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Oops...I forgot the Mystery Muse Project!
November 21, 2004
Hi ~

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Big Oops! sorry, !

With all of the announcements I made in Articulation yesterday, I forgot to announce that it's time to sign up for the Third Annual MYSTERY MUSE Project!

If you were involved in Artella this time last year or the year before, you will remember what fun we had with this project! It's similar to the tradition of "Secret Santas"....but with a creative twist!

If you sign up, you'll receive the name and snail mail address of someone else who has signed up. You will then send at least TWO creative offerings to that person during the month of December. These offerings can be very, very simple and needn't cost any money. Some examples: a 3 line Haiku poem sent with a pressed leaf....a sketch drawn on a napkin in a restaurant...a handmade card...a photograph that you took...a copy of a short story you wrote.

It can be absolutely anything, as long as you send at least two things during December that you created personally. You should keep your identity a secret until you send your final offering, at which time you can reveal yourself.

The idea is to bless someone with unexpected creative surprises in their mailbox during the upcoming season...and, of course, to be the recipient of such gifts, yourself.

To sign up, just send an e-mail with your name postal mailing address to Deb at with "Mystery Muse" in the Subject line, by November 28.

You'll receive the name and address of your recipient no later than December 1. (Please note: if you are willing to send your offerings to international players, please indicate so in your email.

Participation is absolutely free. (Quick side note: speaking of free, there are several new opportunities on the Free Creativity Seeds page, so if you haven't taken a look at it in a while, you should!

So...please join the Mystery Muse Project only if you are in a position to commit to sending at least two offerings (simple is GREAT!) during December.

Remember the sign-up deadline is Nov. 28. Come join in the fun of spreading abundance this season!!!

~glow, glow, glow


Artella Founder/Editor

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