to define your niche and zero in on a product you can offer

  • The process for conducting a needs assessment, and compiling an audience profile and competition evaluation to further hone your offerings

  • Concrete practices used to write a mission statement and then build upon it to develop your e-course, eBook, and/or teleworkshop

  • Techniques for organizing an e-course or eBook - and structural pitfalls to avoid

  • The easiest, quickest, and most effective formulas to use when writing articles or lessons

  • Techniques to enhance your lessons with well-researched facts and anecdotal evidence

  • Tips for beating "writer's block", resistances, and other challenges, actually transforming them into motivating creative energy!

  • Strategies for dealing with pre-workshop nervousness, and tips for handling a "live" workshop experience.

  • Techniques for integrating feedback that you receive on your lessons, workshops, and audio recordings into your work.

  • The complete procedure for using Pagemaker, Acrobat Distiller, and Adobe Acrobat to design and publish PDF eBooks

  • My secrets on the best money-saving techniques and services to use when you offer your automated e-courses, audio recordings, teleworkshops, and Web-based marketing...the result of hundreds of hours of my own research time!

  • Proven methods for dynamically and attractively branding and packaging your offerings to increase sales and expand your market

  • Strategies for pricing your offerings to bring the most customers and deliver the greatest profit!

  • Hundreds of proven ways that you can promote your e-course, eBook, or teleworkshop, including selling your products through The Shoppes of Artella!

Click here to view the Table of Contents of the textbook!

YOU * U Self-Study Program, Basic Package.........$249.00

The Enhanced Package:

The Enhanced Package includes the textbook, as well as the following additional components to help make this self-study experience even more effective:
  • Audio recordings of each chapter – perfect for aural learners!

  • Recordings of teleclasses from previous YOU * U™ groups – so can virtually attend YOU * U™ coaching calls with Marney!
  • YOU NiqueNotes™ – inspiring emails sent every single day for 90 days, to keep you motivated on your path!

YOU * U Self-Study Program, Enhanced Package.........$299.00

"That I am on the road to having an eBook ready to sell is a dream come true for me! You are absolutely doing "lightworker" healing with this course, no kidding. Marney, please understand what a TRUE GIFT you are offering to all of us through this (and all) of your courses! My dreams are right there, within my reach, and it's all because of You*U™!"

--Jaime Adcock, YOU * U™ Graduate

More comments from
YOU * U Participants!

"Just want to say that if you are even considering YouU, I promise you won't be disappointed. It's by far the most comprehensive, focused, motivational course I have ever taken. Not only do you learn how to create and market offerings online, you also learn what fires you up personally so you can direct that passion into your profession. As one of my classmates said, you learn just as much about yourself as you do about online business. Even after the course concludes...I just spent an entire day with the course workbook, using it as a planning tool for steering Benevolent Planet in the right direction for 2005. It's invaluable."
~Karen Jones, author,The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in 24 Hours or Less

"I am sitting at my computer working on yet another idea for my web site. I am having so much fun that I can't go to sleep. Exactly one year ago, I felt hopeless in terms of my emotions and finances. Today I have three web sites where I offer various products and services. I I have passive income every month, and I'm happier than I've ever been. The one thing that I attribute all this to is Artella's YOU University course. I have taken hundreds of courses over the years, and never has any single one changed my life. I learned literally everything I needed to know to get the ideas out of my head and into the hands of people who needed and wanted them. YOU*U taught me not only the nuts and bolts of creating electronic products and web site development, but also how to tap into myself and pull out the offerings that were lingering there waiting to be born! I have recommended YOU*U to so many people. When I become rich from my web business, I will start a scholarship fund so that everyone with an idea can take this and realize their dreams that they thought impossible!"
~Zura Ledbetter

"Thinking about doing Marney Markridakis' YOU*U? If there's even a glimmer there, then simply register, knowing that there is some reason why that will ultimately be validated, even if it's in an unexpected way. I was in the first YOU*U and had signed up not sure where I wanted to be. I knew I wanted something business-wise. Despite all my own past experience, it seemed like there would be value in benefiting from all that Marney herself had researched and done. So, if there is even a consideration, gift yourself and your future customers/clients your participation in YOU*U."
~Sheila Finkelstein

"Way Back When in January, I really just happened into that info phone call with you all and Marney, and had no idea what I might be getting into! Then decided right on the spot to enroll in YOU*U. What a great decision I made that night! Wouldn't have missed this experience for anything! My LIFE is changed because of the YOU * U opportunities that have been given to me!"
~Pat Wiley

"You U was exactly what I needed to help me get inspired again about my business! I have had ideas running around in my head for the last 2 years, but I never did anything about them. You U helped me break down into manageable pieces the process of turning ideas into reality, while providing powerful support every step of the way. I was given all the practical instructions I needed to start developing e-education products of my own."
~Jenny Ryan

"I think it's amazing and delight*full that this group within 4 months envisioned and created the start of ten e-courses, two teleclasses, five eBooks and two websites! So - hang onto that energy and take care of your bright and loving spirit! And thank you Marney for making it all happen in your "Artella way"!
~Glenda Miles

"I know that in 'art' and pursuits of passion, considerations of money are out of place. So at the risk of corrupting the purity of artistic endeavor, I must say that YOU * U helped me realize my Web site's potential! It was always considered a labor of love, which for some reason simply didn't 'love me back'. Following your gentle (yet firm when needed) encouragement, I'm finally seeing a profit online... and still loving what I do. I can't thank you enough, Marney, except to encourage others to experience your magic."
~Joseph Porter

"You*U has opened my mind to possibilities I haven’t considered before. It’s not just a “learning a process” program, it is also wonderful inspiration and encouragement of sleeping creativity! Marney’s gentle & brilliant shepherding through the process provides a comfortable, safe, yet stimulating learning environment for my covert artist/writer to emerge into and expand through. I am excited to witness myself exploring areas I never have before and bring forward ideas seemingly out of nowhere!"
~Donna McGuigan

Does your 2006 include plans for business growth in creative, out-of-the-box ways? YOU * U™ can help make it happen…and happen with a momentum that will surprise and delight you.

So before the sun sets on 2005, get those ideas out of your head, or out of that dusty drawer, and into the hands of the customers who need them! Study at your own pace, in your own time! Let YOU * U™ help you make all those dreams fall into place. It can happen more quickly than you think!