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Articulation 2/2/05 - "Post-It-ulation"
February 02, 2005
Hi ~

Now that Articulation comes out bi-weekly, or thereabout, I've found that from time to time there are some special time-sensitive announcements that I'd like to share in between the fortnight Articulations.

I'm now going to call such announcements "Post-It-culation" issues. I promise that they will be infrequent, as to not to clog your inbox; I hope, however, that they will be helpful for time-sensitive information.

Things are turning into pumpkins!

We've got several things turning into pumpkins at midnight over the next several days:

1. The Holiday Gift Gala sale for Artella magazines and renewals ends at midnight TONIGHT (Wednesday), to forever be gone into pumpkin-land. Last chance:

2. The offer to save $20-$40 on the Goalar Energy e-course turns into a pumpkin at midnight on Sunday (Feb. 6). Last chance: Artella Members can sign up with the $40 discount in the Members' Parlor.

3. The offer to take the first two weeks of The Wealthcare Program for FREE will turn into a pumpkin on Sunday night, as well. The program starts on Monday the 7th, and anyone signing up for the free two-trial needs to complete a questionnaire prior to then. Last chance:

4. A last-minute invitation for anyone living in the Phoenix, AZ area: Artella's Tech Support Specialist Barbara "Bobby" Miller is hosting the "Artella Arizon Art-Fest" on THIS Saturday, Feb. 5. AT 10:00am, John Vandebrooke will be presenting a workshop in encaustic (melted wax) painting. And a get-together for anyone not attending the workshop is at 1:00pm. Email Bobby a for all the details.

~Peace, love, and yellow pads,

Artella Founder/Editor

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