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Nov. 25~Artella's Greatest Holiday Sale Ever...Come and Play!
November 25, 2005
Hi ~

(If your email program does not display this newsletter in its proper colorful formatting, you can view it on the Web at

On behalf of all of us at Artella, I hope that those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a wonderful day!

We're so thankful for YOU, for all that you do to make Artella's energy come alive. As a gift of thanks, we've created a free holiday collaged picture frame that you can download, print out, and then use to display your holiday memories! Decoupage it on a wooden frame! Print it on cards for a special holiday greeting! Shrink it and place a friend’s photo inside for a special gift tag on a gift! Cut it up and use the pieces as collage elements! The possibilities are endless!

You can download your free holiday gifty at

And keep reading to learn more about our Create-Your-Own Holiday Shopping Spree and our Festive Fuschia Friday weekend Special, which starts today!

Why deal with Black Friday
when you can have Festive Fuschia Friday?

Hmmm…"Black Friday" doesn't even sound fun…and dealing with all the shoppers and madness on the busiest shopping day of the year isn't fun at all. That's why we have a great way for you to kick off your holiday shopping this weekend, and you can even sit at home wearing your cozy bunny slippers while you do it!

Welcome to Artella's Create-Your-Own-Holiday Shopping Spree!

This Holiday Event makes all of your holiday shopping EASY and FUN, because…
  • You get rewarded with free GIFTS for ALL of your Artella purchases!
  • YOU pick YOUR favorite free gifts --yes, designing your OWN shopping spree!
  • You have over 1,000 of the most creative, inspiring, uplifting products ANYWHERE – on or off the Internet – to choose from!
  • Our interactive SmartShopper gives you gift suggestions for everyone on your list (including yourself!)
  • SHIPPING on everything is completely free within the U.S. until December 31, 2005!

And for Fuschia Friday Weekend, we're including a $15 Bonus!

A couple of weeks ago, we offered a special preview of the "Create-Your-Own Holiday Spree" to our Artella Members, along with a special $15 "bump-up" bonus. For Fuschia Friday, we’re offering this same bonus for EVERYONE, from now until Monday the 28th at midnight. Artella is giving you $15 to add to your total order amount, bumping up your qualifying purchase so you can choose even MORE free gifts!

For all the details about the Create-Your-Own Holiday Shopping Spree, including the password for your $15 Fuschia Friday Bonus, go to

Artella is THE MOST UNIQUE resource for out-of-the-box, high-quality shopping on the Internet. From handmade gifts to beautiful home décor to uplifting worksops and inspiring art supplies, Artella's truly got a gift for everyone. And Artella goes the extra mile to add special touches that make the Internet seem downright cozy: photos and stories of the artists behind the products, free samples of e-courses and eBooks before purchase, and so much more. Every purchase I've made has been a wonderful experience, with all the "just right" customer service touches, prompt delivery, and excellent quality that puts Artella in a class of its own.
Jaime Adcock, Atlanta GA,

Now...of course there are a few fun things that you actually like about going to the mall, right? Well, you can find them at Artella, too:
  • Real-time recommendations and advice...check!
    (Try our SmartShopper, an interactive tool that asks a few questions and then gives you gift suggestions for everyone on your list!
  • Festive decorations...check!
    (Look at our beautiful holiday decorations in The Shoppes of Artella and our Art Supply General Store!)
  • Seeing the very latest products...check!
    (Our brand new Holiday Shoppe just opened this week, and we've also just added FIVE new eBooks, a new line of Make-Your-Own Holiday Card Kits, and many brand new sellers in the Artella Shoppes!)
  • Entertainment while you shop...check!
    (Sprinkled throughout the site are our Holiday EntertainmentRest Stops: holiday music and recordings of Holiday stories read by people in the Artella community. There are over30 now, with more being added all the time! Here's Rest Stop #1, featuring several members of Artella's Web support team!
  • Fun with friends...check!
    (Drop in to say hello to your friends on your favorite Artella discussion group, or if you’re new, join one of our communities! And be sure to sign up for the 4th Annual Mystery Muse Gift Exchange – we extended the deadline through Sunday.)
  • No shipping...check!
    (You get free shipping on anything delivered anywhere in the U.S., through December 31! Artella product orders are announced with beautiful, artistic gift cards, whether they arrive by email or postal mail, and many Shoppes sellers provide free gift wrapping for the holidays!)

All the fun starts here, where you can get all the details on the sale, AND your free holiday picture frame, AND the password for your $15 bump-up bonus:

Have a great weekend!
And happy shopping!

Happy Holidays from the Artella gang ~ Marney, Zura, Deb, Bobby and Fred and "the bjb team", Chantal, Kim and Pattie

p.s. Remember to go to to download your free collaged picture frame!

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