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Articulation 8-28-03
August 28, 2003
Hi ~


I've been so grateful for some moments of pure contentment this week. Even in the most hectic and stressful lives, I think we all have moments that feel peaceful and just right. I find that for myself, when I become aware of those moments - even if they quickly fly away - more and more of those darling moments come my way.
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A Mini-Article
Prompted by a conversation with a friend, I have been thinking about consistency and the role that I want it to play in my life.

I looked up the word in the dictionary and found these 4 definitions. I realized that each one of them related to my own life. The bottom line for me is that consistency means that I am living in harmony with who I truly am.

[definition 1: Agreement or logical coherence among things or parts: a rambling argument that lacked any consistency.]

When my actions are consistent with my beliefs, I know I am living in harmony with my true inner nature.

[definition 2: Correspondence among related aspects; compatibility: questioned the consistency of the administration's actions with its stated policy. ]

When all of my many proverbial hats that I wear in my roles as woman, friend, wife, business owner can be worn interchangeably with the fashion that weaves through my true self, then I know that a solid thread of my trueME-ness is flowing throw my life.

[definition 3: Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events: pitched with remarkable consistency throughout the season.]

When myself and others can depend on me, I know that I am at one with who I truly am.

[definition 4: Degree of density, firmness, or viscosity: beat the mixture to the consistency of soft butter. ]

When I allow myself to vary in my feelings - to accept myself for being emotionally dense or sparse, or physically firm or loose - then I know that I am living in unison with my true nature.

Artella News! (lots this week!)

1. Gift Shop News for Artists! We are just days away from sending out our Proposal for Artists who have expressed interest in selling their work in the upcoming Gift Shoppes of Artella. I am so thrilled for this adventure to begin, and have every intention of building it to be the greatest one-stop online source for creative and unique handmade products on the Internet.

If you are an artist and you'd like to receive information about selling your creations in the shop, be sure to send a blank email to to get on the list. If you know an artist who might be interested in this venture, please send them our way!

2. e-Artella #e-3 to come soon! To all the Artella subscribers, we're putting the finishing touches on e-Artella #e-3, so it should arrive in your email inbox very soon. Thanks for your patience!

3. Goalar Energy e-course NEW and IMPROVED with 5-Minute Miracles! Thanks to wonderful feedback from past participants, I've revamped the popular Goalar Energy e-course to be more conducive to the daily lifestyles of participants.

Goalar Energy is a 30-day course designed to offer daily support in reaching a particular goal (the goal can be absolutely anything) in a creative, non-linear, and self-forgiving way. I developed this course out of my own experience with trying to fill the void that I was feeling as I searched for goal setting support from the wonderful self-help books our there. When I wrote an article about this journey of mine, and received over 100 emails from people saying they felt the same way, I knew that a different kind of support was needed.

In speaking extensively with former participants in the course, some people said they didn't have enough time to complete the exercises and stay on track. Others said that they wouldn't want the lessons to be any shorter, because they loved having the full, comprehensive content. So I found a way to make everyone win!

Beginning with the upcoming session (which runs from September 8-October 6), each daily lesson also comes with a "5 Minute Miracle", which is a condensed version of the lesson. Therefore, participants can choose which lesson they want to follow, so that Goalar Energy fits into their lifestyles, easier than ever.

To read more about Goalar Energy, sign up for a test-run, and enroll in the course that begins September 8, go to

4. Creative bARTering Group Going Strong! Members of Artella's newest online community, a forum for bartering goods and services of all kinds, are having a great time making trades of all kinds.

Powered by Yahoo! groups, Creative bARTering is built around a database of "haves" and "wants” where members can hook up with other folks to make trades. I’ve already made several trades myself, and am having an absolute ball with this new, but age-old, way to purchase great stuff. Special thanks go to Deb Silva and Jody aka “Queen of Hearts” for moderating this board! To join the group, send a blank email to Please note that your membership must be approved by either Deb or Jody, in an effort to eliminate irrelevant advertisements. Simply tell them that you heard about it in Articulation!

5. Free booklet for spreading the word! Tell people about Artella and we'll send you a free PDF booklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Collage and Writing! It's soooo easy...just tell as many people as you can about Artella by forwarding this newsletter in its entirety, or directing them to our Web site, and then send an email to with "Spreading the Word" in the subject line. I'll send you the booklet with my thanks!

Artful Links!
1. Don't forget to participate in your own private parade to the post office as part of the Remember September project. Artella is happy to host the informational Web page about this amazing mail art project created by Gail Ellspermann. Please visit the page to read about how you can participate in this creative way to commemorate September 11, 2001. We're thrilled to note that Gail and Remember September are featured in the current issue of Somerset Studio.

And by the way, the current Somerset Studio also features Gail's great zine, Alphabet Soup, which we at Artella absolutely love! To order copies of Alphabet Soup, you can write Gail at the email address posted at the above link for Remember September.

Please note that the archives of Articulation art-splashes are completely can revisit your favorites on the archives page.

Sending you a big fat "yes" to walk with you wherever you go.

~swirling & twirling,

Artella Editor

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