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Articulation 11/10/04 - "The Artella Advance"
November 10, 2004
Hi ~

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"The Artella Advance": A REALLY-Mini-Article

I've been working on this Articulation for over a week, including an article on time travel and lots of Artella announcements. But several pushed their way in front of me on the path: a miserable and ill-timed cold, political unrest, and preparations forthe Creative ManiFestival Retreat in Litchfield, CT, which starts tomorrow! So I've resigned myself to just send a brief note today, and pick up next week with a full Articulation, complete with tales of the retreat.

Adela Hubers, one of the retreat participants, coined a fantastic phrase when she referred to the retreat as the "Artella Advance". Not only is it clever, it feels absolutely"right on", as the mission of the weekend is to catalyse a fuller, richer, more creative and abundant life.

We all need "mini-retreats" from time to time, to rest, relax, and recharge. But this weekend, I invite YOU to carve out of a bit of time -- even if it is only 15 minutes -- to engage in your own "Advance". Take a moment to explore what YOU can do to lead a richer, fuller, more creative and abundanct life. Write (or paint, sing, dance) your discoveries so you can remember them and refer to them regularly. With regular "Mini-Advances", you can allow your musings to formulate into a treasure map for where you want to go.

And as you are Advancing this weekend, you can know that you will be part of the extended cirlce of the Advance in Connecticut. Trust me -- there are lots of people who will be attending who are happy to serve as proxies for the larger Artella community!

As for Artella announcements, you can read all of the latest news by reading recent entries inthe Artella News Blog, a daily account of all updates made to the site. There is quite a bit of new stuff, including a new Holiday shoppe in The Shoppes of Artella,so take a peak at the blog to get the latest.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I'll "see" you when I return from the Advance!

~onward ho!,

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