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Articulation 9-9-03
September 09, 2003
Hi ~


I wanted to be sure to get this out in time to remind you about the Remember September Project...the info follows in "Artella News #1", below.

At the end of October, it will be a full year since I started Artella and sent out the first Articulation newsletter. One of the greatest gifts Artella has given me is the rich gift of friendship. Old friendships have grown stronger as wonderful friends have supported and encouraged me and Artella, every step of the way ("Go Little Zine, Go!!!") New friendships with Artella contributors and subscribers blossom regularly, bringing new wonder into my life.

Since most of the connections with new people I've met through Artella revolve around art and writing, many communications begin with a warm, "you're already familiar" feeling. It's just lovely.
To view this week's art offering, Friendship's Canvas, click here!

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Artella News!

1. Remember September this Thursday, 9/11. This Thursday marks the two-year anniversary of 9/11/01. I ask you to consider taking part in the Remember September Mail Art Project, created by Gail Ellspermann. This is a wonderful way for ANYONE, of any age or artistic ability, to pay a thoughtful tribute on this day. All of the details can be found on the Remember September page that Artella hosts. I've also added a new link from that page to the article about the project in the current e-Artella issue, so be sure to take a look at the updated page. I do hope you'll join me in the parade to the post office on Thursday.

2. Deadline for "Winter Magic & Muse" is September 20! We're looking for art and writing about winter and all the December holidays for issue 5, Winter Magic & Muse. Let me know if you have questions about submitting your work, or if you'd like to receive the "Projects Seeking Partners" list for collaborating with other writers and artists.

3. e-Artella #e-3 is available! e-Artella #e-3 is a 57-page PDF issue, is just bursting out of its super-cool electronic seams with colorful inspiration. It includes several articles about creativity topics, a how-to demonstration of image transfer techniques, a gallery of the Remember September Mail Art Project, an exclusive interview with artist Claudine Hellmuth, an exhibition of traditional and digital collage by artist Alain Valet, a list of spiritual resources for creative souls, and the awesome creative collaborations of words and art by 21 talented contributors! It's a biggie!

You can take a look at the issue's Table of Contents by going to and clicking on the cover for e-Artella #e-3. You can download this issue for $4.95. Reader Jennifer Gully said, "Spending $4.95 for issue #e-3 has to be the best deal going on the Internet. It's an endless well of creativity and inspiration."

4. Never seen Artella in print? We'll give you a sneak peak! On the page, you can now check out some sample pages from print issues 2 and 3. Just click the covers to see samples of four layout spreads for each issue. Cool, huh?

On the same page, you can also pre-order copies of Artella issue 4, Flight: word and art and wings unheard, due out at the end of this month.

5. Looking for Artists with Products! If you have not already requested to be on the list to receive this information about our upcoming Artella gift shop, send a blank email to If you know an artist who might be interested in this venture, please send them our way!

6.Next free teleworkshop! Every month, I offer a free teleworkshop on a variety of creativity topics. This month, I'll be repeating the popular, "WordJazz Poetry" class on September 23, so if you missed it the first time around, be sure to check it out at

7. Free booklet for spreading the word! Tell people about Artella and we'll send you a free PDF booklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Collage and Writing! It's soooo easy...just tell as many people as you can about Artella by forwarding this newsletter in its entirety, or directing them to our Web site, and then send an email to with "Spreading the Word" in the subject line. I'll send you the booklet with my thanks!

Artful Links!
1. I've heard that Artella is getting a reputation for having the greatest creative links on the Internet! That's great news to me, because I love spreading the word about great resources. I've updated the Artful Links page, so perhaps you'll want to take a look. (And remember, if you tell someone about the great links on the Artella Web site, you can get the free booklet I mention in #7, above!)

Perhaps you'll want to pay special attention to the first item on the page, which links to the set of creative home decorating eBooks I wrote for Home Decorating Made Awaken Your Interior Designer: A Guided Journey to Creating the Home Your Spirit Craves presents a unique, creative, spiritual, and very comprehensive approach to expressing yourself in your home. I'm proud of the entire set of books and I'd be honored if you took a look at them.

2. You'll have a great time discovering Sisters on Sojourn! This is a wonderful Web site run by Linda and Karen, a pair of wildly fantastic sisters who love to travel and art journal. You'll have a ball at this Web site! Click the "Inspiration" link for enough art journaling ideas to keep you busy for a while!

Sending you colors of friendship...

~smiling under the layers,

Artella Editor

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