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Articulation 9-21-03 - Special Issue
September 21, 2003
Hi ~


This week's Articulation is a bit different.

Artella readers and members of the Articulation mailing list often ask for my advice and recommendations for various products. I've decided that four times a year, Iíll offer a special Articulation issue in which I share my favorite recommendations.

Since I'm serving as the connection between you and these great opportunities, I'm calling the special issues ArticuLiaison.

(hee, hee)

At any rate, to view the first quarterly ArticuLiaison issue, go to

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste the URL in your browser.

Note that the next issue of Articulation will return to the normal format. If you're really missing the art this week, why not take a stroll to the Articulation archives to enjoy some old favorites.

ONE ANNOUNCEMENT...Remember that the free teleworkshop for this month, WordJazz Poetry is Tuesday night, September 23. For more information, visit

Enjoy the special issue!


Artella Editor

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