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Articulation 6-17-03
June 18, 2003
Hi ~

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Now, on to Articulation...

Paticipants in the brand new Artella online community, ArtellaVision, have been discussing the importance of creating "playtime" for our creative spirits. True playtime is when you are just playing around with your imagination, releasing perfectionism or the attachment to any particular outcome. This discussion prompted this week's ARTICULATION art offering, Rendezvous in the Art Studio.

To view Rendezvous in the Art Studio, click here!
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Artella News!

1. Update on Artella production schedule! Since we're now using a new printing company, we're updating our production schedule. This means you'll also have more time to submit for our FLIGHT issue. The new dates for publication follow below. (Keep in mind that your subscription will always include 3 printed issues and 3 e-issues.)

July – Artella 3, PASSION
August – e-Artella #e-3
September – Artella 4, FLIGHT
October – e-Artella #e-4
November – Artella 5, THE ELEMENTS (earth, air, fire, water)
December – e-Artella #e-6

Submission deadlines have also been updated to reflect the schedule, which will allow you a little more flexibility and getting your work to us in these busy early-Summer months.

July 15 – submission deadline for FLIGHT
September 15 – submission deadline for THE ELEMENTS

2. We want to publish YOU! Speaking of submissions, we have a brand new “Projects Seeking Partners” list with all the works of writing and art that need to be paired up with another writer or artist to be published in Artella.

If you’d like to participate in a collaboration by responding to another person’s creative work, you can request the list by sending a blank email to I'll send the new list out to you right away.

3. Grab your individual issues of Artella! If you're not quite ready to commit to a subscription, you can order individual issues of Artella by clicking the preceding link.

Please note that the printed issue of Artella 2 is selling out fast. Click here to read raves for Artella 2!

Also, if you haven't requested your FREE TRIAL issue of e-Artella, the preceding link to the individual issues page will give you instructions on how to do so. The free issue is a 56-page PDF file overflowing with creative inspiration. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to try it out.

4. New Updates on Teleworkshops and e-Courses!There are a lots of new announcements on the Web site concerning upcoming teleworkshops and e-courses, including:

* The popular and totally FREE Collaging Your Creative Revolutions teleworkshop is back and set for Tuesday, July 15th from 8:30-10:00pm EST.

* The next session of the e-course, Goalar Energy: A Unique Guidance Program for Extraordinary Action, will begin on July 21.

* And we have a brand new FREE TRIAL of e-course, Writes and Passages: A Guide to Becoming An “Every Day” Writer. Writes and Passages is a 30-day course that will challenge you cultivate your writing voice through exercises that you receive by email every day. Sign up for the FREE TRIAL and you’ll receive the first 5 days of the course at absolutely no cost or obligation. Click here to send an email to join the FREE TRIAL for Writes and Passages.

Click here to link to the Workshops and e-courses page for information about all of these offerings.

5. Remember to read about our new Artella Online Communities on the Artella Communities page. These two discussion groups, the Evocative Words group and the ArtellaVision group, are going strong after only one week! We'd love to have you join us.

Artful Links!
(Click here to view archives of previous Artful Links.)

1. Art-E-zine is a UK-based Web site with a seemingly unending collection of links to art projects, results of round-robin art groups and swaps, and more. I was especially interested in the art paper dolls as they reminded me the "Art Workshop" paper doll project that was included in Artella 2. Thanks to Artella contributor Jenny Dryw for telling me about this site!

Sending you a midnight romp with your Muse.

~splashed in paint,

Artella Editor

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